For her, governments of any stripe would have their constituents believe that they were attempting to remove chaos from the galaxy, that they were trying to make things perfect, when only the Force was perfect. For ordinary beings, life was a constant interplay between order and chaos, day and night, light and dark.
Her reverence for the Force had evolved from an enduring love of nature. Yes, she thought of herself as agile and strong and intuitive, but she understood that her skills were a far cry from those attributed to the Jedi. She did, however, embrace the Order’s philosophy of generosity, compassion, and peaceful resolution, and on many a far-flung world she had experienced moments in nature that could only be described as transcendent. It was certainly possible that those peak moments had their basis in belief and emotion, but that hardly mattered; even if she wasn’t able to use the Force, she could at least feel it, and she was content with that.


“Stealth, speed, power… That’s Tarkin, the omniscient, ubiquitous Imperial enforcer.”
- Tarkin, James Luceno

“Excuse me for asking, but are you now addressed as admiral, governor, or moff?”
“Governor remains my preference.”
“Then governor it shall be.”

- Catalyst, James Luceno

IGN: There was a Star Wars book called Catalyst that explored the Galen/Krennic backstory. Did you read the book and would you like the opportunity to maybe ever depict some of that? Or Galen’s years with the Empire?

Mikkelsen: I think it’s a very interesting and valid point. You know, the Star Wars films have always been about dealing with the Rebellion, the people that are fighting the Empire. But it’s actually very interesting to go and see the people who actually are in the Empire, and I’m one of them. And surprisingly enough, the people of the Empire have families, and wives and daughters that they love. You know, they are the other guys we don’t know so much about. And I think it would be interesting to you know, to make a film about the people of the Empire. Who are they, and why? Are they evil? Or do they believe in something greater.

IGN: Well, there is always the chance for Galen to pop up in Rebels at one point, because of the show’s time frame. Would you be interested in that?

Mikkelsen: I’m game for it man, it’d be tricky, but I’d give it a shot.


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Swiftwidget & Aoimikans

Amazing Art

(Under the cut b/c there was more than I thought!)

By @aoimikans

“When?” Canvas Chap 1 

First Isamu Drawing <3 Our spike son <3

Perfect Blank Canvas


Seven Flames

Canvas/Catalyst Snapshot 

By @athanatosora

By @cartoon-caitys-art

Noumufied Toshi and Izuku

By @dragonfishdreams

Transformation buddies

By @grimelius

In the infirmary

By @ibev
(who opted to have me post them directly with the story)

By @theimaginarylord

Toshinoumu Chained

Toshinoumu Dino?

I can’t get up :|

By @juustozzi

Very early Toshinoumu with the ridged mane quirk concept.

Toshinoumu wrapped in a blanket.

Toshinoumu and Ojiro tail lessons.

Toshinoumu body studies.

Mistletoe tail

Multiple Toshinoumu drawings

Toshinoumu and Naomasa

Isamu Sato (our precious spike son)

Toshinoumu with Juustozzi’s lovely OC family

And more from Juustozzi <3

By @lazyaookami

Toshinoumu floating

By @sevi007

Happy Reunion

By @swiftwidget

Early sketches

Another sketch


Toshinoumu pondering his hands

Toshinoumu Ready to Run

By @thedarknessandthedawn

Tail hug for sleepy Izuku

By @venias-pulveras

Fite me

By @whispersinthetrees

Toshinoumu stim board

By @wondlalovesdrawing

Fluffy Noumu Toshi

More Fluffy Noumu Toshi

Fluffy Noumu Toshi Hug

Fluffy Noumu with the girls

If we missed anyone please let us know so we can make this as complete as possible!

Got Questions? Ask either/both aoimikans and me! We love talking about everything about this series. It’s our baby.

Hey look it’s that Brim fic I need to update. I thought drawing a scene might motivate me to keep working on the next chapter, so here you go, have some angst :P

On a side note here’s something I learned while drawing this: “multiply” is a great filter to use when you need to darken rooms. Much nicer than just laying flat color over and reducing the opacity. 

Soul (Jimin x Reader)

You’ve never really had angelic tendencies, and Jimin’s never really encouraged them; he is, after all, a demon.

a collab with @taesthetes and @zephyoongist

SummaryYoongi | Hoseok | Taehyung | Jin | Jungkook | Namjoon (M)

fluff, 2.5k words, jimin/reader, angel + demon au

You first meet Jimin when you’re five years old, your white wings barely functional; carefully, cautiously, you try to lower yourself onto the ground, and manage to accidentally land in a pile of…deer…poop. You wince and gag.

Jimin, who had been chasing flitting shadows and stretching his ebony wings nearby, witnesses the incident and laughs, (unbearably) loudly.

“Shut up,” you growl, clenching your fists. “Mind your own business, damn demon.

He only laughs harder, as if set on pissing you off. Thoroughly annoyed, you bend down, grab a handful of the literal shit, and chuck it straight at his face.

He doesn’t laugh at you for a good few years after that.

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Confession:  While I would never pick this ending and it’d be stupid for Shepard, the “don’t use the catalyst” ending is really cool. It’s so eerie and also incredibly depressing, but I encourage everyone to watch it on YouTube. It’s kind of beautiful. The reason I got this ending is because I heard there is a 5th option in which you can shoot the Catalyst and I just HAD to try. I hate that little shit so much. It was hilarious, terrifying, and sad. What a ride.