catastrophic climat change

Trump’s callous disregard for the mountains of scientific research indicating that we are currently heading towards catastrophic levels of climate change speaks volumes about the kind of person he is. He’s willing to risk mass extinction and the very future of the human species itself, as long as he gets to appease his buddies in the oil and gas industries and line his own pockets.

Experts reveal latest 'Doomsday Clock' estimate

The world remains perilously close to a nuclear disaster or catastrophic climate change that could devastate humanity, according to Stanford experts and California Governor Jerry Brown, who were on hand to unveil the latest update to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ “doomsday clock” on Tuesday.

The symbolic clock was created in 1947 when Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer (the father of the U.S. nuclear program) founded the publication.

The closer the minute hand gets to midnight, the closer their Board of Science and Security predicts humankind is to destroying itself.

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If Donald Trump wins, the paranoid style in climate politics — the belief that global warming is a hoax perpetrated by a vast international conspiracy of scientists — will become official doctrine, and catastrophe will become all but inevitable.
—  Paul Krugman in his New York Times Op-Ed, What About The Planet? 

When I post about veganism, I lose poc followers.

When I post about racism, I lose [white] vegan followers.

I see this pattern as a perfect illustration of the failure of the mainstream vegan movement to include already marginalized people. I am sick of getting comments and msgs about how animal lives are more important than cultural food traditions, how I’m siding with the enemy when I criticize veganism, blah blah blah. 


I don’t see veganism as the answer to all of our world’s problems. Speciesism is not the origin of racism. Eating animals is not the cause nor main factor for catastrophic climate change. Patriarchy did not arise out of the practice of using animals for human benefit. 

Arguments like these turn POC and others off to veganism and animal rights in general. When you try to boil down all the world’s problems into one issue, you do so at the expense of everyone else’s pain and suffering. I’ve said this so many times before but I’ll say it again. To white vegans and animal rights activists–want to get others to care and join your movement? Make YOUR activism intersectional instead of expecting all marginalized people to be on board with your movement–that assumption that people must not “really care” about social justice/climate change/etc because they don’t follow your method of abstaining from animal products is PEAK WHITE ARROGANCE. 


Welcome to Pleistocene Park (The Atlantic)

In Arctic Siberia, Russian scientists are trying to stave off catastrophic climate change—by resurrecting an Ice Age biome complete with lab-grown woolly mammoths.

Nikita zimov’s nickname for the vehicle seemed odd at first. It didn’t look like a baby mammoth. It looked like a small tank, with armored wheels and a pit bull’s center of gravity. Only after he smashed us into the first tree did the connection become clear.

We were driving through a remote forest in Eastern Siberia, just north of the Arctic Circle, when it happened. The summer thaw was in full swing. The undergrowth glowed green, and the air hung heavy with mosquitoes. We had just splashed through a series of deep ponds when, without a word of warning, Nikita veered off the trail and into the trees, ramming us into the trunk of a young 20-foot larch. The wheels spun for a moment, and then surged us forward. A dry crack rang out from under the fender as the larch snapped cleanly at its base and toppled over, falling in the quiet, dignified way that trees do.

I had never seen Nikita happier. Even seated behind the wheel, he loomed tall and broad-shouldered, his brown hair cut short like a soldier’s. He fixed his large ice-blue eyes on the fallen tree and grinned. I remember thinking that in another age, Nikita might have led a hunter-gatherer band in some wildland of the far north. He squeezed the accelerator, slamming us into another larch, until it too snapped and toppled over, felled by our elephantine force. We rampaged 20 yards with this same violent rhythm—churning wheels, cracking timber, silent fall—before stopping to survey the flattened strip of larches in our wake.

“In general, I like trees,” Nikita said. “But here, they are against our theory.”

the signs as apocalyptic scenarios
  • Aries: Planet-wide electromagnetic pulse
  • Taurus: Reanimated dead (corporate-induced)
  • Gemini: Nuclear winter
  • Cancer: Reanimated dead (necromancy)
  • Leo: Sudden pole shift
  • Virgo: Catastrophic climate change
  • Libra: Rebellious AI
  • Scorpio: Supervirus
  • Sagittarius: Armageddon
  • Capricorn: Asteroid impact
  • Aquarius: Large igneous province
  • Pisces: Alien invasion