Hypnotic Macro Photographs of Cats’ Eyes by Andrew Marttila

Self-professed “crazy cat man” and photographer, Andrew Marttila has been allergic to animals since birth. Determined to overcome his allergies at the age of 22, he exposed himself to larger animals and built his immunity. Known for capturing adorable and expressive portraits of cats, Marttila’s most recent project showcases the hypnotic range of color of different breeds of cats in a collection of macro images. Marttila manages to engage us in the fiery and magnetic personalty of our feline companions, while reminding us of their undeniable beauty.  


Why is it socially acceptable for a woman to dress like a “man”? Masculine. Wear her hair short, wear pants, suits even and it be acceptable.

But for a man to dress like a “woman” it’s vile. Weak. Unnatural. Disgusting even?

Women are equal to men. In strength. Ability. Creativity. And their fashion, despite what society thinks, should be available to anyone.

I don’t mind wearing dresses. Frankly, because I look fabulous in them. But more importantly because I’m perfectly fine being associated with everything a woman stands for.

Because women are fucking awesome.