The world changes when you see yourself differently. - Dr John DeMartini The group ROSE Yoga Personal Development Apprenticeship is starting on Monday June 8th. 6:30pm till 8pm Sydney time weekly. APPRENTICESHIP Information: This is a 12 week program you can participate in from any where in the world by phone. In this certification you will learn how to review your your own history to locate and clear any imbalances that are causing you limitations now in body, behavior, love and finance. Within 12 weeks you will be coaching your own clients with full back up from the from ROSE Yoga Personal Development team. If you reserve your spot by May 25th you receive 2 free private sessions with Michelle Rose. Spaces are limited so contact me today to book yours. ROSE Yoga Personal Development ‘Discover the beauty in your thorns’ Photo by Cat Sweeny Facebook page: Photo by Cat Sweeny Facebook page:

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