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One more thing about that Palisades interview...

As always, first thing’s first: some context.

The interview took place on 13 March 2012, about 3 weeks into a “relentless” (Louis’ personal description) American concert, radio and promo tour. They were exhausted. This was 4 days before Eleanor showed up for her public, scheduled NYC trip, and given the ongoing theory that Simon/the label had a bigger role to play in the closet as a marketing strategy, this stood out to me this time around.

In short, I think Louis was exhausted, irritated at the same identical radio interviews, the monotonous questions, the schedule, the new and upsetting ways they were separating him and Harry and the impending Eleanor trip and he just let his frustration and irritation show as Zayn answered a question about Simon. 

(Disclaimer: Louis wasn’t overly bubbly in this interview at all, but he was particularly sour-faced during this exchange about Simon Cowell).

VIDEO LINK - 2:53-3:30

Radio DJ: Now, everyone in the United States knows Simon Cowell as kind of a rough guy. How is he over there in the UK? Rough? [holds microphone up to Louis’s face]

Zayn: He’s actually, he’s really nice to us.

Zayn: He’s a really good mentor.

Zayn: He’s always there for us whenever we need him.

Zayn: Um, yeah. He’s a really funny guy.

When Louis does jump in to answer the question, his description of Simon is terse and he just says “He just comes off as honest. He’s just honest.”

And then about 30 seconds later, after Liam has answered a question or two about the Today Show, Harry and Louis casually:

[whattarush gif]