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TMNT 2012: Ghosts that we knew (will flicker from view)

Summary: Raph and Mikey, in the wake of loss and grief too deep for words.

A/N: Not the tag to “Annihilation: Earth!” I had originally been thinking of writing, but. I’m going through a pretty significant loss of my own right now, so this is what’s come of it. Let’s just say Mikey’s actions in this fic are pretty much exactly what I’ve done with a voicemail I have saved on my phone from my aunt.

Anyway. Yes. Major angst. Some comfort, but really, no happy ending. (AKA no speculation of what could happen next in the show plot-wise to make things happy again.)

Major spoilers for the season finale. Inspired by this glorious art by @danyellser - make sure to go leave some love! Title from Mumford & Sons. Not sure if it fits - not sure if anything about this fic works really, so let me know what you think.


The engines of Honeycutt’s ship gives off a constant underlying hum – a low vibration that was hardly noticeable when they were first beamed aboard but now settles into Raph’s bones in the quiet, and no matter how tired he is, it won’t let him sleep.

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A doodle of the Canola sisters just hanging out. I’ve gotta start drawing more Casey-related stuff, but the problem is I’m always drawing the characters differently. I can’t stick to a fixed body type and proportions with some of my characters, like Marine. I tried drawing her a bit more mature and developed in this pic, but I still haven’t gotten down the ideal body type I wanna give her based on her job and her personality traits. Any suggestions?