catapult ship

“Chikuma under air attack during the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, 26 October 1942. Photographed from a USS Enterprise (CV-6) plane.

Note the smoke coming from her bridge area, which had been hit by a bomb, and what appears to be a recognition marking painted atop her number two eight-inch gun turret. The ship’s catapults and aircraft crane appear to be swung out over her sides, aft of amidships. The original photograph came from Rear Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison’s World War II history project working files.”

(NHHC: NH 82404)    

On board USS Indianapolis (CA 35) looking aft from the forward superstructure as USS Sturtevant (DD 240) comes alongside, during the Presidential fleet review off New York City, 31 May 1934. A Curtiss O2U scout floatplane is on Indianapolis’ starboard catapult. Note the ship’s aircraft crane, searchlights, and the Presidential Flag flying from the mainmast peak.

(This was my original idea for a Sterek Week edit, but I ended up shelving it in favor of another idea. So I worked on it some more last night because I love playing with silhouettes and all things Sterek.)

It’s the moment right before they close the distance; desires soaring high, amplified by anticipation. Hearts beating ferally against their cage, skin flushing, deep-seated itches of lust and longing emanate from within their core, bursting outward in all directions.  Warm breaths flutter across each other’s cheeks as they inch closer, like two opposing magnets destined to pull one another in with a force so great their path could not be deterred. With each waning second, eyelashes flutter like tentative applause, battling to say open, eyes not wanting to miss the beauty before them. Soft, gentle touches of lips moistened by insatiable craving, finally embrace. Silent whispers of “I love you” intricately laced between them as their lips dance harmoniously beneath the moonlight.