september 23, 2016: some photos from my (ongoing) ib physics study session!! 📙 i’ve only just started the course, so the material is pretty basic so far. as you can see, my cat decided to join me…
also, i ordered mildliners recently and i already love them so much; they’re SO pretty yet still functional!!


Day 4 : I always set up my alarm at 8 o’clock but my eyes open at 7~7:30 a.m. No complaints : getting up early allows me to become productive early.

So today’s plan : I already made the most important thing (2 hours of physics revision) but there is still a lot to do.

Plus I’ll go shopping with my godfather’s wife who is a sweet,sweet woman. Finally me and the cats get well along, they become kinder and tend to let me touch them now. I’m happy and I hope I can stay productive all holidays so I’ll be ready when lessons start over.


Susan - 18 (almost 19) - Poland

Last time I’ve submitted here I got a chance to talk to really cool people. I have winter break right now and unfortunately I stayed home for whole two weeks and I would really use some distraction from studying :)

I love traveling (I’m a scout so duh), learning about different cultures and countries, cooking, reading and of course cats and physics :P

I might be kind of awkward at the beginning but if you give me a chance I can proof that I’m quite a decent person ;)


IG: @z.kostera

BBC Physics

Moriarty is alive. Moriarty is dead. Given that the current weight of the evidence favors both outcomes equally, each has a 50% chance of being true. Therefore, until Moriarty is revealed on the show to be alive or dead, he is both alive and dead.

Schrödinger’s Moriarty.

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