I have had these designs lying around for nearly a year now? about time i did something with them! added in a few other ones and smartened up some of the paint work. 

There will DEFINITELY be inaccuracies in the weapons, so please don’t think I don’t know XD it’s just a little bit of fun to explore some more variations and morphology in Pokemon. the original post can be found HERE. and the pokedex entries can be found below the read more line.

Hope you like the update :)

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Mega Gardevoir sketch.

the basic explanation is that she is a cross between an orchid mantis, a lions mane jellyfish, and partial human qualities. I wanted it to feel natural, but still ethereal, like a fairy should be.

when they mega evolve, the ‘skirt’ produces these massive 'dress’ of fleshy frills that are used as sensory organs. Essentially it increases its power by being able to sense even the tiniest of brainwaves, changes in air currents and movements from nearby opponents. It also secondarily functions as a way to deliver more oxygen to the brain. Like jellyfish, these frills are so thin that they can directly absorb oxygen from around it, which goes to its increased heart size (the 'open’ section on the chest)

This means massive power boosts to its psychic abilities and my thinking is that its so powerful now that it doesn’t really need to move much, so the 'gown’ doesn’t slow it more than it can handle.

Sketch for a commission !


Hylian Aegislash.

Following on from my Honedge, Doublade and Aegislash entry, which can be found HERE.I thought it would be cool to do a small crossover. I think it turned out quite nicely, too! I could even do a kokiri Honedge and perhaps a Gerudo Doublade (ganons twin swords from WW)

quick background for the one going on instagram, but yeah! something to add to the pile of unfinished things!

Well, last night I hit the big 20k followers, hooray! As many of you know, over the Christmas period this blog was terminated for  5 days, so for a while there I didn’t think that I’d be getting near this milestone at all, but to be honest that wouldn’t matter, I felt so much love and support from you guys during that time, from the community as a whole, and especially from some people in particular (you know who you are) - and I just want to say a huge thank you. I thought I had to rebuild from scratch, but that simply wasn’t true, you guys were so helpful and amazing, and it’s really humbling. Thank you.

ANYWAY, it is still nice to get this trash heap of a blog back. I can’t remember exactly, but it’s around two years old now, two years of gifs, art (ranging from lame doodles, to stuff that I think turned out pretty decent), poké psuedo-science, and a whole lot of shitposting, so thank you all so much for your support over that period, from people who followed way back in my dark homestuck days (you know it dog) to the peeps following now - I love and appreciate you all <3

I’ll wrap this up before it gets too sappy. Arriving fashionably late after the rush of new year posts, I present to you a celebratory follow forever, highlighting just some of the blogs that make this ol’ thing worthwhile, and what it is. Apologies to people that I have inevitably left out (most likely if you have changed your URL, I am the worst person ever for keeping track of URLs), if you think you should be in here you probably should. (oh and blogs in bold are personal faves xoxox)


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Pokemon Fusion - Dusyena

This was a really fun exercise to do in between jobs. Plus i love my little vampiric baby. 

As a little text:

Dusyena are incredibly rare to find in the wild. Their natural aptitude for stealth and stalking give them a fundamental edge when hunting for prey in their woodland homes, often appearing where battles and blood have been spilled. 

They are known man-eaters, feeding primarily off of blood and bone marrow once their prey is deceased with their highly evolved mouths. 

Dusyena are also hard to train, given their natural diet and combination of types, but can be fiercely loyal partners when trained from pups. Their monstrous features, however, often put trainers off of owning and training them, and so it is believed that a large portion of the wild population are descended from abandoned adolescents that proved too hard to train.

Painted over a few hours and added in a photo background from shutterstock that i owned for the effect. If you like this then please let me know and i might do some more! :)


Trainer Matt and his ever expanding team!

Added the Bouffalant, Nickel to matts team. BBit of a tricky one because of all the fur, but it didn’t turn out too badly. I also retouched Sceptile, following on from RJ Palmers advice about dinosaurs always looking malnourished around the face because of those ‘pits’ people are keen to add. I was guilty f that, but he looks a bit more intimidating now i think.

to those waiting for commissions, I’m sorry for the wait, office work has to come first and the last few months have been chaotic as anything.

 I have one rush commission to do and then I will be back on track with the list. Which i believe is Sylveon and Gengar. Should be fun!


Here are my theories revolving capture technology in a realistic pokemon world. I’ve had the idea rattling around in my head for quite a while, but I just got a prompt to get it on paper, so I thought I would share it!

PART 1. – The first step is the Silph Co. branded Intellechip (name pending, lol) This chip is the key for my idea and is mass produced. The basic idea for step one is that upon turning sixteen, you can apply for an adult Pokémon licence ( until this age, you are considered a minor and have to be registered under your parent or guardians licence, so family pets are fine, but you can’t buy or use poke balls for example, until the age of 16).

When you apply for you licence, this chip is implanted into the palm of your hand. This then connects with the pokedex you are given, which also contains a similar chip. This transfer’s information about you once inputted and is essentially your trainer identification. It also keeps track of your health, has your phone numbers and data etc, and loads of other cool gadgetry. The main point is that it knows you and keeps track of you. In terms of who keeps track of this basic info on yourself, Silph co is a conglomerate that has branches in the police, security and of course, ties to the Pokémon league. No particularly personal information would be there, only stuff that you yourself would be happy putting there, but as it’s a mobile phone, or smartphone, it could be used for online and wireless bank transfers when you lose a match, satellite navigation to the nearest Pokémon centre and various other purposes.

 Whilst they are expensive, there is extended warranty on pokedexes etc, so it’s not too bad to replace. In case of identity theft, if someone were to take your pokedex and try and use it as a fake ID, the dex would read the other persons chip, or lack thereof, and report itself stolen instantly. It has to be close to its trainer to be used as an official league licence, so there Is a good degree of security.

PART 2. – Pokeballs also contains chips. They have two in fact, one for themselves and one that is implanted into Pokémon upon capture. When you purchase a pokeball, it interacts wirelessly with the one in your hand and the one in your pokedex, meaning that it is registered to you to a specific ID and cannot be stolen. Again, there is a degree of security surrounding this kind of equipment. I do imagine, however, that Pokeballs without Pokémon in them can be hacked or gifted to other trainers, but only through use of the pokedex system allowing an official transfer. If they are empty, I don’t imagine them being too hard at all to gift.

This also means that when they are thrown and are not broken, they gravitate back to the trainers palm (ever wondered why they bounce back in a lot of the anime?) meaning they are easier to track if thrown or lost. It also means during battle, they return swiftly to the palm, meaning the trainer can recall the Pokémon at will if they feel it is in danger or needs to be switched out.

PART 3. – When capturing a Pokémon, the pokeball tags the Pokémon with a chip, in the same way we tag our pets. It’s perfectly harmless as the Pokémon is reduced to its ‘energy’ state within the ball. This chip then sends the Pokémon’s data, information, height, weight and all vital signs immediately to the pokedex so that you have a complete and whole view of the creature you have just obtained. It is also at this stage that you can input a nickname.

This means you can monitor the Pokémon’s health directly on the screen, which is what I imagine the ‘HP bar’ to be in a realistic setting. Rather than simply beating each other to a pulp until one or the other goes down, it means they can keep track of how they are doing and switch them out when they are low or injured. In a realistic setting, death is not an unlikely situation, especially for new Pokémon trainers.

This also means that in ‘official’ matches, so with gym leaders, league members or in special battle grounds, this information is transferred to the large screen as shown in the example picture, so that the entire audience can keep track of the match details and how things are going. Think of it as the information that plays about the team as a football match is going on. It also links with a registered pc of your choice, or wirelessly to the cloud network that is available in all Pokémon centres.

This means that, as I imagine a lot of trainers to take laptops with them, they can access their items, plug them in at a local centre and access their whole list of Pokémon, their items, their mail, etc. Upon capture, you also get the option to swap the Pokémon into your team by transferring one from your belt to the pc. Everything is simple and automatic for today’s trainer-on-the-go! (as for PC systems themselves, that’s for another time, though I do imagine it to be much harder to own masses of Pokémon, as they can’t be kept in a box for too long. In fact, I don’t imagine there to be a ‘box’ at all, the pc is just a way of accessing them. They could be sent to live with your parents, a guardian, a friend or a day care in your town, which I imagine to be a very big business and therefore a viable option to keep 10-20 Pokémon per trainer without being cruel.)

PART 4. – The pokedex is also the way TM’s and HM’s are able to be taught to Pokémon. The CD’s are obtained and kept in small cases that can then be installed into the pokedex. Once inside, they can then be taught to any Pokémon in your team of six wirelessly using the chips. As the information is essentially downloading straight into the ball and then into the Pokémon, it’s instantaneous. (In this highly technologically advanced world, I don’t see this as being much of an issue or a question of morals, but eh)

There are a whole load of other things I would like to explore with this idea, but for now, these are the main aspects. It means that information is able to travel freely and swiftly in a world where everything is very fast-moving. I hope this has been explained clearly enough, and do let me know if you think it would make an interesting part to a poster collection, or trainer guide. I also plan on doing information on battles and gym leaders, as well as the league itself. Thanks guys! 


A day late! but it’s OK, I wanted to put a little more effort in! My witchsona is basically a void bottler. His coat contains thousands of tiny little black holes that he can summon Voidstuff from. He then bottles it, charms it with a task and then sells them as all-purpose Voidfolk.

Need your kids taken to school? We have a bottle for that.

Need your enemies slain in battle? got you covered!

Need someone to talk to for a bit? No problemo!

These bottles are one time use only and we cannot accept any responsibility for their use once purchased. you wana use one to kill someone, fine, but if you think the witch is going to jail for your poor life choices you’ve got another thing coming.