Imagine the scenario. England decides to go full chaotic Brexit purely to appease (once again) the Eurosceptics, the far-right, and middle England. They know they also want access to the single market and the EU refuse to negotiate unless they pay for access… much the same way that Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway do. Of course… those three also accept the rules of the EU despite having no say. And now England must do the same. Maybe they pay, oooh, £350m per week? Except this time they won’t even get a rebate so they’ll be paying even more than they did before! 

Scotland decides to vote to leave the UK, the EU allow us in because, hey, we’re already in the club in the first place. We’d probably be allowed more MEPs than the 6 we currently have as part of the UK, maybe around 13 based on countries with similar populations.

Now… just imagine it… Scottish MEPs discussing and passing laws with their European counterparts that England has to accept because it would have no vote in it.

We could power our country for a decade using the foaming-at-the-mouth anger from Daily Mail alone.

And it would be magnificent.


Impressive cascade in Catalonia, Spain

Barcelona holds a demonstration in support of the refugees

The Catalan organization “Casa nostra, casa vostra” (Our home, your home) has organized a demonstration in Barcelona with the slogan “Volem acollir” (We want to take in). Last week, there was a concert with many artists. All the money will be given to NGOs who are helping the refugees. Protesters want the EU and Spanish politicians to actually do something.

Pictures of today’s demo:

(Pictures taken from Twitter)

The demonstration ends at the beach, a metaphor to denounce how many people have died in the Mediterranean sea.



More pictures and videos under the hashtag #volemacollir