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1926 Sears Special Supplement::The Montrose by L > R
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1926 Sears Kit Homes


1926 Sears Special Supplement::The Amhurst by L > R
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1926 Sears KitHomes


Now back in print: Paul Rudolph: The Florida Houses catalogs the best of Rudolph’s early residential work. Along with Rudolph’s personal essays and renderings, the book features duotone photographs by Ezra Stoller and Joseph Molitor and conveys the lightness, timelessness, strength, materiality, and transcendency of Rudolph’s work, available again with a new foreword from the authors.


Ode to the card catalog 

While we don’t have any rooms filled with card catalogs anymore, we do still have a few lingering around the library.  These are kept for various organizational reasons, but also because they look awesome.  

The woman in the first photograph is looking for a book in April of 1970, and Lindsay, one of our librarians (and part time Tumblr model), is using a card catalog located on the 5th floor of the library.  Since that one card catalog could hardly house all of our materials, she also decided to look for her book in the electronic card catalog, using one of the stations located on the first floor of the library.