catapult art

I didn’t know that Shinano’s design was scheduled to be changed during this update… So I semi freaked out when I opened my app and saw that Shinano was missing his “antlers”. I thought it was a glitch/they dropped off/I broke them by pushing him too hard during the previous event 😅 (I literally rushed to the Wiki to find out what’s wrong with my Shinano)

^ the new design is nice too, I guess. But it looks like someone snapped his antlers off 😂

i thought ‘ok i’ll get started on this so i won’t be rushing later’ but then i finished it!

i’m going on hiatus from august 4th to the 9th! traveling on my own for the first time in my life to visit some friends 👌👀 it’s gonna be good

redbubble store bullsh*t

redbubble has ultimately suspended my account/store since I’ve “violated the intellectual property rights of Viacom” numerous times (for korra-related pics) that had to be taken down. I don’t even understand the content guidelines for what’s not allowed and what is anymore. What they take down compared to what they allowed for me to put on are literally the same thing i don’t? ???

they really need a submission pending process where I don’t have to get these nonsense violations ;_; 

anyway, they won’t remove my suspension until I “review my works” like what does that even mean should I delete everything jeez

I’m so done with this site, i’ll probably move to another site like society 6 or something….

I love Orcs so much I love them I love them I love them I love them

I drew this Orc before, he’s an impoverished veteran. The failing Empire he belonged to outlawed his culture’s scarification practices decades ago but it’s hard to stamp out a practice entirely, especially when they are the majority. He is a part of the Orcish diaspora, and migrated into a neighboring Human kingdom with which his old masters used to do battle. The locals aren’t too keen on immigrants who used to fire catapults at them.