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Our Final Words

Greetings, everyone. We’re very proud to announce that after months and months of hard work, Catalyst Magazine is finally ready to be unveiled! But… hold your horses! Before the big reveal, our team would like to leave our final words upon the completion of our project. Get ready for some waterworks (or not….).

From the DesignerHo Li Yen

Lack of sleep, pressure to perform, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so stressed in my entire Polytechnic life (and that’s probably an understatement). In the end, we managed to pull through but I can’t take all the credit. Our editor, Hui Ling, has been nothing but encouraging. Vanessa helped me with design some of our pages including the advertisement. Puay Fang… Well, Puay Fang helped when my words failed me. To hold the printed copies in my arms… it felt surreal. It was a product of my blood, sweat and tears. We managed to come this far. I was proud and sad at the same time. No more projects, soon we’ll be testing our prowess and skills on our respective fields. Seeing as we have already collected our magazine, I can safely say that we look forward to presenting it this coming Monday. I hope that our efforts will pay off in the end and I hope that you enjoy reading and perusing our magazine!

From the Editor, Chew Hui Ling

Last Friday, Catalyst Magazine was officially born. I was astounded, stunned for words when I received the package from the printing shop. Our entire journey has been so ephemeral, so momentary. But nothing beats the feeling of sheer happiness and pride when you witness the birth of your very own baby, entirely from scratch. After months and months of hard work, we finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. All the sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears were definitely worthwhile. But this, this isn’t ephemeral. It’s eternal. (Well excuse me for the cheesy reflection, it wouldn’t be Hui Ling if it isn’t cheesy!) Holding the position of the Editor was not an easy task, but I’m glad that I have a group of lovely and supportive groupmates to back me up. Big bear hugs to Li Yen, Puay Fang, Lynn, Jasmine and Vanessa! Last but not least, how could we forget about our dearest lecturers who made everything possible? Thank you Ms. Trudy, Ms. Koh and Mr. Seow! :)

From the Sub-Editor, Lew Puay Fang

Catalyst is finally out baby! It was really fulfilling when I held our magazine in my hands. I was thinking that after weeks of working hard and tolling over the words,design and layout and every little detail finally paid off. After this, I am going to celebrate it by treating to myself to a big meal of chocolate! Everyone in our team is indispensable and no matter their role, I would like to thank Hui Ling, Li Yen, Vanessa, Lynn and Jasmine for their effort. Without everyone, Catalyst wouldn’t be here. Wow, this sounds like an acceptance speech for an award… And also our teachers (Ms Trudy, Mr Victor and Ms Koh) for always guiding us, the consultations and the emails for reminding us along the way. So once again, thank you everyone! I hope your internships goes well and I will miss Writing Lab!

From the Sub-Editor, Nurul Azlynn

I have never imagined myself to create a magazine from scratch. There were a few difficult processes but the entire journey is worth every bit of sweat, tears and blood (from paper cuts that is!). The opportunity to work with a wonderful team, made the process so much more enjoyable and easier. I was a little skeptical working with course mates I have never interacted with but I decided to push myself to work hard and build a relationship with them. The initial idea was to have a food magazine, which I reluctantly agreed. Being a passionate lover for arts, I managed to convince the group that we should create an Arts magazine that integrates food, music, literature and more! The group immediately agreed and we set off on our journey. I can clearly say that the journey was difficult when the group and I tried to skew our articles with the integration of arts. Not only that, but the process of working with artists, musicians and chefs made me a little queasy. My inability to work with people was definitely tested, and my perception towards writing entirely changed. To write a good article, one has to have good content that extends from one’s knowledge. Thus, I set off on a journey working with a local band, ENEC.E and famous book sculptor, Brian Dettmer. In conclusion, this journey has been a very rich experiential journey that did not only polish my writing but made me learn how to work with people by stepping out the comforts of working with only pen and paper.

From the Writer, Jasmine Lim

From the moment I found out that our assignment was to come up with a magazine, I knew that this would be one of the best and most rewarding projects. And I was right. I’m eternally grateful to my lovely group mates (Hui Ling, Li Yen, Puay Fang, Vanessa, Lynn) for contributing so much to the magazine like their love, time and effort. The making of the art magazine was a taxing yet fulfilling experience. It’s an amazing thing to hold something that’s borne out of the creativity and hard work of a good team. Feeling the glossy pages in your hand, you feel proud that this is the result of all the stress and late nights. Each flip of the page makes you smile and seeing your name below your well thought out paragraphs makes you deliriously happy. So once again, thank you to my wonderful group mates and my lecturers who were there to support and guide us throughout this process. 

From the Photographer, Vanessa Kou

Like a circle, which has no beginning or an end, I think we fit each other perfectly. We were anything and everything; turning up for each other’s interviews and playing a part in all the aspects. So to Hui Ling, Puay Fang, Jasmine, Lynn and Li Yen; I believe Catalyst is just a start for all of us. Holding on to our own magazine, I realised that in our journey there were a lot of ups and downs but in the end we were able to fit 30 articles into 16 pages (which was a stretch). A physical representation of what we have worked for these few months, the Catalyst Magazine is just like watching our newborn child grow. Though an expensive task, both mentally and financially. It was also a rewarding experience, especially so when one had been heavily involved in every stage. Thank you to all who have contributed greatly to the birth of our magazine and to the lecturers who have guided us in our time of need.