Happy Caturday!!

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Early Persona 5 doodles because my computer is broken and I’ve only got my tablet left \o/

Fun fact: I love drawing Yusuke because he’s like 90% leg.

Other fun fact: Morgana would absolutely be that asshole cat that stretches out and takes up the entire bed

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top 5 yuuri pics/videos phichit gifts viktor

  1. a picture from the detroit rink’s 80′s night where yuuri’s ass looked incredible in purple lamé tights, and his bulge was poorly concealed behind a neon green and pink D.A.R.E fanny pack.  “talk to celestino,” phichit says.  “he’s the one with the video of yuuri skating a routine to olivia newton john’s ‘let’s get physical’”
  2. yuuri blackout drunk at a cowboy bar, and attempting to drink a beer while riding a mechanical bull.  he seems to be fine on the bull, curved into it with a cat-like stretch, but the drink is pouring down the side of his mouth and running down his exposed chest, all of the buttons of his shirt undone.  his face is determined and his abs are glistening and his ass is pushed out like an invitation and victor gets off to it three times in a 24-hour period.
  3. yuuri passed out on a couch, sharpie messages all over his face like “VICTOR NIKIFOROV’S DICK GOES HERE” with an arrow pointed to his mouth, and “IF FOUND, RETURN TO PHICHIT CHULANONT” on his forehead.  he’s drooling into a pillow with a big smile on his face.
  4. a picture yuuri never knew phichit took where he’s sitting in the window of their old apartment with a mug of something steaming, watching the snow fall outside.  he looks soft and radiant, ethereal almost with the glow of winter catching him in all the right places.  
  5. yuuri drunk in the backseat of a car, crying while holding roughly thirty big macs from mcdonalds.  “i can’t remember if he was happy crying or sad crying,” phichit admits.  “either way, it’s incredible.”
BTS reactions to you doing yoga with your cat

Requested by @-happytbh-

A/N: this is just such a cute idea; i screaaaam -amelia


He wanted to treat you to breakfast in bed but you’re already up and doing yoga instead? He tries to scare you by popping up in your field of vision but your cat gives him away…. darn it! He laughs at the pair of you, your smug lil’ kitty and your amused expression. He decides to join in on the fun ‘accidentally’ bumping into you and making faces at your cat.

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Smiles. Instant smiles. Watches you for a second but before you notice he’s been staring he announces himself with a cough. He walks in, steals the cat from beside you and speeds out of the room. You continue on with your regimen but you’re a little sad your cat isn’t there supporting you through the hard times. Later you find them napping on the couch..

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Oh maaaaan. He’s so frickin’ pumped to see what he’s seeing. Yoga is the one thing you do that he cannot for the life of him replicate. Even tho he’s a dancer all he can do for extended periods of time is the downward dog… So he grabs your cat who’s watching you and places him on your back. You start cursing at him but it’s so funny he just laughs through your screams.

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He walks in on you trying to get your cat into the meditation pose. You know it can’t possibly happen because of the way cats are built but it’s just such a cute concept you have to try. He shows you the widest smile from the doorway when you look up and see him there. His eyes squished tight together and dimples appearing on his cheeks. He loves you and your stupid cat.

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This is the cutest thing he’s ever seen. Your cat is stretched out underneath you as you effortlessly stretch out your limbs. Jimin doesn’t know how he got so lucky. To be able to walk into a room and have this view, a blessing. He sneaks up behind you pulling you into a hug. He wants to be cute and cuddly but you make him do the yoga with you and he ends up playing with the cat for most of it, he’s in the cute m00d now.

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Your interactions with your cat are his fav. He makes such a big deal about every little thing involving the cat. Like you pet the cat, Tae screams. You feed the cat, he swoons. Like everything you do has snatched him. He thinks y/n + cat = THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. He walks in, can’t help but freak out this is just not what he was expecting to see and he really likes it. He’s downplaying it though because he thinks you’ll never do it again. So less freak out but inside he’s maxed out.

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Will not bat an eyelash. He’s not surprised by you doing weird things with that cat, that’s your job. What he’s more excited about is the yoga happening in here. He’s getting out his shake weights, preparing to do some good ol’ lunges and shit. YOGA XTREME he  likes to call it, but it’s just scaring you and the cat so you relocate by ‘going to the bathroom’, Kook has no clue.

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