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“Vakkert” set (TS4)

Heavily copied of this photo, but I like to say I was heavily inspired by it, so let’s go with that, ok?

What you get:

  • Old cabinet sink (5863 polys, 4 swatches)
  • Bathtub (2708 polys, 3 swatches)
  • Vintage armoire (4378 polys, 4 swatches)
  • Steel mirror (300 polys, 1 swatch)
  • Violin fig tree (3010 polys, 1 swatch)
  • Bowl with soap bars (1558 polys, 2 swatch)
  • Metal bowl (831 polys, 22 swatches)
  • Bath rack (738 polys, 4 swatches)
  • Shower (3652 polys, 1 swatch)
  • Shower wall (38 polys, 4 swatches)
  • Glass wall 1 tile (66 polys, 4 swatches)
  • Glass wall 2 tile (66 polys, 4 swatches)
  • Wallpaper tiles (4 swatches)
  • Floor tiles (6 swatches)

- All meshes are made by me from scratch.
- There are enough slots for you to put pretty things on the sink, bath rack, shower wall and the armoire.
- I recommend to always have bb.moveobjects on when placing furniture and decor, but you especially need to have it on to place the bath rack on the bathtub.
- All objects has catalog thumbnails.
- You can search for the set by Sanoysims or Vakkert.
- Be sure your game is fully updated to find them!

I hope you enjoy and happy simming!
Download (Simfileshare)


Snanger (Severus x Hermione):

{As you can see my Snanger list is long :D}

Remione (Remus x Hermione):

{My Remione list is short}

Lumione (Lucius x Hermione):

{This is a mixture of SS/HG/LM as well}

  • A Gift of Love By madeleone
    ~ This is a SS/HG/LM fanfic.  But it’s more a HG/LM fanfic.  I love it. {Complete}
  • The Librarian’s Assistant By madeleone
    ~ Another SS/HG/LM fanfic, but again it’s more an HG/LM fanfic that turns into M-M-F.  So good. {Complete}
  • In the Name of Science By StBridgit
    ~ LM/HG This is a Marriage Law fanfic and I must say it’s really good.  Lucius is so in character it’s awesome.  {Complete}
  • The Bespoke Witch By glittergrrrl05
    ~ It’s a Lumione but also a Dramione fanfic.  It’s really interesting, it’s ooc though, but I really love it. {Complete}
  • A Great Task of Solitude By Laurielove
    ~ Hermione is in charge of cataloging the Malfoy’s Library, searching for dark magic books.  Lucius has become a recluse after the war, and having Hermione now showing up everyday he seems to open up and regain who he once was.  {Complete}
  • Miles Away From Any Warm Feeling By AnnettePoudre
    ~ Hermine is kidnapped one night by Death Eaters, she is gifted to Her Potions Master.  This is a SS/HG/LM Fanfic {Complete}

{My list is short for Lumione as well.  I read some really awesome ones that I had believed I saved and I can’t for the life of me find them.}

Lost  Boy (Chapter 3)

Hey! If this is your first time reading, catch up HERE!

Another long chapter, pushing 2500 words. Thanks for all the love on this fic! I love to hear from you guys, and I reply to every comment/message so please reach out to me! Thanks lovelies!


They didn’t talk about it, not the next morning when Steve drove Tony back to Peggy’s, or the day after when Steve dragged himself back to the library to study some more. He was surprised to see Tony waiting for him at their usual table, but didn’t comment on it, just said a quiet hello and opened his books.

When Tony ordered lunch, Steve handed him a twenty to cover it, and they ate in silence.
But when Tony started gathering his things to leave at five, Steve reached out and grabbed his wrist, tugging him down until he could cup his jaw, his fingers stroking over the stubble there.

“You text me…” he cleared his throat. “Every time. Do you hear me?  Every time.”
Tony’s eyes widened and he nodded in understanding.
“I will always come and get you. Every time. It’s not that I approve or anything like that at all. But I’d rather you be safe with me then on somebody’s couch. High or- or not, okay? Whatever this is between us is–” he cleared his throat again, “I don’t know what this is, but let’s keep working at it. So you text me every time.”

“Okay.” Tony whispered, his dark eyes damp with emotion, and Steve pulled him down farther until their lips met in a gentle kiss. “Oh.” For once, Tony was speechless, and Steve smiled for the first time all day.

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April Showers Recolor Set

A collaboration between @deetron-sims, @magnolianfarewell, @javabeandreams, @martinessimblr@femmeonamissionsims, and @pickypikachu

Hi everyone! In honor of spring finally coming, we’ve made a little set of recolors of base game items.

This is a small set, only 4 items that were recolored in Java’s Spring palette. 

Hipster Hugger Sofa, Simplicit-Ease Armchair, Potted Plant, and Lunatech Floor Lamp! 

To find them easily in the catalog, search for “PTS” or “April Showers” 

DOWNLOAD: Simfileshare 

anonymous asked:

According to the National Parks website, the National Archives houses the records of places in the State of Illinois designated on the National Register of Historic Places. How can I access that list?

You can find some records for Illinois in the National Archives online catalog by searching within the file unit for National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmarks Program Records: Illinois.

This would also be a perfect question to share on History Hub, the National Archives’ new crowdsourced history platform, where staff and other community members can help guide your research.

PSA: Tumblr’s tag system is even more wild and crazy than we might realize.

Yes… even as much as Shag & Scoob’s tumultuous spinning teacups ride.

I’ve searched around numerous times over the years, but looking for concrete, up-to-date Tumblr tag info is like searching for the Ark of the Covenant.

From time to time, I hear anecdotally that only a post’s first 5 tags show up when searching… and yet, when searching Tumblr for the tags I use past those first 5, SDM posts show up perfectly fine?

The above post had “pick up lines” as the 20th and final tag… and yet, there it is, showing up at the top in the Tumblr-wide search for that tag?

Every tag I checked seems to have worked like this, even such weird ones I’d never used before, and weren’t written anywhere else on the blog.

So… yeah. It’s a mystery!

As best as I can see, the rules appear to be:

  1. 30 tag limit per post – any extra tags will not be saved
  2. Only the first 20 tags will make a post show up in the normal grid results when people search Tumblr
  3. Only the first 5 tags make a post show in direct tag view (i.e. when you click on a tag and see a “recent posts” feed for that tag)
  4. Any tags past 20 will also not catalog for searching an individual blog for a tag (i.e. how works)

Hopefully this will be helpful to someone else out there!


I’m at the public library looking at the computer catalog, and the last person had futilely searched the catalog for “The Turba Philosophorum”

which is apparently one of the most ancient alchemical texts in existence. I’d never heard of it.

I have so many questions - who were they? did they eventually find the ancient mystical alchemical manuscript they were looking for? did they need it to help them complete their ritual? was an ancient wizard using this very computer before I arrived

The Library

You made your way across campus to the university’s library. When you got there, you went to the catalog computers and searched for the book you needed. It said that there was one left that wasn’t checked out so you hurriedly went to the area it was in before someone else got to it first.
You scanned through the shelf to the spot where the book was. Or at least should be but it wasn’t there. You looked at the titles of the books on the same shelf but none of them were the book you needed. You closed your eyes and let out a little whine.
You let out a tiny, frightened yelp before quickly covering your mouth with one hand. Your other hand reached out and smacked your boyfriend’s arm who was giggling
“Not funny.” you hissed at him and trying to hide your smile.
“Very funny.” Junhong proclaimed with a chuckle.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm looking for a phanfic I read a little while ago and it was like Dan and Phil had never met but they passed each other one night in London?? I think it was called something like the city but I can't find it when I search the cataloge for it. Sorry if that's vague!

Can anyone help find this fic?

- Tori

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Historical Bibliography: Introduction and Methodology

I compiled this list because I am genuinely disturbed by all the bad history going around social media in light of the recent events in Gaza, and I want to help interested parties to understand the thousands of years of history which led us to where we are today. That is my only interest in compiling this list. I do have my own personal views on the conflict, but I am a responsible enough historian and MLIS that I know how to separate those views from my presentation of the secondary literature. The only bias you are likely to find here is in my categorization, as it inevitably reflects my fields of study.

In compiling this list, my process and methodology were as follows: I first wrote down all the relevant works I could think of off the top of my head, all hailing from my fields of Biblical Studies and Modern Jewish History. I then reached out to my friends in Modern Middle Eastern History, Conflict Studies, Jewish History, etc for recommendations, lists, and insight; one of my friends, an ABD PhD candidate in Modern Middle Eastern History, was particularly helpful in helping me understand Israeli historiography, and pointing me towards the best works in the field of Arab Nationalism.

After taking their recommendations, I conducted a series of google searches using “‘relevant search term’” to ensure that I received results from only academic domains. From there, I read syllabi for university courses, and examined comprehensive exam reading lists. After that, I searched the catalog of the New York Public Library using any and all relevant search terms, and I also conducted targeted searches on Amazon. By the time I finished, I had a 50 pages filled with book titles.

My next step was to divide the list into nineteen categories, deleting irrelevant titles and repeats as I went along. After dividing the books into categories, I put each title through a rigorous fact checking process, so to speak. I checked the publication material for each book to ensure that it was either a. published by an academic press with a built in peer review process, and/or b. written by an academic historian—either a faculty member, or someone with an MA or PhD in history. If I was still unsure after that step, I searched the title in the University of Maryland’s database system, and read the academic (meaning, peer reviewed) book reviews of the title. From there I either kept it on the list or removed it. As I approached the late-Ottoman period, I became extra-critical of relevant titles. At this point, I made sure to read book reviews from at least two academic journals in different fields/subfields to ensure not only the text’s legitimacy, but its ability to hold firm against the scrutiny of scholars in multiple fields. I tended to remove a work if the word “polemic” appeared in the reviews.

This said, many of the works on this list, particularly, but not exclusively, in the Post-1948, Arab Nationalism and the Modern Middle East, General Overviews, and Historiography Narratives, Memory and Theory categories will be slanted, or biased. Considering the topic at hand, this reality is both inevitable and perhaps necessary. I do advise you, however, to read any books you select from these categories critically.

The vast majority of these books are academic histories (simply put, I don’t trust popular historians with this topic), so if you are not accustomed to that type of writing, be sure to read the Introduction of whichever books you select very carefully, and understand that you are reading to learn—not necessarily to enjoy.

In terms of my categorization…it is imperfect and becomes admittedly fuzzy once we get into the late Ottoman Period. I’m not even 100% comfortable with some of these categories, but alas, if there is one thing I learned from Library Science it is that categories are both terrible and inevitable in the organization of information.

The categories are as follows:

  • Bronze Age Collapse-Babylonian Exile
  • Babylonian Exile-Roman Period
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Rise of Islam and Caliphate Rule
  • Crusades
  • Medieval European Jewish History
  • Sephardic Jewish History
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Early Modern and Modern European Jewish History
  • World War I, French Involvement, and the British Mandate in Palestine
  • Holocaust History
  • History of Zionism
  • Post-1948
  • Middle Eastern and North African Jewish History 
  • Arab Nationalism and the Modern Middle East
  • Historiography, Narratives, Memory, and Theory
  • America Does Stuff Too
  • Books Which Span Multiple Categories
  • Other

I will post the list in daily, manageable chunks until we hit the end. Once posted in its entirety, this list will be permanently linked on my home page. I will continue to add to it as I inevitably come across a neglected source or twelve and fill in some gaps. If you think I missed an important text and want me to add it, please apply my methodology to it before sending it on to me. For readers seeing this on a reblog, following me until the list is done is the best way to ensure that you won’t miss an installment.

I hope that from this list you will gain an appreciation for the long and enormously complex history of this region of the world, and I hope you gain an appreciation for the vast arrays of experiences, ethnicities, and histories tied up in this tiny, contested piece of land. Hopefully this appreciation will lead to a broad, complete understanding of the issues at stake today, and will help you to inject accurate historical understandings into dialogue when you come across it.

If you choose to reblog, please reblog as text (link leads to visual guide of how to do so). Thank you!

frequently asked questions
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New Patch: Grilled Cheese Aspiration, Kleptomaniac Trait, Gardener NPC and More!

Update: 02/04/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Happy 16th Anniversary!

Yep, 16 years this February 4th! Amazing! And we have a few throwbacks to celebrate the 16 years of the Sims!

New Content

From the early days… when you were amazed your Sims didn’t burn to death just pouring a bowl of chips, we bring you memories of those trying times with the Tragic Clown Painting!

  • A “new” old friend can be found immortalized in print in the Build catalog. Search up the Tragic Clown and you’ll come across the ol’ clown’s likeness. Viewing his print may place you in a sad mood however as you reflect upon the deeper meaning of balloon animals, bulbous red noses, and tragic kitchen fires.

…as we step forward, looking into the second iteration of the Sims, you will find the Grilled Cheese Aspiration!

  • You can unlock this aspiration by eating a grilled cheese… or three.
  • Once you finish the aspiration, you’ll unlock the Melt Master trait, where you will learn:
    • To Paint Grilled Cheese on the Easel
    • Summon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with but a thought
    • And unlock the ability to evangelize about Grilled Cheese Sandwiches…because cheese!

…and into the third installment, we bring to you, the Kleptomaniac Trait!

  • Available now as a selectable trait in Create A Sim
  • Your mischief skill will guide your ability to swipe various objects, but be careful to do so alone…
  • And if you do end up feeling guilty for taking that valuable do-whaty-a-thingo from your neighbor, you can always return it… or sell it.

In addition to our throwback memories…

You can now Hire a Gardener from the Hire a Service option in the phone menu.

  • If you have some garden plants that need tending, you can hire the gardener for a one time “help me out” or as a re-occurring scheduled service.
  • So get out there, buy a planting pot, drop some seeds, and eat the fruits of their labors!
  • There are also a couple of new socials available on the Gardener: Ask for Gardening Advice and Discuss Gardening Techniques

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Search, Flightless

A preschool teacher was having trouble finding books about penguins. I directed her to a computer to show her how to search our catalog. 

Woman [typing]: “I can never find anything here. Your catalog is too hard!" 

She types the keyword P-E-N-Q-U-I-N and the search yielded no results. 

Woman [flustered]: "See what I mean? How can you not have any books on penquins?”

Me: “Oh, you typed it with a Q. I think it’s spelled with a G.”

Woman: “I think I know how to spell penquin.”

Me: “Penguin, like the bird, right?”

Woman: “Yes!”

Me: “Can we just try it with a G?”

Woman: “Whatever. Like I said, your catalog is too hard.”