He’s trembling because the rain is loud. Sometimes being wrapped in a comforter helps with his fear, but he’s definitely having a senile day today. Didn’t recognize me at first when I walked in the door, but he did eat all his dinner, so that’s a plus.

I want to cuddle him but he’d rip my face off. :( Silly Catahoula with his hatred of snuggling.


In which Miss Pupperchenko learns to be Nice when someone offers her a treat. This is the toughest thing we’ve worked on yet, because it’s really a combo of several things -
# sit
# wait
# wait until given another order
# act when given that other order
# take the treat gently
# don’t jump

That’s a lot for a 15wo puppy brain to take in and process, so it’s lucky we have had Cap and Kusto to model behavior for her. If you watch her face carefully you can really see her trying to figure out what exactly I want from her so she can be a Good Dog.

Dogs are so good, and even the rowdiest puppy wants to make their human happy more than anything else.

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I lucked out this past Saturday. I volunteered at the Baton Rouge On Tap fest and got to pour beer for my favorite Louisiana brewery, Gnarly Barley! After pouring Catahoula Common for people all day I had to have my own with Carl. He’s half dachshund and Catahoula.
After that we enjoyed the Macchiato Espresso Milk Stout from Abita!