Bueno, pues molt bé, pues adiós

#buenopuesmoltbépuesadiós has become the 2nd worldwide trending topic on Twitter and people are making memes with this sentence. Here’s why.

After the terrorist attack in Barcelona, journalists from outisde Catalonia have come to our country to report about it. The Catalan government and police realease all their statements and posts in social media accounts in Catalan (our local language), Spanish (the language of the state), and English, and sometimes in French as well.

So here comes the meme

Major Trapero (or Traphero, as some people call him now), chief of the Catalan police, was doing a press conference and was answering the journalists’ questions when a Spanish journalist demanded that he answers only in Spanish. Trapero said “When they ask me in Catalan, I answer in Catalan, when they ask me in Spanish, I answer in Spanish”. The Spanish journalist got mad and threatened to leave the room if he didn’t answer it all in Spanish, and Trapero, very calmly, said “bueno, pues molt bé, pues adiós” which is a sentence mixing both languages that means “well then, very well, bye, then”.

We’ve finally found the perfect answer when they tell us we don’t have the right to spek our language in our own country.

Sant Jordi: Catalonia’s bookish Saint Valentine

Today is International Book Day, but for the Catalans it’s just more than that. It is Sant Jordi, a mix of Saint Valentine and International Book Day. It is one of the most important literary events of the year (Bookshops expect to sell a total of 1 million books all over Catalonia just today, which makes 22 million euros in a day.)

All over Catalonia, bookshops prepare stands in the streets so that people can buy books. But the tradition is more than that. (Picture: Les Rambles, Barcelona)

The tradition says that you must give your boyfriend/girlfriend (although nowadays friends and relatives count as well) a book and a rose.

Although Sant Jordi is celebrated all over Catalonia, Barcelona is kinda like the centre of everything, with the city preparing itself for the celebration.

(Picture: Casa Batlló, Barcelona)