Mega Gardevoir sketch.

the basic explanation is that she is a cross between an orchid mantis, a lions mane jellyfish, and partial human qualities. I wanted it to feel natural, but still ethereal, like a fairy should be.

when they mega evolve, the ‘skirt’ produces these massive ‘dress’ of fleshy frills that are used as sensory organs. Essentially it increases its power by being able to sense even the tiniest of brainwaves, changes in air currents and movements from nearby opponents. It also secondarily functions as a way to deliver more oxygen to the brain. Like jellyfish, these frills are so thin that they can directly absorb oxygen from around it, which goes to its increased heart size (the ‘open’ section on the chest)

This means massive power boosts to its psychic abilities and my thinking is that its so powerful now that it doesn’t really need to move much, so the ‘gown’ doesn’t slow it more than it can handle.

Sketch for a commission !

Deviant of the Day

Today’s featured deviant is catandcrown! It was really hard to decide which pieces to use because I personally love all of them, but I definitely had to show their versions of Realistic Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza with the Ruby and Sapphire remake announcement. The names of the pieces are displayed under the work.

Commissions 31-34

1 - Veteran Trainer Zhan - Vaporeon 2 - Pokemon trainer Azure - Flygon (inspired by Arvalis’ interpretation) 3 - Aurus Varien - Latios and Latias 4 - Technician Rosetta - Honchkrow 

#382 - Kyogre

#383 - Groudon

#384 - Rayquaza

#646 - Kyurem

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i was part of a secret santa drawing exchange with a bunch of friends again this year and my gift was for Jamie, aka catandcrown aka silver aka all sorts of things. this is his character Silver fucking around with his mechanical legs and looking dramatic in front of a field of yellow. this picture combined many things i am awful at drawing - backgrounds, legs, and robotics - into one big package and im actually surprisingly proud of it.

i hope you like it, bro! we dont get a lot of chances to chat due to us both being busy as dicks and living 8 hours from each other at least, but maybe we can chill more in the future! there are some issues here i’ll probably fix in the future but the thing is due today so hmu if you see anything in particular you want me to fix!

Let it be known that catandcrown is quite possibly the kindest, most hard working and most talented artist in the history of ever. His work sucks the life and energy from him but he pushes through it all and perseveres. He is a truly wondrous guy and deserves every ounce of respect that he gets. He could easily not reply to people due to being so busy but he tries his hardest to get back to people because without the people he probably wouldn’t be the artist that he is today. I apologise if I’m wrong Jamie but that’s just how it seems to me. I love you, we all love you.

catandcrown asked:

CONVERSATION! what colour power ranger would you be and what animal/dinosaur zord would you have? :) x

Duuude! Oh shit… Umm…. I’d be the black ranger, and my zord would be a giant Brenda Meeks ;)

catandcrown replied to your post: I had a dream I had a three way with some dude and…

the question is, why was it weird?

Well one of the guys was obsessed with nipples, like he just wanted to touch nipples all the time

and the other guy got left in a room that fell into when I pointed out that his boyfriend was falling into the abyss, nipple guy’s reply was pretty much “Yeah but how about your nipples”

I probably shoulda mentioned it wasn’t really a sex dream, it just kinda had a three way theme goin on

Yessssss it’s totally happening

I need to get better at painting (digitally) anyway. I’d be a failure of an animation major if i can’t even color things in properly haha