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1921 Sears Modern Homes by L > R

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Kit Houses from the Sears &amp; Roebuck Catalog

The Bandon

Hearing a lot of talk about HoM with Oswald. I dunno if anyone has thought of this too but.

Disney. Hear me out.

House of Mouse reboot special. Like the house of villains. But it’s called House of Rabbit or something like that, with Mickey reintroducing his brother Oswald to everyone and is watching. Run a few of his famous cartoons. Explain his story with Epic Mickey cut scenes.

Satisfy the World with a brand new Oswald Cartoon, WITH Ortensia maybe, definitely. Mickey and Oswald being the best of bros.

We will ALL be happy.

AC ideas

I’m keeping a log of all of the things I wish @nintendo would either add to New Leaf or include in a new game, because if you’re anything like me and you’ve been playing since the first game then you KNOW what you’ve been wanting to see in the series that hasn’t showed up yet. Please reblog if you think of anything to add! <3

  • Have a catalog for house exteriors
  • More organized catalog (like in HHD); chair category, bed category, table category, etc.
  • Ceiling items
  • Curtains/blinds for windows
  • Ability to design pants, skirts, socks, and shoes
  • More hair styles/wigs (bald)
  • More hair colors (w/ highlights, ombre, streaks, skunk stripe, etc.)
  • More eye colors (pink, purple, yellow, red, etc.)
  • Ability to get hired for a job (restocking for Timmy and Tommy, cleaning up for Harriet, customizing furniture with Cyrus, making coffee/lemonade/hot chocolate/tea/milkshakes/smoothies with Brewster, identifying fossils with Blathers, stargazing with Celeste, organizing with Isabelle, etc.)
  • Have an area where records are automatically kept (how many fish you’ve caught, how many bugs you’ve caught, how many towns you’ve visited, how many people have visited your town, all of the villagers that have lived in your town, exact play time, how many total medals you’ve earned, etc.)
  • Easter egg hunting on Easter
  • Have a big dinner with everyone in your town, including special characters (Isabelle, Reese, Cyrus, etc.) during the Harvest Festival
  • Interactive emotions with NPCs (holding hands, hugging, high fiving, fist bumping, etc.)
  • Additional accessories like earrings, makeup, face paint, etc.)
  • Options for permanent skin color, freckles, moles, birth marks, scars, etc.)
  • More interactive public works projects, such as hopscotch, drawing with chalk, jump roping, swinging, sliding down slides, lifting weights, exercising, tether ball, etc.)
  • Half block spacing inside your house like in HHD
  • More space to type in text bar when talking to other players
  • Heart symbol on keyboard
  • Ability to look back at old messages sent if one disappears before you get to read it

1926 Sears Special Supplement::The Bedford by L > R
Via Flickr:
1926 Sears Kit Homes


some pictures of the new Redgrove!

im having a lot of fun with hacking, and i only really started to landscape today so its nowhere near finished, weeps

all ive wanted to do for a couple days now is hide away from life, so i feel like thats probably why it turned out to have such narrow paths and secret hiding spots. im hoping this town will give me a place to hide away instead of being a reminder of the things that have happened in the last couple of days.


Gordon Van Tine - 707 by L > R

House Doctor’s “moments” Catalogue