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FAIRFAX, VA: Moments (24/5/12)

So…Fairfax, VA was the second show on the US leg of the Up All Night tour. Eleanor wasn’t surprise dive-bombing into the place just yet, and Harry and Louis were so open and happy on stage. 

Their performance of “Moments” at this show had some especially cute stuff I noticed in a video. Me being me, I went in search of 8 other angles so we could get the whole picture. 

There are 4 key moments-HA (and a myriad of small, super cute things), but for the sake of this post, I’m going to talk about the 4 big ones. Yay!

Hint: Harry is so fond throughout. 

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Fairfax, VA - 24 May 2012 - VIDEO

I’ve never seen this angle before. That’s the doll that someone threw on stage that said “Larry Stylinson lovechild.” Niall picked it up and showed it to Louis, but what I’ve never seen so clearly is Louis making the doll sing along to Harry’s solo.

Also, Niall’s FACE. And the way he hunches his shoulders at Louis when he hands him the doll like he can’t stand the cuteness either.

Hahaha tears.