Elspeth Ebertin was a German astrologer and the mother of Reinhold Ebertin. Ebertin was widely published in the early 1900′s and became a trusted and renowned figure of astrology in Germany. In 1924 she published an almanac with an overview of Hitler’s chart containing dire warnings. She raised alarm regarding his capacity to catalyze ‘overwhelming chaos’ that should be taken ‘very seriously’. Nazi opposition to astrology later halted Ebertin’s publications, where astrology became prohibited practice by the German government. She was subsequently killed in an air raid. Her son however, continued to study in secret, and opened the School of Cosmobiology after the war.

While I Love The Band Rush, I Worry That Neil Peart’s Need For Drumsticks Has In Some Way Contributed To Deforestation

Rush has been my favorite band since their debut album in 1974. The band completely altered what I thought rock could be and catalyzed my lifelong interest in progressive metal. But as much as I love their music and respect the hell out of their technical abilities, I worry that Neil Peart’s need for drumsticks has in some way contributed to deforestation.

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Title: shift and return

Summary: Allura knows she’ll outlive Shiro by centuries. But that doesn’t stop them from growing old together. 

Word Count: 1,

Warnings: Major character death (guess who lol)

Author’s Note: My first shallura fic~ I love these two so much and I love to write PAIN AND SUFFERING but this actually has a lowkey happy ending. Also, a non-canon concept in this is that with Allura’s connection to quintessence, she can pretty much feel people’s soul energy, and through it she discovered Shiro was her soulmate. 

Wrinkles weren’t easy.

               A larger whole—a complete being—was simple to shift into because there was room to leave out detail; as long as an Altean could shift their shape into something that looked like the goal species on the surface, there would exist enough familiarity to catalyze diplomacy. Intricate details, however, were infinitely harder to master.

               So no, wrinkles weren’t easy. But Allura, who could still appear as the young, beautiful princess she had been for over 10,000 years, needed them desperately.

               On one hand, they were an expression of how much the war had weathered her. Harrowing years as the commander of the universe’s only hope had hardened her, turned her skin into a shield. She had been strong before, but countless battles forged her into something unconquerable, impenetrable. Her heart, however, had been tossed like the tides at sea, dragged in every direction and nearly ripped at the seams.

               But her Paladins, in all their love and kindness, stitched her back together. When she awoke all those years ago, she had faith that they would stand at her side, that they would believe in her. She did not expect them to become her dearest family—and she certainly did not expect to find among them the man her very quintessence called to.

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A New Step in Re-Creating First Life on Earth

An RNA molecule that can make copies of a variety of RNAs adds new support to the RNA-world theory.

One of the biggest mysteries in the origin of life is how the first biological molecules came into being. Today’s cells use complex assemblies of biological molecules to manufacture DNA, RNA and proteins. How did life work before those molecules existed?

The predominant theory, known as the “RNA world,” proposes that RNA was the first biological molecule. RNA possesses the two essential properties needed for life: It can encode information (like DNA), and it can catalyze biological reactions (like proteins). Perhaps life began with an RNA or RNA-like molecule capable of copying itself, transmitting its genetic information to the next generation.

But the RNA-world theory has a gaping hole. Scientists have been unable to create such a molecule in the lab. Since the 1990s they’ve been able to make RNA enzymes, or ribozymes, that can make complementary copies of an RNA template — an RNA sequence like AACU could be copied into the complementary UUGA, for example. But actually replicating RNA requires two steps, moving from AACU to UUGA and then back again to AACU. Another difficulty is that existing RNA enzymes can’t make long or complex molecules.

Now, for the first time, scientists have produced an RNA enzyme that can make a wide range of RNA sequences. It can also replicate most RNA molecules up to 24 letters long. “Our ribozyme is the first one to replicate RNA in a base-by-base manner, the same way it is done in nature,” said David Horning, a researcher at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, who did the work with Gerald Joyce, also at Scripps. The study was published this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The researchers started with an existing ribozyme and added random changes to the sequence to create a trillion slightly different versions. The researchers then subjected the pool of ribozymes to a challenge. They selected only those that were capable of making two different complex RNA molecules. They then repeated the process two dozen times — subjecting the molecules that passed each level of challenges to increasingly stringent challenges — to find the candidates that could make the 30-letter RNAs the fastest. This technique, known as experimental evolution, or test-tube evolution, is an artificial version of natural selection. Researchers introduce a few new mutations after each round of the experiment.

The molecule that made the new RNAs most efficiently, known as polymerase ribozyme 24-3, worked surprisingly well. It could synthesize a variety of RNA sequences with complex structures, not just the two from the initial tests. And it was much more efficient than the original ribozyme in making simple RNA molecules.

Most notable was its ability to replicate RNA — creating a complementary RNA sequence from a template, then translating that sequence back into the original sequence — which is much more difficult than simply making RNAs, Horning said. That’s because ribozymes often prefer certain sequences. Just as a Phillips screwdriver works better on Phillips-head screws, some ribozymes prefer RNA strands rich in Cs, one of the four chemical letters that make up RNA. Those ribozymes can make a complementary RNA from a C-rich template such as CCUC, but will then have trouble with the second part of the process — remaking the original from its G-rich complement GGAG, Horning said. Ribozyme 24-3 didn’t have this problem.

Ribozyme 24-3 still faces a major hurdle. It can copy other RNA molecules. But it can’t replicate itself. As noted in Science:

“This paper is an important breakthrough in an ongoing effort to complete the ‘RNA first’ model for the origin of life,” says Steven Benner, an origin-of-life chemist at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Alachua, Florida. But Benner cautions that a true confirmation of the RNA world remains a ways off. Not only does 24-3 polymerase’s tightly wound structure prevent it from being able to copy itself, but Benner notes that it has taken the chemistry community 25 years to come up with an RNA copier proficient at copying other RNAs, despite all the tools of modern biochemistry. “[That] suggests we are still missing something important,” Benner says.

Joyce and Horning are continuing to improve ribozyme 24-3 with the goal of ultimately creating a molecule that can copy itself.

The new study is just one of several efforts in the Joyce lab to study the origins of life. For unknown reasons, all DNA and RNA found in nature has a “right-handed” chemical structure. Their “left-handed” forms — what you would see if you looked at DNA or RNA in a mirror — are never found. But in one unique experiment, published in 2014, Joyce’s team created a ribozyme that could copy both left- and right-handed RNA.

That “cross-chiral” ribozyme is intriguing because it works differently from other ribozymes, including 24-3. Those ribozymes bind to their targets according to the sequence of letters, like two sides of a zipper coming together. But the cross-chiral ribozyme binds based on the molecule’s shape rather than its sequence. It provides a new mechanism by which RNA copiers can work, one that doesn’t require a right-handed world.

At the time of the experiment’s publication in 2014, the cross-chiral ribozyme outranked its competitors in flexibility. But Horning said that ribozyme 24-3 is now the clear winner. It’s more efficient than the 2014 ribozyme and can make more complex molecules.

“Mark of Awakening”

This is a decidedly not fun sigil/bindrune to work with. Its entire intent is to catalyze greater understanding of past lives and kintypes by clearing up questions, situations, illusions, or hangups regarding them and present-life influences or problems they may be exerting through blasting through everything and more or less forcing you to accept the more difficult aspects.

This is a last resort, meant for when you have no end in sight regarding these issues and pain is the only way to reach an understanding without becoming caught up in your own projected desires and fantasies surrounding these things.

DO NOT use this sigil/bindrune if you do not fully desire a transformation and understanding like this. You need to know that there are things you have to let go of in order to grow. I’d also suggest not using it if you feel your mental state may become worse by using it. Either wait until you feel like you can handle it, or don’t use it and find other methods.

If you decide you need to use it, it should be drawn on your body in red ink and in a way that you can read it upright when you look at it.

Runic composition:

Thurisaz-For catalyzing change, cutting away anything that isn’t needed.

Sowilo-Illumination, willpower, the “light at the end of the tunnel”

Tiwaz-The power to break through barriers and reach your goal.

Dagaz-Definitively the rune associated with “awakening”. Balance, understanding.

There is actually a story behind this sigil/bindrune, not only how I came up with it but why I decided I needed to make it in the first place. (Cut for length)

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IMPORTANT GLOW TERMS (pt. 2, Biochemistry)

BIOPHOTON: A unit of light emitted from a living organism.

PHOTOPHORE: a light-emitting organ which appears as luminous spots. Includes organs that culture glowing bacteria, that encourage chemical reactions resulting in light, or a digesting organ whose food source glows. 

PHOTOCYTE: a cell that specializes in catalyzing enzymes to produce light

LUCIFERIN:  a generic term for the light-emitting compound found in many organisms that generate bioluminescence via Chemiluminescence.

LUCIFERASE:  The Luciferins that generate bioluminescence AS A RESULT OF OXIDATION.  

P. luminescens:  A type of bacteria that glows. Nicknamed ‘Angels Glow’ back in the civil war, because it also produces antibiotics, and Soldiers whose wounds glowed blue had a higher survival rate. 

A. fischeri: The most common bioluminescent bacteria to form symbiotic relationships with marine animals, in their Photophores. They are found free-floating in most oceans, in low quantities. (found in Hawaiian Bobtail Squid) 

REFLECTINS: Proteins that allow a creature to regulate, intensify, and redirect the light coming from its Photophore. 

DINOFLAGELLATE: A species of single-celled organisms responsible for ‘Bioluminescent Bays’. 18 types of the species are known to create a blue glow when stimulated mechanically

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anonymous asked:

Any thoughts on the new Dangan Ronpa anime?

that brown-haired boxer guy? everyone’s got issues but he‘s got the most out of all of them and I despise him with such fervor

he punched my son, he tried to kill my daughter, he unknowingly catalyzed a whole incident by trashtalking my other baby

no amount of bara tiddy or tragic backstory exposition is going to change the bad taste he’s left in my palate

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Do you have any advice on how you can tell whether your trans or just a dude who has Problems with masculinity? Because that's something I'm kinda struggling with right now lmao

Your best bet is to experiment with expression, pronouns and physicality. (Experimenting with physicality doesn’t mean necessarily going so far as to use HRT, you could tuck or wear breastforms and see if this new body shape is something you’d prefer to have.)

Experimenting with this sort of thing will tell you what works for you and what doesn’t and in the process will catalyze more self analysis as you go, because doing things related to certain thoughts in your brain will bring them to the forefront.

You may find that things stay in doubt for a while and that’s ok! It’s alright to be unsure or confused. For tons of time even. Just keep on seeing what works and what makes you feel content and figure it out from there :)

Outrunning death

I was hunted
Down by wolves, after
They howled at the moon,
Staring at my eyes,
Gurgling, a predator instinct
To pounce on their prey,
Their edged sharp teeth 
Soft skin and tissues
And meat and bones,
Which catalyzes
Adrenalin like high
Pressure jets running
The heart into a wild
Long thumping beat
And fueled my feet to
Run in rugged grassy
Streets of the forest.
I thought I was staring
At my own death,
But death was only
Creeping -
Slow enough to watch
My back, 

j.c.b. (Written and submitted by @human-anomalies)

Quantum dots with impermeable shell: A powerful tool for nanoengineering

Unique optical features of quantum dots make them an attractive tool for many applications, from cutting-edge displays to medical imaging. Physical, chemical or biological properties of quantum dots must, however, be adapted to the desired needs. Unfortunately, up to now quantum dots prepared by chemical methods could be functionalized using copper-based click reactions with retention of their luminescence. This obstacle can be ascribed to the fact that copper ions destroy the ability of quantum dots to emit light. Scientists from the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPC PAS) in Warsaw and the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology (FC WUT) have shown, however, that zinc oxide (ZnO) quantum dots prepared by an original method developed by them, after modification by the click reaction with the participation of copper ions, fully retain their ability to emit light.

“Click reactions catalyzed by copper cations have long attracted the attention of chemists dealing with quantum dots. The experimental results, however, were disappointing: after modification, the luminescence was so poor that they were just not fit for use. We were the first to demonstrate that it is possible to produce quantum dots from organometallic precursors in a way they do not lose their valuable optical properties after being subjected to copper-catalysed click reactions,” says Prof. Janusz Lewinski (IPC PAS, FC WUT).

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As Angela Davis has so persuasively argued, abolition is much more than the singular act of eliminating prisons. Just as America has a prison culture, America also has an abolition culture. Just as American prison culture is religious, American abolition culture is also religious. The spirit of abolition catalyzes social movements. It builds institutions for social democracy. It challenges and reshapes the ways of the world. It addresses concrete injustices but its vision exceeds the pragmatic. It is the spirit of John Brown and Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass.

Me, a chem major who knows that catalyzed polyester resin should only be handled with gloves: *thrusts hands directly into a bowl of catalyzed polyester resin*

Read This and Live Forever

by Eric Dorfman 

When Juan Ponce de León traveled from Spain to the New World in 1513, he was looking for immortality. Legend has it that he was looking for the fabled fountain of youth. During his journey he named the state of Florida and his quest catalyzed the name of the Florida town of Ponce de León, a host of statues and even a 140 year old tourist attraction called the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. It seems that in searching for eternal youth Ponce de León found a sort of immortality.

Read more on Carnegie Museum of Natural History Director Eric Dorfman’s blog.

“As a Witch who sells services, I have wielded my power over thousands of people in my time. But the true test of an adept Witch, is when you are opposed to another Witch who is also adept in the craft. Tonight I want to take a moment to appreciate my witchy nemesis, they have taught me much in my challenge to defeat them. Pushed me to the limits of my power and cunning, and beyond that have catalyzed my spiritual growth.. sometimes destiny entwines us with enemies for the sake of growth, to test our Will and determination. There are no absolutes of good/evil, right/wrong, etc. Only our Will and opposition to it, whether through other people or outer circumstances. Relationships with enemies can be such a wonderful tool for self growth. Use the alchemy to transmute these encounters to your benefit. Just a tip for yall Witches..” };)
~Hekterios: waning moon mediations
#hekterios #witch #witches #sorcery #magick #paganism #shamanism #metaphysics #alchemy #hedgewitch #truewitch #occult #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #gnosis #apotheosis #godconsciousness #witchwars #balance #nemesis #opposition #challenge #victory #bloodwitch #hereditarywitch #supreme #witchery

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One of the most popular trades in the world is no longer profitable

(Alain Riazuelo of the French National Research Agency, via Wikipedia)
We’re living in a world of negative interest rates.

Central banks from Japan to Switzerland have implemented negative rates in a bid to catalyze economic growth, sending investors scurrying to find yield elsewhere.

One popular destination for these investors has been the US — in particular, the US Treasury market.

In a note out August 22, George Saravelos at Deutsche Bank took a look at foreign investors buying US bonds and using currency hedging to eliminate foreign-exchange risk. The note said:

“Foreigners have fled negative rates and flocked to US fixed income to take advantage of positive rates. Currency hedging these purchases has been a popular strategy: investors buy long-end bonds and use short-dated forwards to eliminate the FX risk.”

Unfortunately for investors, this safe harbor has now disappeared as a result of diverging central bank policy. Saravelos wrote (emphasis added):

“Yet something significant has happened in recent months: buying 10-yr US treasuries is no longer profitable. It is not only Europeans or Japanese, there now isn’t any global fixed income investor that can make decent money by buying hedged USTs.”

The chart below shows this in action, with the yield differential (think profit) on 10-year US Treasurys shrinking in the left-hand chart. Investors in Japan, the UK, and Europe now get nothing for buying 10-year US Treasurys that have currency hedging in place.

(Deutsche Bank)

This shift is partly down to what is called the cross-currency basis, which is essentially the cost of hedging the FX risk. The move in the basis has been driven by regulatory restrictions and differing investor hedging preferences, according to Deutsche Bank.

The chart on the right shows the cost of hedging the FX risk versus the yield pickup offered by 10-year US Treasurys. In short, they’re converging.

This shift could limit foreign investor interest in the US Treasury market, according to Deutsche Bank.

“It is hard to see the relentless foreign buying of hedged US fixed income continuing at the same pace,” the note said. “Unless other bond yields decline deep into negative territory (they are already zero), there may be limits to how much more UST yields can compress.”

This change could also have an effect on the US dollar, as investors will have to buy US Treasurys unhedged if they want to find yield on AAA investments. That would generate additional demand for US dollars.

NOW WATCH: MALCOLM GLADWELL: ‘Anyone who gives a single dollar to Princeton has completely lost their mind’

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For instance, while it is true that Joe Scanlan would not have gotten into the Biennial if Donelle Woolford weren’t black, it is just as true that Donelle wouldn’t have gotten in, nor would I, if Joe weren’t white. The symbiosis of access and privilege inherent in this relationship is far more complex and provocative than most of the contention that’s hitherto been raised. A truly fecund conversation would be about how the one political body is aided by the other and vice versa, though they are understood and treated in opposition. Or how Donelle has catalyzed and challenged Joe’s hegemony within a system in which “white male” is so quotidian as to almost be able to disappear. And further, how Joe’s white-male-ness has at times invalidated his voice within this context.

Got three notes. This is a picture of my boss, as promised. His name is Brody and he’s nice, but he acts super sexual with a lot of girls (not me tho) who he’s in charge of and it makes me really uncomfortable. So, being myself, I try to catalyze karma a little bit and try to make him uncomfortable, too. I talk to him about corpses, various stages of human decomposition, gruesome deaths and attempted murders, and other things that usually make him walk away from me.

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I wonder, what if Lysandre is using Ash (bc Ash was able to unlock his Pokemon's bond) to catalyze Zygarde's energy so Zygarde doesn't get out of control. What if the red rays go to Ash and... possess him too? Lysandre would be unstoppable without the heroes, it would be worse than every single of your AUs

my g. i do not.  carer ight now. im stil throwing a tantrum.

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Was Bee's Descent from angelhood quick, like he did one thing and he turned into a fallen angel immediately after, or was it a more of a process

there wasnt an event that catalyzed his fall, it was just a culmination of all the bad shit he’d done and they were finally like “okay time to go” and THEN he immediately fell