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UPDATED: September 6, 2017


  1. How Dare You?!
  2. Funky Breakfast
  3. Idiot Angel (Tim’s Birthday)


Jason Todd x Reader

  1.  Lady In Red
  2.  Lady In Red Pt.2 
  3.  Dark Paradise
  4.  What Happened Between Us?
  5.  That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out
  6.  That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out Pt. 2
  7.  That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out Pt. 3
  8.  That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out Pt. 4 (DISCONTINUED)
  9.  Thank You
  10.  Never Too Late
  11.  Babydoll
  12.  Confessions
  13.  Locked In
  14.  You’re Perfect To Me
  15.  Yes, Father (Smut)
  16.  Breathe
  17.  Explicit Content  (Smut)
  18.  Daddy Dearest (Smut)
  19.  Forgetting Something? 
  20.  My Girl (Smut)
  21. Butterflies and Cupcakes
  22. Our Only Option
  23. I Promise
  24. No Sex On The Job
  25. I’m Right Here
  26. Don’t Scream (Smut)
  27. Care To Explain?
  28. Puppers and Sweaters
  29. Beautiful
  30. Attraction 
  31. I’m Yours (Smut)
  32. Jinx
  33. Voices
  34. Seize the Day
  35. Too Far
  36. Too Harsh
  37. Earned It (Birthday Smut)
  38. Can I Get A Kiss First?
  39. I’m Just A Monster
  40. Can’t Do This   Pt.2
  41. You’re The One
  42. Just Getting Started (Smut)
  43. Morning Breakfast (Smut)

Dick Grayson x Reader

  1.  I Don’t Have Anyone 
  2.  I Don’t Have Anyone Pt.2
  3.  Adore You
  4. Surprise Vacation (Smut)
  5. Anytime
  6. I’m Yours (Smut)
  7. Apology Not Accepted (Smut)
  8. I Missed You 
  9. Pleasure and Ice (Smut)

Tim Drake x Reader

  1.  New Kid
  2.  Night Patrol
  3.  Don’t You Get It?
  4.  Shadows In The Dark Pt. 1
  5.  Sarcasm Is A Gift!
  6. Road Trip WIth A Stranger
  7. So Cute
  8. A Date?
  9. 5 Seconds

Damian Wayne x Reader

  1.  Hunger Games Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3 Pt. 4
  2. My Love
  3. Worthy Enough
  4. Empty Shell
  5. Dance With Me! (Older! Damian Wayne)

Bruce Wayne x Reader/Batmom

  1. Tease (Smut) - Batmom (DO NOT ASK ME FOR BRUCE SMUT EVER AGAIN)
  2. I’ll Always Need You

Batboys x Reader/Sibling Reader

  1.  This Means War 
  2. Overdramatic Blood Siblings (Batsis)
  3. New Friends
  4. We Got Your Back


Batboy(s)/Batfam Headcanons

  1. The Golden Compass - Batfam
  2. Jealousy - The Batboys
  3. Greek God as a Parent - The Batboys

Jason Todd Headcanons

  1.  Cat Invasion

Tim Drake Headcanons 

  1.  First Fight  

Damian Wayne Headcanons

  Watching Moana

COLLAB(S) with:

  1. @jxsontxdds - Real Life Encounters pt. 3 (Smut)

~ Artza, the Boys, and Anon Hate     

Guys, meet Elliot. He’s the cat equivalent of Todd from Wedding Crashers with a bonus snaggle tooth. Most commonly known for biting elbows and swatting heels in the dark, he’s quite socially inept and I would die for him

The Mystery Squad + Tumblr
  • Dirk: Blog is a Mess™. Reblogs every weird aesthetic post he comes across. Long ass description that tells you nothing about him at all. The colours of his theme clash so bad but he never changes them? Has a side blog where he posts updates about his cases and writes like 20000 words with no read more. Cats everywhere.
  • Todd: Runs a moderately successful comedy blog. Appears to have his shit together but does not have his shit together at all. Answers all his asks very sarcastically, gained at least a quarter of his followers from this alone. Master of writing self-degrading text posts that get mad numbers of notes. Also has a blog about bands where he posts videos of him covering songs. No one knows about this blog. (Everyone knows about this blog).
  • Farah: Feminism and guns. She reblogs every single self-defence post. Not very active but has a loyal band of followers. Dirk worships her blog for reasons kind of unknown to everyone. Causes Amanda to have a heart attack whenever she reblogs anything remotely gay.
  • Amanda: Queen of memes. Insanely active for long periods of time, then not active at all for like 3 days. Follows a bunch of wlw blogs in an attempt to curb her crush on Farah. It doesn't work. Has the kind of blog that has no quality content but is still a quality blog. She probably made her own theme, it took days because she doesn't exactly code often. It's the Best Theme of all of them. If any of them has a secret porn blog it's probably her.

Once Alfred was gone and Damian forced the other Batfamily members to help him groom his pets. The day ended with Cass having to save Alfred to cat from the roof of the manor, Jason taking Goliath for a joyride, Tim losing Jimmy the Turkey, and Dick getting trapped under Batcow. The only one that was remotely useful was Bruce, but he refused to take care of any pet other than Titus,


Jason Todd Headcanon (Cat Invasion)

REQUEST: “It could be short or long whichever one works 😊 but a Drabble or head canon or imagine of one fo the batboys with a girlfriend/boyfriend who just randomly takes in cats or dogs from the street and every day they come home and it’s 5 AM and there’s just 20 glowing eyes staring at them…” from anon.

A/N: huehuehue :D

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-Jason would be scared shitless™

-At first, he thought they were evil gremlins

-“(Y/N)! Wake the fuck up! Your place is infested with gremlins!!

-When you came out of your bedroom and saw him pointing his guns at your new friends, you kicked the guns out of his hands

-He is so PISSED when you turn on the lights 


-“Just one question, why?” He would ask with a straight face

-“They need a loving home, Jay.”

-“Don’t you “Jay” me, kick them out!”

-He shuts up when you scold him

-Every morning when he wakes up, there’s a cat sitting on his face and like, 5 more on the bed

-The cats LOVE him

-He ends up cuddling with all of them when he gets used to them

-Cuteness level 10000%

-“See, you ended up liking them.”

-“Shut up, (Y/N).”

The only funny moment in my life was during eighth grade choir when we were singing you can’t stop the beat and then I fainted and the beat stopped. Turns out you can stop the beat.
—  My sister

Tim sits across from Jason Todd in a shady 24 hour diner. Both are still bloody from their fight.

“You should tell Bruce you’re alive.” Tim winces. It hurts to speak. He’s pretty sure his jaw is fractured.


“Because he loves you?” He hadn’t intended for it to come out as a question.

“Loved.” Jason scowls. He grabs a napkin and wets it with his glass of water and then gently swipes it along his bruised knuckles. “He loved the kid I was. I’m not that kid now. He can’t love Red Hood. Better to leave him with the memory of me as Robin than what I am now.”

“You’re still Jason.”

“I just told you I’m not.”

“You’re not the boy you were, maybe. I can’t imagine any part of your innocence survived what you’ve been through.”

Tim takes out a small bottle of disinfectant and rolls it across the table. Jason catches it and applies it to his cuts, hissing softly at the sting.

“But you’re Jason. You’re his son.”

Jason’s eyes flash up briefly and then back to his work. “He has a new son.”

Tim sags minutely, shaking his head. “You said it yourself. I’m just the replacement.”

The waitress approaches and refills their coffee mugs. They sip it in silence, letting the minutes rolls by. Tim rubs his sore shoulder.

“Sorry about that.”

“No, you’re not.”

Jason smirks. “No.” He fiddles with the sugar packets, forming them into a structure of some sort. “Hey, Tim?”


“Don’t tell.”

Tim studies Jason. He sees a lot of things: anger, resentment, betrayal, desperation, fear.