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After the Welcome to the Madness preview I can't stop thinking about Kitty Yurio destroying some of Victor's clothes and somehow ending up with a purple jacket and sunglasses in the process. Obviously when Victor comes home he finds him in such an attire and with a Bitch Please expression.

Omg Yura would definitely shred Victor’s clothes. 

I wonder if a situation arises where Victor buys a scarf with leopard print on it, and kitty Yurio just stares at it like “what? the fuck?” HAHAHAAH

Welcome the the madness!Yura is definitely Yura on catnip running all over the place. 


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YO I LOVE YOUR CAT AU okay so I went to pet smart yesterday and I went to the area that has the cats and there was these two cats that caught my attention one of them only had one eye ( I almost cried about it but it was because his eye was failing) and the second one who I remember his was Jojo (such a cutie) this guy was brought back and my heart melted of how he was laying down and just wanted to play like ugh just imagine if viktor or any of the other cats met him?!! I just want Jojo •-•

Meeting a cat called Jojo? I guess you could say that was a …. bizarre adventure  ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

I love going to say hi to the cats at pet stores, though I always wish they had more room to move around ;;

Thank you very much!
Safe heaven - ephemeralfangirl - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Supercat week entry for day 7: Eyes.

Summary: In dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event, Kara makes a decision for her and Cat.

Warning: this one’s angsty and I don’t say that lightly.

Wowiee, more Must Love Animals fan art for @smallpersiankitten! Because I have no life! :D

…Okay, so I found this only a quarter done in my computer files that I never finished, so I took the liberty of finishing the magic. This is from Chapter 78: Newton’s Third Law, which made me laugh like a maniac upon re-reading it for some necessary information to finish this piece.

Something about Mettaton being able to distract Papyrus so easily is hilarious <3

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helllooo!~ i feel so loved this week  (◠﹏◠✿) omg thank you wonderful angel! @queridamina 

Name: arielle
Gender: female
Star Sign: cancer
Height: 5′8

Sexual Orientation: bi
Hogwarts House: slytherin
Favourite Color: pink and silver!
Favourite Animal: cats

Favourite Time of Day: early evening when i get to calm down and relax
Average Hours of Sleep: lol 5-6
Cats or Dogs: cats!!! always cats!!
Favourite Fictional Characters: tohru honda, haruhi fujioka, tamaki suoh, hannibal lecter, lestat de lioncourt, louis de pointe du lac

Favourite Singer/Band: bts, monsta x, dreamcatcher, prince, exo, agust d

Dream Trip: a trip to seoul or moscow in the spring, berlin in the summer idk 
Dream Job: something that allows me to serve a purpose
When was this blog made?: uhm 3 years ago!
What made you make this blog?: lmao i wanted access to info i wasn’t getting on twitter i guess

i tag: @fndmddctd @gayminyoongi @bipjm @smilepjm @heartsease