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Friends being cute

This is an old sketch that I “corrected” a little and completed it a bit more

What frustrates me a lot about Irma being a plot device is that we never really saw April expending time with a female friend, I know they designed April as a tomboy but still…I don’t get it why the creators don’t want a bigger group of characters?? Since season two it has always been the same people .. and all new introduced characters were just one off things but nobody ever became a recurrent character and I feel Irma was the perfect character for that spot.

Sorry if I am bitching too much about this but the show really frustrates me

A Haylor Time Capsule

I get irrationally and selfishly sad about those few months before Haylor when making fun of the idea of Harry & Taylor was a game that Harry & Louis and the rest of the boys all played. They all willingly and happily let Louis turn it into a self-defense mechanism to take the sting out of it.

They thought it was going to be so easy, mildly annoying, another Haroline, but it was so much worse than that. Having experienced the firestorm that was Haylor, however, they (and we) now know what a toll it did take on them both. 

Before all of that profound heartache, however, there was this interview

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I still don’t believe that even after The Kraang Conspiracy episode, people still think that Apriltello is bestiality. Ok, I admit April was born thinking that she was a human (so that results of her thinking and acting like a human), but the truth of the matter is that she is still half mutant/kraang. I think Donnie should have a fair shot with April as well as Casey (as both did some pretty stupid/awful things just because of their crush on April but at the same time both did some good things too). Not to mention this show is FAR from being normal, so I have no idea why kids would be creep out by it? 

This  whole show is about 4 human sized talking turtles (who shouldn’t even exist) that train to learn ninjusu from their RAT father and sensei , which they have to use their skills to fight against a legendary evil clan (the foot) and save the world from an alien colony (the Kraang), not to mention they have a dangerous substance that can turn people and animals into horrifying (and sometimes hideous and disgusting) mutants, but Donnie being with a half mutant/human girl is were it all gets too weird? Come one! You would think kids would be tolerable with Apriltello. There also has been human and other species relationships in the past AND even in the present and most of them are all on cartoon shows (example for present: Adventure Time, Regular Show etc). 

Apriltello being “inappropriate” should not be an excuse anymore. Not only Kraang Conspiracy should of killed that argument, but TMNT is FAR from being normal and there has been other human and non human relationships from past to present (and I’m pretty sure future too). Besides, according to the fans in, Apriltello is still one of the most popular pairings on Nick right now. I just don’t get it, I really don’t. Apriltello has a possibility, but out of all the excuses that could be used for Apriltello being impossible, this old excuse is used?

Harry dodges girl questions...
  • 16 April 2012 - Herald Sun interview with Zayn & Harry
  • Herald Sun: Have you been texting Taylor Swift?
  • Harry: [silence for 5 seconds]
  • Herald Sun: Wow, dramatic pause.
  • Harry: .........we met in America, she's nice.
  • ---
  • Herald Sun: Do you have to worry about girlfriends selling stories about you guys?
  • Harry: You meet people. Friends of people.
  • ---
  • Herald Sun: You like older ladies?
  • Zayn: That's more so Harry.
  • Harry: It's not more so ME.
  • Zayn: Yeah, he likes an older woman.
  • Harry: Sometimes.
  • Herald Sun: You like them most ages?
  • Zayn: [laughs]
  • Harry: NO, not most ages!
  • Zayn: What's your rule, Harry?
  • Harry: Let's move on, shall we!
  • Zayn: Anything younger than-
  • Harry: No.