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La Carpa Juanita (Juanita the Carp) was a famous fish who lived in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Catalonia.

The fish was famous because her owner, Francesc Roig Toqués (1921-2008), had trained her to drink from a porró (the traditional Catalan way of drinking wine, as you can see in the top right image) and ate from a very small spoon.

The carp lived with other carps in a pond in the backyard of the Museum of Maritime Curiosities, founded by Francesc, and was visited by travellers from all around the country who came to see the carp.

When Francesc died in 2008, his museum closed but the people from his city missed the carp (and him). So, besides naming a street after the carp, they created 2 figures that represent the carp and the porró, and made them become part of the city’s festes majors (patron saint festivities).

The figures follow the Catalan tradition that every town or city has a figure of a dragon that we take to the streets, put firecrackers in its mouth, and make it dance on festa major, but this time it’s the carp and the porró. They place the carp in front of the porró so that when the fire is lit, it looks like the carp is drinking from it.