bright-green-gloves hat gesagt:

can you provide your followers with the Laurent top 5 list of crime fiction books?

Of course !

I’ll go in a more generic direction, the Noir/Polar genre, instead of directly Crime fiction, because it’s more interesting to me. In alphabetical order :

Dantec Maurice - Sirène rouge (La)

The story of a girl who confesses to the police that her mother is a dangerous murderer, and is joined by a former soldier as she goes into hiding, searching for her supposedly dead father.

- De Cataldo Giancarlo - Romanzo criminale

It is 1977. A new force is terrorising Rome - a mob of reckless, ultraviolent youths known as La Banda della Magliana. As the gang ruthlessly take control of Rome’s heroin trade, they begin an inexorable rise to power. Banda della Magliana intend to own the streets of Rome - unless their internal struggles tear them apart. Based on Rome’s modern gangland history, Romanzo Criminale fearlessly confronts Italy’s Age of Lead: war on the streets and terrorism, kidnappings and corruption at the highest levels of government.

- Ellroy James - Underworld USA trilogy (I’m cheating there)

American Tabloid : We are behind, and below, the scenes of JFK’s presidential election, the Bay of Pigs, the assassination–in the underworld that connects Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, D.C.
Where the CIA, the Mob, J. Edgar Hoover, Howard Hughes, Jimmy Hoffa, Cuban political exiles, and various loose cannons conspire in a covert anarchy .
Where the right drugs, the right amount of cash, the right murder, buys a moment of a man’s loyalty …

Cold Six Thousands (The) : In this savagely audacious novel, James Ellroy plants a pipe bomb under the America in the 1960s, lights the fuse, and watches the shrapnel fly. On November 22, 1963 three men converge in Dallas. Their job: to clean up the JFK hit’s loose ends and inconvenient witnesses. They are Wayne Tedrow, Jr., a Las Vegas cop with family ties to the lunatic right; Ward J. Littell, a defrocked FBI man turned underworld mouthpiece; and Pete Bondurant, a dope-runner and hit-man who serves as the mob’s emissary to the anti-Castro underground.
It goes bad from there. For the next five years these night-riders run a whirlwind of plots and counter-plots: Howard Hughes’s takeover of Vegas, J. Edgar Hoover’s war against the civil rights movement, the heroin trade in Vietnam, and the murders of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy. Wilder than L. A. Confidential, more devastating than American Tabloid, The Cold Six Thousand establishes Ellroy as one of our most fearless novelists.

Blood’s a Rover : Martin Luther King assassinated. Robert Kennedy assassinated. Los Angeles, 1968. Conspiracies theories are taking hold. On the horizon looms the Democratic Convention in Chicago and constant gun fire peppers south L.A. Violence, greed, and grime, are replacing free-love and everybody from Howard Hughes, Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover to the right-wing assassins and left-wing revolutionaries are getting dirty. At the center of it all is a triumvirate: the president’s strong-arm goon, an ex-cop and heroine runner, and a private eye whose quarry is so dangerous she could set off the whole powder keg. With his trademark deadly staccato prose, James Ellroy holds nothing back in this wild, startling and much anticipated conclusion to his Underworld USA trilogy.

- Hammett Dashiell  - Falcon Maltese (The)

Private detectives Sam Spade and Miles Archer are hired by an attractive young woman, “Miss Wonderly”, to follow a man, Floyd Thursby, who has allegedly run off with her younger sister, Corinne. Spade and Archer take the assignment because the money is good, but neither man believes her story, and Spade implies that she looks like trouble.

- McCarthy Cormac - No country for old men

In No Country for Old Men, Cormac McCarthy simultaneously strips down the American crime novel and broadens its concerns to encompass themes as ancient as the Bible and as bloodily contemporary as this morning’s headlines.

It’s of course criminally lacking of Manchette, Brown, Malet,  ADG, Bunker, DOA, Manotti, Fajardie, etc. but since you asked for a top 5…

  • I Do
  • Cataldo

Cataldo  ||  I Do

I’ve got furniture and pets
A steady job with pay
What do these things that i’ve accrued
From catalogs and stale showrooms
Mean anyway?
And I’ve heard you claim
“Don’t think you could bid it adieu”
But my god, darling

I do, I do, I do, I do, I do


Deep Cuts by Cataldo

Something inside of you says “don’t make a sound.” 

So you lay quiet until a darkness falls 
and you get the feeling there is no one around. 
You slip your hand inside your shirt to feel 
a heart that’s wondering. 

What awaits you and who’ll wait up to meet you now 
that you have polished off the drinking story? 
what awaits you and who’ll wait up to meet you now 
that you are jacked up on the gilded oldies? 

I thought I’d let you know that I have eloped 
with new ideas on how the ending works. 
And I’m a big boy so I had to let them go. 
But all God’s creatures have their bridge to burn: 
this is mine smoldering. 

What awaits you and who’ll wait up to meet you now 
that you are terrifying morning glory? 
what awaits you and who’ll wait up to meet you now 
That you are jacked up on the gilded oldies? 

I ask the room if it can hang tough 
but the room won’t confirm or deny 
if it is cool to play this off the cuff. 
So I will sit on my hands, a lack of action is one way to decide. 

What a way to, a way to wait out that black night. 
Yes, it’s a long walk with your map still folded. 
I squint my eyes, it’s true, to see things written in the sky 
Cuz we’re both jacked up on the gilded oldies.


Cataldo- Signal Flare