Came very close to making food (rather than ceramics) the connective theme of my @newartdealers #nadamiamibeach writeup, in which case this Nikki Malouf painting in the @jackhanleygallery booth would’ve been near the top of the pile. #abmb2016 #catart #caturday (at Deauville Beach Resort)

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Tuesday Tips – Simple palette

I’m a huge fan of a simple palette.  And this is the way I approach it.

1.  I think about the main focal color that I would like to showcase.  In this example, my “pumpkin pie kitty” painting, I want to showcase the orange of the pumpkin pie; so my main color that I MUST use is orange.  

2.  Then I add black and white, and another color.  The other color will mostly likely be an analogous (orange-red or orange-yellow), complementary (blue), or shifted complementary (blue-green or blue-violet).  

3.  Do color comp.  Pick one.  And….  Happy painting!



Tuesday Tips – creating a simple gif for Tumblr

It’s really fun and simple.  It takes 3 steps

1.  Resize image to 500 px width.  If you’re image larger than 500 pixels, tumblr will NOT play your gif.

2.  Open Animation Window (it’s under Window, then click on Animation)
add layer on each frame, turn on the ones that you want to show, and adjust the timing on each frame.  You can add quite a few of these.  But if your file is too large, tumblr will not play it properfly.  Also, I like to set mine to FOREVER, so it keeps going on a loop.

3.  Save for Web and Devices.  Make sure it’s a gif file.

Have fun!  And give yourself a treat and have a pumpkin cheesecake on this wonderful national Holiday!!!!

Happy National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day!!!!