Maude Garrett has single handedly ruined my life. 

On yesterday’s Table Talk, she mentioned an app called QuizUp and after describing it, I got curious and downloaded it myself.

Welp, after saying up until 4 IN THE FREAKING MORNING PLAYING THAT GOD FORSAKEN APP AND PLAYING IT MORE AFTER IMMEDIATELY WAKING UP I’m #2 best in The Walking Dead catagory in California. After one night.

I can’t stop playing oh god fml



Thanks Maude. You’ve officially committed a murder. MINE.

It’s my 18th birthday tomorow (the 30th of August)! To celebrate, I thought I’d do a tumblr blog awards thing, so here it is…(wow…look at the self-centred header - its wonderful) 

how to enter:

must be following the birthday nerd
reblog this
enter by the 2nd of sept.
….and that’s it! simple huh?


pansy parkinson award: best overall
harry potter award: best harry potter
sorting hat award: best multifandom
cedric digory award: nicest blogger
albus severus award: best url
fleur delacour award: best posts
draco malfoy award: best edits
fleur delecour award: best theme
hedwig award: best icon 

depending on what sort of blogs enter, i’ll add other catagories as well, such as, best marvel/teen wolf/ouat


one winner and two runner ups for each category

for the winners:

place on my updates tab for 18 weeks (see what i did there??)
promos when announced
3 promos on request
a picspam or something they want it
follow back from me
my eternal love

for runner ups:

place on my updates tab for a month
follow back from me
a promo on request
my eternal love

EDIT: this will end on the 4th of sept.

Zelda-Link outfit

Link top for male

standalone / 1 color /s4cc / EA-mesh edited / at the Top Blouse catagory

Link Blade for Male and female

standalone / 1 color / s4cc / NEW MESH / at the ring catagory

Link Shield for Male and female

standalone / 1 color / s4cc / NEW MESH / at the ring catagory

Link Hat for Male and female

standalone / 3 color / s4cc / EA-mesh edited / at the hat catagory

All download at Studio K-Creation

Kaisoo coffee shop and library/ bookstore fanfics

So I get a lot of requests after I make these posts, so to clarify the mixed messages I am sending here is the deal: I am trying to get rid of all lists I have made before I quit posting to this blog, are some more of those. 

If you like these catagories the last coffee shop list is here, and the last library bookstore is here

Coffee Shop

Of Smiles and Cups of coffee: One shot Jongin is depressed hanging out in a coffee shop because his friend is rejecting him, and the person there (Kyungsoo) makes him feel better

Until Forever Ends: One shot. Jongin makes Kyungsoo’s vanilla lattes, and they hook up, then Kyungsoo runs away like a coward

Whats in a name?: One shot. Kyungsoo likes Jongin, but he calls him by the wrong name

Hello, Goodbye: one shot. Jongin debates whether to approach Kyungsoo in a coffee shop

When the snow falls: One shot. Jongin is obessed with white things and likes Kyungsoo who works at a coffee shop

The smell of coffee and vanilla: One shot. Kyungsoo has a crush on his best friend

Black coffee and other spontaneous acts: One shot. Kyungsoo is a singer that Jongin takes to a coffee shop to interview

Wrong Sent: one shot. Jongin gets a letter Kyungsoo writes for his dead boyfriend, and sets out to meet Kyungsoo in that coffee shop

Bookstore/ library

Between Bookshelves: One shot. Jongin really likes coming to the library to see Kyungsoo, and they get trapped there together one night

After hours: complete 2 chapters, like the above, but with less fluff and a lot more smut

Come rain or come shine: One shot fluff Jongin frequents the bookstore Kyungsoo works at, and thinks Kyungsoo is dating chanyeol

Hush Money: Complete 2 chapters. Jongin is blackmailing Kyungsoo to come to the library to hook up with him everyday

Cotton Cheeks: Complete 4 chapters. Jongin works at the library and becomes interested in blind Kyungsoo who sits there in the day

(shitty graphic by me lmao)

Hey yall!! So, you guys voted and tumblr awards won so?? this is my first time doing a TA and im nervous bc i always mess shit up so be nice ok here we gooo


  • Must be following me
  • reblog this post. Like only to bookmark
  • this has to reach at least 30 notes or it never happened
  • ends on sept. 19 
  • winners will be announced shortly thereafter 
  • there will be 1 winner per category and 1-3 runner-ups depending on how many notes this gets.
  • optional: check out my latest fics? ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)


  • Best theme
  • Best url
  • Best domain
  • Best original content*
  • Best overall
  • Personal faves


- Winners:

  • A follow from me
  • a (group) promo when the winners are announced
  • A spot on my updates tab until halloween
  • 3 promos upon request
  • My eternal love and friendship

- Runner-ups:

  • a group promo when announced
  • a spot on my updates tab until halloween
  • 1 promo upon request
  • my eternal love and friendship:)))))

*send me a link to your original content if you wish to be considered for that category!

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rules: find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. then tag five friends!  if you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.

I’ve actually taken a few of these, and I tend to get different stuff on the Thinking Feeling catagory, so I’m either ISFJ or ISTJ depending on the test, though I wonder how much of that is down to bad questions on the tests, me overthinking the questions, or me not having an exact answer to a question b/c it’s too general and I need specifics.

Anywho on the ISFJ catagory there’s:

Zhu Li Moon from Legend of Korra

Sam Gamgee from LotR

Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon

And then on the ISTJ side of things there’s:

Miles Edgeworth from Gyakuten Saiban aka Ace Attorney

Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter

Tenzin from Legend of Korra

Sooo yeah ahah, I think that these are a fun thing, but are suuuuper simplified at least for my liking. but yeah, fun ^_^ Thanks for tagging meee!

Oh and who to tag ummm… drhu0806 brightpinkroomba nesira-lavellan thatsweetbean dontknowcats

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I don’t own the gifs/pictures. To make this as open as I can, I’m going to just put Y/S meaning your sexuality because there are many, many sexualities - most of which have sub-catagories & spectrums. I don’t want to offend anyone by not mentioning theirs, so here we go.

Also, if you wanna talk about anything like this, feel free. I’ve been through the whole coming out situation and can at least try to impart some knowledge or just listen.  

“Imagine coming out to the Avengers.”

It was roughly three months ago that you had joined the Avengers - something that you would never regret. And while they were brilliant and extremely kind, it was sometimes difficult to talk to them.

Especially when it came to who you liked.

It wasn’t like you weren’t hiding your sexuality, like some deep, dark secret. It just never came up in question.

Which was how you ended up in this situation.

“Tony, I’d rather not-”

“I hope you’re ready Y/N, because your blind date awaits and they probably won’t be happy if your late!” The billionaire interrupted and you could almost feel the waves of sympathy from your fellow teammates, though they made no attempt to jump in yet.

“Tony, I can’t-”

“It’s fine, I’ve arranged it all, Y/N. No fee!”


“Okay, I’m gonna start pulling in a minute.” 

“TONY! I’M Y/S!” You shouted, admitting it to the team, and calmed to your normal tone, “I’m Y/S and I don’t want to go on any blind date, alright?”

He shuffled awkwardly, then pulled out his phone and wandering off, mumbling about cancelling the date. With a slight grimace, you remembered the rest of the team were in the tower and turned to face them.

“Cool.” Hawkeye commented, a grin on his face.

“I don’t understand why this is awkward. Is that a bad thing?” Thor ‘muttered’ to Natasha.

“It’s really not.”

“Either way, you’re on the team and we’re not about to ditch you any time soon.” Steve concluded, smiling reassuringly.

“So, who wants a takeaway instead?”

Not really lore but some worldbuilding

Mostly expanding on little tidbits I came up with.

Kitsune magic types (In my kitsune clan)

  • Glamours - Casting an illusion on an object/person’s appearance to change it rather than true shapeshifting. Considered a good alternative for those that can’t shapeshift for whatever reason (are too young/not strong enough/etc.)
  • Shapeshifting - changing the shape of one’s self. Well taught kitsunes can do far more elaborate things with this talent but the basic standard across the species is simply changing one’s shape
  • Charm crafting/Enchanting - making items that are magical in nature, both beneficial and non-beneficial in nature.
  • Mimicry - Mimicking things with the use of magics, from things like sounds and voices to making elaborate disguises without major use of magic(considered a sub-catagory of shapeshifting in my little kitsune clan).
  • Elemental manipulation - being able to manipulate the elements, ranging from simple things like controlling water to having powers related to plants.
  • Spell crafting - the making of spells for many reasons (in the case of my kitsune clan, they’re mainly used for security reasons)

This may be changed as more about the game is revealed or if I get better ideas/want to add to this later on. But I figured it’s good to at least have this down somewhere and why not share?