Smoothies are my favorite breakfast! I’m not tired, but I will be tomorrow. I went to Peggy Adams today to play with all the cat angels, who don’t have furever homes yet and…I was on the verge of adopting. So many cats need homes, especially the black ones that no one adopts. I want to foster and take them all home. All I know is I can not be going to play with 50 cats, because I’m bound to adopt.

Tonight I had coffee way too late, then went with Ed and hung out with my Publix crew…and I enjoyed their company and the many laughs, and none of them except me have to be up so early for work, except Eddie.

Our dinner show drama is coming along nicely and I don’t even look good with black hair.

itishebihime-samaforyou asked:

♥♥♥ I love your blog, because it is about Kyuhyun and Super Junior x3 [Oh ... and before I go to hospital...which drama (or movie) is the background picture. I will have time to watch it either way heh]

Thank you sweetheart!! ♥

My background picture is for Kyuhyun’s upcoming musical! He’ll perform  in “The Moon Embracing the Sun“ Musical soon! ^^

Fighting to our magnae ~♥

PS: if you’re going to the hospital, then get well soon!!! /hugs/