omg my boyfriend is the cutest! he got me this cute teddy bear (which im pretty sure there’s a camera in it) and he got me jolly ranchers and thats like my favorite candy omg. and he got a singing gram (where people come to your class and sing a song) fallin’ for you by Colbie Cailla. my gift to him is nothing compared to that omg hes the best :)

omg i love my bailey soooooo much!

we got to do lots of things. we kissed each others cheek and forehead and put our hands in each others pants ;0. she stroked my nose ever so lightly while i petted her so smooth. we caressed each others face and legs.  oh how i love my bailey.

i don’t know what i would without her. I lvoe her soo much. (yes i mean lvoe not love)

we have too much fun together and i know ya’ll jelly ;)

Cat and Parrot.. Parrot and Cat!