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Ok, so, competitions, how do they work? Ratings, catagories, can you practice before, how are you judged, favorite competition you have been in, and generally, what is a competition? (don't mind me, in just really curious )

We go by points. You get points for what you do, and how well you do it. Say I️ attempt a jump, but fall. They deduct a fall from how much the original jump was worth.

In ISI (my ‘federation’ so to speak) there’s too many to list, so here’s what I’m competing! And what they’re about!

Solo Pattern Dance (Fourteen step, and American Waltz) ((its a pattern dance everyone does the same thing. No jumps, no spins. ))
Light entertainment spotlight (you are separated by age and level. The ONLY thing that matters, is being entertaining! Judges probably won’t take points off for mistakes and don’t care about what your program is made of, as long as they like your performance)
Silver Free Dance
Footwork, basically. Picky footwork, with more requirements than an actually /Footwork/ program (thats also a thing ) and I’m required to do 1 spin and twizzles. (Short spins, don’t make me explain a twizzlendhshauaj)

can you practice before
Yes, depending on the level, and how many skaters are in the warmup, you get a 2-8 minute warmup! I will probably get no less than 5 since I’m a higher level, but there’s not many in my events so I️ probably won’t get 8.

how are you judged,
I hope I️ explained ,,,

favorite competition you have been in,
Everyone loves going to Miami / Oxford university (not Florida) they have a great facility! But I’m in love with the Ice Chalet in Knoxville ☺️

and generally, what is a competition?

Ya girls get together, caked with makeup, high on hairspray, and try to do cool things on knife shoes while shit talking each other in the lockerooms
And that’s about all

(don’t mind me, in just really curious )
Ay I️ love talking about skating ur all good fam


Marshall Lee the Vampire King and Prince Gumball of the Candy Kingdom 

Marshall needs a low grade red fix on boys night


Custom game, Junkrat and Roadhog buffed to all hell on their way to bomb some bots…. Unless Overwatch can stop them!!

Featuring @coelasquid as Roadhog and me as Junkrat,
@ferrousfellow as symmetra and soldier,
@thefutureisbroken as Reinhardt,
@clintpereira tracer and bastion,
@carnyblog as pharah,
@samanticore as Lucio.

They fought valiantly.

ok but??? i love michael even more knowing his actor is of filipino descent

Ten tips if you're going to play Dragon Age Origins

1. Use your map. Your map is your friend. There are a lot of maze-like areas with twists and turns, and if you don’t look at your map you may find yourself getting lost … a lot. All of that can be avoided if you just open you map and follow the paths. Also, if you’re a dedicated trophy hunter like me, there’s an achievement for setting foot everywhere in the game. That may seem rediculous, but if you look at the map it tells you where you haven’t been. It’s really useful.

2. Don’t bank affection. If you buy the DLC pack (which I highly recommend), there will be a Party Package where you can buy gifts for your companions to increase their affection. However, this was probably meant for players who know how to use gifts and wanted to do a speedy playthrough. There are an abundance of gifts that you can either pick up or buy in game, so getting them from your in-camp merchant is pointless. If you bank affection too fast, you might miss personal quests and romance options, as these only become available at certain points on the affection scale. For a better experience, raise their affection naturally.

3. Every character has a skill chart where you can max out a certain set of skills, such as lockpicking, herbalism, trap-making, etc. Each character will have one skill highlighted when they join your party; that’s the one you should focus on maxing out. There are 8 skills and 8 companions (more with the DLCs), and you need to max out every skill because there are side missions pertaining to each skill. For example, a dwarf in Orzammar will ask you to mix an antidote for his friend, but it requires expert herbalism. One of your companions, Morrigan, will likely have the highest herbalism skill if you build it up. Use her to mix the antidote. Every skill has a side mission and it really sucks if you can’t complete it.

4. If you’re not playing as a rogue, always have a rogue in your party. There are locked chests everywhere in the game, and if you can’t open them you’ll miss out on some great loot. Leliana and Zevran are rogues. Focus on maxing out their stealing skill to unlock chests.

5. For your main character, I highly suggest maxing out your coercion skill before anything else. This is probably the most important skill in the whole game.

6. Try to only sell your wares to Bodahn, the dwarf in your camp. Unlike other merchants in the game, he holds on to the items you sell him for days (about 3 or 4 fast travels), so if you sell something by mistake you have a chance to buy it back. He also gives you mad discounts.

7. If you get the DLC pack, there is a location called “Soldiers Peak” where a man will ask you for help. I don’t want to spoil the story, but after you beat the mission he gives you a chest to store your wares. This is incredibly helpful, as there is no other form of storage in the game. It is best to complete this DLC early on, but in order to do so you might have to turn the difficulty to casual, as the enemies you have face are powerful.

8. Don’t change your companions’ classes or fighting style! You have the option to do so, but it’s a terrible idea. Leliana, for example, is an archer who prefers long range attacks. Zevran is a duelist who prefers short range attacks. Sten prefers one-handed weapons for more powerful blows, while Alistair prefers a sword and a shield. All of your companions preferred classes put them right where they should be if you strategize.

9. Have multiple saves. There are a plethora of hard decisions to make in this game, and if you make a decision you hate, you can load a previous save and start over. This also helps if you run into a bug. I personally have 3 saves per profile.

10. Backpacks. For the love of God, buy backpacks. Every merchant has a catagory called “Other”. Always check this catagory for backpacks, which give you a permanent +10 to your on-hand storage space. You will need these. I can’t even begin to tell you how often you’ll become over encumbered without them.

To all my Friends and Family in Florida…..

If you are evacuating from Irma: FEMA Emergency Lodging Assistance Program will pay for hotels. Please contact FEMA ELA program 1-866-545-9865 or email

Hey guys I know we’re all still on about hurricane Harvey. But another giant hurricane is coming, hurricane irma (catagory 3) Right now it’s heading towards the northern Caribbean Islands and Bahamas and possibly Florida so to all my followers living in that area please be safe

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Hiya! I don't know if you'll know of any but I figured I'd ask since you're one of my fav DP blogs ;0; Could you recommend some good fanfics where Danny becomes something other than a Ghost/good AUs of that sort? I was reading a Mer!Danny fic today and now I want more of that type of AU. Thanks in advance! <3

oh boi u came to the right place

treading water is pretty popular right now

fathoms below, salt water, ocean’s end are all part of a series for a mer!phantom pitch pearl fic by @charliemcarthy (and theres amazing fanart as well)

Beyond the Depths is a mer!danny dannyxsam fic 

Captivity is a great dannyxsam mer!danny fic (content warning)

A World Unseen by @kimurasato is a supernatural creatres au (dannyxdash, graphic descriptions of violence, explicit themes, etc.) and def one of my favorites 

Aquarius is a alien!danny and alien!jazz fic (dannyxsam)

Bloodsucker doesn’t quite fit into this catagory but i gotta include it because its fucking hilarious

The Dark Chicken Rises also doesnt fit into this category but i love it so much

Blinding Flashlights is a model au

The Sound of a Whisper is where danny is Deaf/Hoh (sucide mentions, sexually explicate themes, slurs)

Anecdotal evidence by @silvermoonphantom is a one-shot collection full of aus (content warning)

@ghostfiish‘s space au has some good fanfics by @shinobicyrus here

and of course, a Vent comes to Haunt is my favorite harry potter au fics

Whose prayer is not accepted?

‘There are eight categories of people whose prayer is not accepted: the slave who has escaped from his master, until he returns to him; the defiant wife whose husband is displeased with her; the one who withholds payment of the alms-tax; the one who neglects to perform the ablution; the discerning woman who prays without covering her head; the leader of a community who leads them in prayer while they detest him; the intoxicated one; and the one who resists the urge to urinate or defecate [before commencing the prayer].’

— Prophet Mohammed (saws).

Source : [Makarim al-Akhlaq, v. 2, p. 324, no. 2656]

Dutch Bookworm’s Vocabulary!


  • The literature - De literatuur
  • The genre - Het genre
  • The catagory - De categorie
  • The fiction - De fictie
  • The non-fiction - De non-fictie
  • The novel - De roman
  • The poem - Het gedicht
  • The classic - De klassieker
  • The crime novel - De misdaadroman
  • The thriller - De thriller
  • The love novel - De liefdesroman
  • The biography - De biografie
  • The autobiography - De autobiografie
  • The book - Het boek
  • The cover - De omslag, de kaft
  • The hardcover - De hardcover, de harde omslag
  • The paperback - De paperback, de papieren omslag
  • The E-book - Het E-book
  • The E-reader - De E-reader
  • The author - De auteur
  • The writer - De schrijver (m.), schrijfster (f.)
  • The title - De titel
  • The volume - Het volume, deel
  • The trilogy - De trilogie
  • The chapter - Het hoofdstuk
  • The page - De pagina
  • The bookmark - De bladwijzer
  • The sentence - De zin
  • The word - Het woord
  • The story - Het verhaal
  • The characters - De personages, karakters
  • The main characters - De hoofdpersonages
  • The background characters - De achtergrondpersonages
  • The bookworm - De boekenworm, boekworm
  • The book lover - De boekenliefhebber
  • The library - De bibliotheek
  • The bookcase - De boekenkast
  • The bookshelf - De boekenplank
  • The book shop - De boekenwinkel
  • The book convention - De boekenbeurs


  • To read - Lezen
  • To write - Schrijven
  • To publish - Publiceren
  • To buy - Kopen
  • To borrow, lend - Lenen
  • To recommend - Aanbevelen


  • I’m reading Harry Potter - Ik ben Harry Potter aan het lezen
  • This is the 6th volume - Dit is het 6de volume/deel
  • What genre is it? - Welk genre is het?
  • It’s a crime novel - Het is een misdaadroman
  • I want to become a writer - Ik wil een schrijver worden
  • The main character is really interesting! - Het hoofdpersonage is heel interessant!
  • You need to read this! - Je moet dit lezen!
  • The story is so good - Het verhaal is zo goed
  • It’s on the top shelf - Het is op de bovenste plank

Have fun reading!


Did you guys vote for soribada????
Apparently this award is as important as daesang.
BTS is nominated in two catagories. Both catagories has EXO lead.
Lets vote for BTS, armys!!
All you need is a kakao acc that can be made through your gmail address.
Army hwaiting!!!
Lets try our best!! ♡♡♡♡