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AC ideas

I’m keeping a log of all of the things I wish @nintendo would either add to New Leaf or include in a new game, because if you’re anything like me and you’ve been playing since the first game then you KNOW what you’ve been wanting to see in the series that hasn’t showed up yet. Please reblog if you think of anything to add! <3

  • Have a catalog for house exteriors
  • More organized catalog (like in HHD); chair category, bed category, table category, etc.
  • Ceiling items
  • Curtains/blinds for windows
  • Ability to design pants, skirts, socks, and shoes
  • More hair styles/wigs (bald)
  • More hair colors (w/ highlights, ombre, streaks, skunk stripe, etc.)
  • More eye colors (pink, purple, yellow, red, etc.)
  • Ability to get hired for a job (restocking for Timmy and Tommy, cleaning up for Harriet, customizing furniture with Cyrus, making coffee/lemonade/hot chocolate/tea/milkshakes/smoothies with Brewster, identifying fossils with Blathers, stargazing with Celeste, organizing with Isabelle, etc.)
  • Have an area where records are automatically kept (how many fish you’ve caught, how many bugs you’ve caught, how many towns you’ve visited, how many people have visited your town, all of the villagers that have lived in your town, exact play time, how many total medals you’ve earned, etc.)
  • Easter egg hunting on Easter
  • Have a big dinner with everyone in your town, including special characters (Isabelle, Reese, Cyrus, etc.) during the Harvest Festival
  • Interactive emotions with NPCs (holding hands, hugging, high fiving, fist bumping, etc.)
  • Additional accessories like earrings, makeup, face paint, etc.)
  • Options for permanent skin color, freckles, moles, birth marks, scars, etc.)
  • More interactive public works projects, such as hopscotch, drawing with chalk, jump roping, swinging, sliding down slides, lifting weights, exercising, tether ball, etc.)
  • Half block spacing inside your house like in HHD
  • More space to type in text bar when talking to other players
  • Heart symbol on keyboard
  • Ability to look back at old messages sent if one disappears before you get to read it

1926 Sears Special Supplement::The Bedford by L > R
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1926 Sears Kit Homes

Hearing a lot of talk about HoM with Oswald. I dunno if anyone has thought of this too but.

Disney. Hear me out.

House of Mouse reboot special. Like the house of villains. But it’s called House of Rabbit or something like that, with Mickey reintroducing his brother Oswald to everyone and is watching. Run a few of his famous cartoons. Explain his story with Epic Mickey cut scenes.

Satisfy the World with a brand new Oswald Cartoon, WITH Ortensia maybe, definitely. Mickey and Oswald being the best of bros.

We will ALL be happy.


Now back in print: Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses catalogs the best of Rudolph’s early residential work. Along with Rudolph’s personal essays and renderings, the book features duotone photographs by Ezra Stoller and Joseph Molitor and conveys the lightness, timelessness, strength, materiality, and transcendency of Rudolph’s work, available again with a new foreword from the authors.

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Suppose I want to design my own house and build it,(even ok with off-grid styles but must be legally permitted) BUT I don't want to become an architect or carpenter, but am interested in the knowledge. What do you say is the best thing for me to do, in order to do such a thing? Ideally, what do I have to accomplish to build a window for a house, cheaper than hiring a bunch of people who I don't need, and end up with exactly what I want?

The best way? Get an architect to design, document, permit and observe during construction. You can be as involved as you want to be (let the architect know from the get go) but you will not have to own the whole process, which from experience, being an architect and having done work on my own home, is very time consuming and disruptive if you have a life. An architect will become your trusted advisor and bring experience to a process that heavily depends on schedule to be successful design and budget wise. 

There are always catalog homes (Sears houses now have become the stuff of collectors and very much sought after, see below) but most of the ones available on the market today tend to be rather generic and from your message that does not seem to be what you are looking for.

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Prompt: The Lacrosse player comes back. Oliver, Diggle, and Roy get protective.

“Has anyone seen Felicity?” Oliver asked as he shrugged off his jacket. Diggle looked up from his desk, where he was cleaning his gun, and shook his head. Roy, who sat across from him, also shook his head. “She’s usually here before us, and this is the fourth time this week she’s late.”

“Maybe she’s just having a bad week,” Diggle commented without looking up from his piece.

“Yeah. Don’t tell me you’ve never had one of those,” Roy added.

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Kiss Me Like The World Is Gonna Disappear

I Have Loved You Since Series: Kiss Me Like The World Is Gonna Disappear


Harry held the two breakfast bags tightly as he stepped out of the car and slammed the door shut. He could smell the wet grass as he walked up the pathway leading to his house. He knew you were still asleep; you didn’t get home until half past one last night after hours of working on a paper at uni. He wanted to be a good boyfriend and bring you breakfast in bed. Slight problem when he reached the kitchen earlier before; there was no food in his fridge. He’d always forget to shop for groceries and usually you’d be the one to fill his fridge at the end of the week. You didn’t mind though, something about it made you feel supportive. 

He shuffled into the house with one bag hanging from his lips before gently closing the door behind him. He dropped his keys in the bowl and began walking down the hall into the kitchen to set the food out on a tray. 

He was a bit nervous but he had finally done it; he had bought the house in Manchester for the two of you. It wasn’t planned, none of it was but he had walked in on you flipping through a catalog of houses in England the other night and your eyes lit up when the page fell to a moderate, white house further in Manchester. It was perfect for the two of you and he knew it; he wanted to live in that house with you as much as you wanted to live in it with him. 

When he called the realtor to find out if the house was still available, he nearly jumped out of his seat when she said yes. He signed the papers a few days later and he was handed the pair of keys. Two keys. One for him and one for you. 

Harry managed to neatly place the pancakes on a plate and brew your favorite morning tea before quarter to nine. He carefully positioned a stemmed rose at the top corner of the tray before proudly grinning at his work. 

He felt around his back pocket, making sure the key was still there before picking up the tray and stepping out of the kitchen. He slowly made his way up the stairs to the end of the hall where the bedroom was before shifting the tray to manage the door. He lightly pushed opened the door to find you buried under the duvet with strands of hair sprawled across his and your pillows. You looked so peaceful and beautiful, he couldn’t help the smile creeping on his face. 

He slowly made his way over to the bed, setting down the tray on his side of the bed before leisurely laying down next to you. You roused from your slumber as you felt the pressure of his body push against the bed. You brought your arm beside your head while your eyes sluggishly fluttered opened. 

“Hi,” you slurred. 

“Good morning,” he smiled, propping himself up on his forearm, looking down at you. He brushed his finger along your temple before pushing the little strand of hair out of your face. 

“What time is it?” You mumbled, wanting to go back to sleep. 

“Little bit past nine.” His voice was so alluring in the morning; it was still raspy and a bit deep. It was hands down, one of your favorite things about him.

You pushed yourself a little closer to him so your cheek pressed against his chest. You nuzzled in further to him while his arms wrapped around your shoulder. You could smell the herbal tea filling the room and the fresh pancakes doused in syrup. “What is this?” You smiled, shifting your head to look at him. 

“What? A guy can’t get his girlfriend some breakfast? Jesus, what are you on about this morning?” He joked, making you giggle. You sat up, still buried under the duvet and pulled the tray closer towards you. You picked up the rose on the side and held it under your nose, inhaling the essence that mixed with the tea. 

You looked back to where he laid, handing him a pleased smile before leaning over to give him a kiss. “Thank you, sweets!” 

You sat back up and picked up the cup of tea, taking a sip before taking a bite of the pancakes. His hand rubbed the small of your back as you continued to eat; he was nervous. He was going to tell you about the house and he had no idea how you’d react and that scared the hell out of him.  

“Babe,” he began, staring blankly at your bare, tanned back. “I’ve been thinking…”

“Uh huh,” you hummed, putting the fork down and turning to face him. 

“I’ve been thinking about how I absolutely dread to be away from you. Even if it is you just leaving to get some clothes for the night,” he continued, his heart racing by the second. “I love being with you, I love waking up to you, and I love finding you in the kitchen when I come home from work. I love you. And I don’t want to be away from you.”

You smiled, your heart fluttered and your stomach tingled to the words that fell so naturally from his lips. Unplanned and beautiful. He was so charming with you and you adored him. “I love you… A lot, Harry Styles,” you leaned in, resting your head against his forehead. You were inches away from his lips and you wanted nothing more than for him to kiss you right then and there. “I don’t want to be away from you either.” 

You felt him pick in his pocket before pulling out a piece of metal. 

A key. It was a key.

He held it in between his fingers in front of you before your eyebrows cocked to his little smirk. “What is this?” You slightly giggled, taking it from his hand. 

“A house,” he said. “A house just for us.”


“Babe, did you remember to buy an extra can of paint?” You clicked your seat belt in the passenger seat, looking over to Harry starting the ignition. 

“Yeah, yeah. You know I am a man, I can do things,” he sneered, starting to pull out of the driveway of his house. 

His house. It wasn’t going to be his house or your house anymore. It was going to be both. Ours. Yours and his. 

A week ago, he told you he had gotten a house for the two of you and a few hours later, you signed the papers without hesitation because you knew this was what you wanted. You wanted this just as much, if possible, even more than he did. You loved him so much and you hated spending nights away from him as well and now, you didn’t have to. 

This was going to be your home. 


The living room of the house was covered with surface shield from one end to another. The pans of paint laid around while you waited for Harry to pour the last can of paint into a pan. 

“I’m not getting any younger,” you teased, picking up a roller. 

He chuckled, “You’re not getting any older either. Give me a hand, will ya?”

He continued to struggle with pulling off the top of the paint can before you bent down next to him and helped. The top was off and he slowly poured the paint out before grabbing a roller and standing to his feet. 

The thing about Harry was that he was super tall. Compared to anyone, he was quite enormous. At almost 6 feet, he hovered over you and almost everyone else. 

He began at one corner and made his way up, nearly reaching the ceiling. With not much experience about interior designing, you carefully dragged the roller in one direction and slowly made your way up to as far as you could reach. 

You could hear Harry chuckling behind you, “You know, at this pace of yours, we’ll be done in 3 months.” 

You turned, rolling your eyes and placing one hand on your hip, “Oh shut up. It’s not my fault you’re massive.”

“I’m massive?” He repeated, cocking up his eyebrow, moving closer to you with the roller in hand. “Is that so?”

You nodded while he took a step closer to you. “Huge. Gigantic. Monstrous.”

Behind his back, he gripped tightly around the wet paint on the roller and before you knew it, you felt his wet palm press against your face. “Keep talking babe,” he smirked watching your jaw drop. 

You hated the smell of paint and here it was, smeared across your cheek. “You did not just do that,” you shot, closing your eyes.

“Oh but I did,” he marveled, quite proud of himself. 

You nodded, fluttering your eyes open again. “Okay,” you stated. “If that’s how you wanna play.” In seconds, you pushed the roller against his chest and brought it down to his stomach, stopping just above his jeans. “Aw, I always knew you’d look good in white!” 

His smirk had widen and his little dimples appeared in the middle of his cheeks. “Huh, how ‘bout that?” He laughed, pulling and turning you around with your back pressed against his chest. His arm wrapped tightly around you with no escape. With no surprise, he brushed the paint down along your arm, leaving you cold and pungent. 

“Harry,” you whined. “Stop, it’s cold.”

His arm was still holding you, it was almost impossible to escape his grasp and it seemed like the more you struggled, the stronger he got. 

“What baby?” He almost whispered in your ear, his breath hitting you and his voice sending chills down your spine. 

Your eyes drifted close, despite the horrible smell lingering along you. You liked it when he held you like this. You liked his arms around you; you felt safe and warm. Nothing could hurt you. 

A few moments passed before you pressed your hands against the roller and threw them behind you in Harry’s face. His grip loosened and you quickly moved from his side. 

“Oops,” you giggled, holding your wet hands by your side. 

His face was smeared with white paint; he hated the feeling and now he understood what you meant when you said it was cold. Sticky as well. He dropped the roller and bent down to pick up the pan of paint. You knew what was to come and you wished this had never started in the first place. 

“Harry,” you stated. “No, that’s not funny. We need that paint for the room.” You held your finger at him, warning him but it didn’t seem to work. 

He simply shrugged, a grin holding back. “Should have thought about that before you did this,” his eyes glancing down. 

“Harry, I’m seri-” Before you could finish, you were covered in wet, heavy paint. From waist below, you were covered in white and you watched as Harry nearly died of laughter. His eyes were squeezed shut and he held his hand over his heart, trying to contain himself. His knees were bent and he nearly fell over to the sight of you. 

Before he realized you picked up the other tray, you threw the paint all over him, covering almost every inch. The laughter from him stopped and it now came from you. You couldn’t stop giggling to the white monster that stood in front of you.

“C’mere babe, give me a hug,” he smiled, opening his arms, ready to pull you in. 

“No thank you,” you laughed, holding out your hand to stop him. His arms found its spot around you again and he squished his face against yours, rubbing the paint all over you. “Harry,” you shrieked. “Stop.” 

The two of you slowly made your way to the ground as you attempted to shift under his arms. You laid on the floor under the dripping beast while he pinned your wrists to the floor. “Harry,” you whined. 

“Yes, my love?” He hummed with a presumptuous tone, slowly leaning down, wanting to kiss you. 

You loosened up and let him take control. His legs tangled with yours as his fingers intertwined with yours, leaving your hands beside your head. A small, desperate smile formed on your face before the words genuinely slipped. 

“Kiss me.” 

And so he did. And you had never felt more at home. 


This was a long one, wasn’t it? There you go my loves! Thank you to the anon who requested it and I hope you along with everyone else enjoyed it! 

I’ve just added a new extra ‘TFLN’ to ihavelovedyousince! Yay! I’m so excited for them, I can’t wait to do more! You can find them under the Extras section! 

Feel free to leave me any feedbacks or messages, I’m always up for a chat :) I love you! 

Nicole .Xoxo

House Doctor’s “moments” Catalogue

anonymous asked:

what are the best slowcore albums to kill urself to?

ouh yes thank you for asking me i’m kinda living for conversations about slowcore rn. anything from the back catalogs of codeine, red house painters, duster, idaho, low, vic chesnutt, low, carissa’s weird, and even most of galaxie 500 (arguably.. idk if they’re “slowcore” or just sleepy dream pop) & bedhead’s output are all fair game. respective classics. smog / american music club / matt elliot as well to some extent. it depends on if ur someone who slides downbeat minimalist alt-country under the perameters of “slowcore”. i do but i’ve heard people go either way. fr my money codeine and carissa’s were the best of the “seminal” slowcore bands and records like ‘songs about leaving’ (+ ugly but honest) and ‘frigid stars’/ ‘the white birch’ are unbeatable but that’s just me. i love idaho a whole bunch too.

others i’ve had on rotation as of late

  • the proud graduates + able bodies – spokane
  • different stars – trespassers william
  • plays one sound and others – knife in the water
  • La primera opera envasada al vacio – sr. chinarro
  • be mine tonight – dean roberts
  • collected songs + by the roads and the fields – crescent               
  • let us garland bring – early day miners
  • the going away is present – lowercase
  • are you driving me crazy? – seam
  • hier kommt der schwartze mond – valium aggelein
  • duffel bag – transona five
  • i know about you – ida
  • autoayuda emocional – ursula
  • please send help – soul whirling somewhere
  • lowercase – bluetile lounge
  • the blue moods of spain – spain  
  • S/T – giles corey

there are probably more i’m forgetting. also i like movietone pretty well i ferget the names of their albums but they’re solid. karate are ok too, a lil more emo-y than i usually like my slowcore but i can bite