Tremble But Not Talk
  • Tremble But Not Talk
  • Cataldo
  • Signal Flare

Thank you for drinking my drinks
Each one like a footprint traced in felt-tip ink
Where we’re dancing cheek-to-cheek
If you were taller

I’ve been sewing together our clothes
I matched up the hemlines on my cuffs and yours
And I’ve threaded carpet floss
And spent my dollars

On these quiet nights with you
So that our bodies would move to country tunes
And like I planned your bangs, they would obscure the view
But your eyes clearer than two polished glass test tubes
They tell my hands where to move

I think we’re both still good to drive
I toss you the keys and say “I trust you with 
My life.”

Round lights on the road like a scene
From the end or beginning of things that appear 
On the cinema screens

But when I’m drunk I become merry
And strange torsos and legs I will not carry
But for this now I know you are certain
When our jackets for each other we’re removing
Like a broken jack-in-box
You and me can tremble but not talk

miss you lady

Guardami negli occhi, ora sto per dirti che
Non avrò paura di restare senza te.
Se adesso te ne vai non me ne frega niente,
domani è un altro giorno, ricomincerò
e non avrò rancore quando parlerò di noi.
Se adesso te ne vai, non ci sarà più posto dentro me.
Ti giuro d'ora in poi, io non so più chi sei,
trascina via con te le tue incertezze
Guardami negli occhi, ora sto per dirti che
mentre tu mi lasci, io rinasco senza te.
—  Massimo Di Cataldo, Se adesso te ne vai
  • I Do
  • Cataldo

Cataldo  ||  I Do

I’ve got furniture and pets
A steady job with pay
What do these things that i’ve accrued
From catalogs and stale showrooms
Mean anyway?
And I’ve heard you claim
“Don’t think you could bid it adieu”
But my god, darling

I do, I do, I do, I do, I do

Something inside of you says “don’t make a sound.” 

So you lay quiet until a darkness falls 
and you get the feeling there is no one around. 
You slip your hand inside your shirt to feel 
a heart that’s wondering. 

What awaits you and who’ll wait up to meet you now 
that you have polished off the drinking story? 
what awaits you and who’ll wait up to meet you now 
that you are jacked up on the gilded oldies? 

I thought I’d let you know that I have eloped 
with new ideas on how the ending works. 
And I’m a big boy so I had to let them go. 
But all God’s creatures have their bridge to burn: 
this is mine smoldering. 

What awaits you and who’ll wait up to meet you now 
that you are terrifying morning glory? 
what awaits you and who’ll wait up to meet you now 
That you are jacked up on the gilded oldies? 

I ask the room if it can hang tough 
but the room won’t confirm or deny 
if it is cool to play this off the cuff. 
So I will sit on my hands, a lack of action is one way to decide. 

What a way to, a way to wait out that black night. 
Yes, it’s a long walk with your map still folded. 
I squint my eyes, it’s true, to see things written in the sky 
Cuz we’re both jacked up on the gilded oldies.


Cataldo- Signal Flare

Two Tickets

Today, I am quite pleased.


Well, I have just purchased two tickets that will bring me wonderful experiences.

1. to Colorado for spring break for a week with some good friends, trees, and early morning mountain hikes.

2. to the Blind Pilot and Cataldo concert in Lawrence, KS tonight. 

The latter makes me feel that thrilling combination of nervous and excited in the pits of my stomach. The concert itself will be marvelous, but the rest of the evening is a mystery. I’ll be traveling, exploring, and adventuring until Sunday evening with a few people who I would deem acquaintances at best. I guess there’s no way to get to know someone like a road trip and a lack of plans.