Work in Progress: Social Engagement and catalysts for conversation. I played with the idea that there were two sides of a coin for Staple Hill. When I went to visit it was very friendly and had a strong community, however when I researched the place I was faced with quotes from the council about how bad Staple HIll was. The front of the coin is new and shiny telling us about the good aspects of Staple hill, in contrast the back in dirty with a black background with the negative quote from the council.


Do any of you fellow dancers have any experience with taking catalysts to tone the muscle rather than build the muscle that would, in turn, decrease flexibility?

The muscles right at the top of my thighs are getting really bulking and every time I do splits I can feel them and they reduce my ability to get my legs higher in develope.

Does anyone have opinions on this subject? Please let me know via askbox!