Trainer Matt and his ever expanding team!

Added the Bouffalant, Nickel to matts team. BBit of a tricky one because of all the fur, but it didn’t turn out too badly. I also retouched Sceptile, following on from RJ Palmers advice about dinosaurs always looking malnourished around the face because of those ‘pits’ people are keen to add. I was guilty f that, but he looks a bit more intimidating now i think.

to those waiting for commissions, I’m sorry for the wait, office work has to come first and the last few months have been chaotic as anything.

 I have one rush commission to do and then I will be back on track with the list. Which i believe is Sylveon and Gengar. Should be fun!

Another Pokemon Trainer! This time, I’m featuring my awesome friend Jamie, aka catandcrown who’s Pokemon are absolutely phenomenal! Jamie has been such a huge influence on my art and I am so honored that we became friends in the past year! So thanks for all the motivation and inspiration, Jamie! I hope you like it!! Jamie loves dragon pokemon so obviously he is a Dragon Tamer with his trusty Kindra, Thetis!

Deviant of the Day

Today’s featured deviant is catandcrown! It was really hard to decide which pieces to use because I personally love all of them, but I definitely had to show their versions of Realistic Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza with the Ruby and Sapphire remake announcement. The names of the pieces are displayed under the work.

Commissions 31-34

1 - Veteran Trainer Zhan - Vaporeon 2 - Pokemon trainer Azure - Flygon (inspired by Arvalis’ interpretation) 3 - Aurus Varien - Latios and Latias 4 - Technician Rosetta - Honchkrow 

#382 - Kyogre

#383 - Groudon

#384 - Rayquaza

#646 - Kyurem

Don’t forget to add them to your Deviantwatch here –>


Welcome back Mr Hero! 

I love Ravio :) Especially when its revealed who he is, but no spoilers for you. 

Any-who, i took a break from a commission to sketch this guy. a kind of twilight princess style Ravio….sort of. Complete with massive backpack to carry all of his weapons and a helmet-bunny hood. Cos i figured, despite everything, he IS a merchant in a very dangerous country. I imagine him to wear light armour underneath the robes too. 

might properly finish it one day, but for now, hope you like!


i was part of a secret santa drawing exchange with a bunch of friends again this year and my gift was for Jamie, aka catandcrown aka silver aka all sorts of things. this is his character Silver fucking around with his mechanical legs and looking dramatic in front of a field of yellow. this picture combined many things i am awful at drawing - backgrounds, legs, and robotics - into one big package and im actually surprisingly proud of it.

i hope you like it, bro! we dont get a lot of chances to chat due to us both being busy as dicks and living 8 hours from each other at least, but maybe we can chill more in the future! there are some issues here i’ll probably fix in the future but the thing is due today so hmu if you see anything in particular you want me to fix!

‘The cats face twitched slightly as if the jaw were tugged by invisible strings. On its head sat a crown of gold that glimmered as it turned to face me.

I looked back at it for a moment and shuddered, realising that though its skeletal face would not allow it, it was trying to smile at me. ’

awhh yes! All done with my logo update! The Cat and Crown is actually a character that I’m working on, so I thought I’d write a little note to go with it. I didn’t think i would be doing it at 1am, but that’s life for you! 

Goodnight folks!

Let it be known that catandcrown is quite possibly the kindest, most hard working and most talented artist in the history of ever. His work sucks the life and energy from him but he pushes through it all and perseveres. He is a truly wondrous guy and deserves every ounce of respect that he gets. He could easily not reply to people due to being so busy but he tries his hardest to get back to people because without the people he probably wouldn’t be the artist that he is today. I apologise if I’m wrong Jamie but that’s just how it seems to me. I love you, we all love you.

Most of you were pretty close apart from a couple of cheeky fuckers! I was mostly curious because I saw a post saying something along the lines of not wanting to take life advice from a 9th grader who thinks they know how the world works, and I suddenly wondered if there were any people out there who hadn’t seen my selfies and assumed I was like 13.

(by the way I am 25)

I don’t know, I’ve had a lot of really helpful chatting with catandcrown lately so I wanted to do a thing. His favourite Pokémon is Dragonite so I drew one looking after him because he’s had a shitty time and I wish he had his own Dragonite to keep him safe and happy.

It’s all silhouette-y. Fancy.