I love children’s books, but I get that not everyone does. That said, I came across two August books in the mail pile that take a critical (and, yes, more grown-up) approach to kids lit. Was The Cat In The Hat Black? by Philip Nel explores at the hidden racism behind popular children’s books, and Wild Things by Bruce Handy provides context and analysis for childhood classics like Little House on the Prairie, The Giving Tree and Goodnight Moon.

If you ARE into picture books, Chelsea Marshall and Mary Dauterman just published a satirical one for adults called  What Are We Even Doing With Our Lives?

Had to include this interior image – because public radio and tote bags:

- Sydnee

Images: Oxford University Press,  Simon & Schuster, Dey Street Books.

“Bisexuals only deserve representation for being bisexual if they’re in same-gender relationships”
“You’re secretly gay”
“You’re secretly straight”
“Bisexual is just a fancy word for confused”
“I’m not biphobic I just don’t want to date someone who’s dated a different gender.”
“Bi means two which must mean you only date cis men and women so you’re transphobic”
“Talking about problems with bisexual representation in the LGBTQIA+ community makes you a homophobe”
“You’re a slut“
“You’re greedy”
“If you get assaulted it’s your fault for dating a different gender”
“I don’t want to date you because you’ll cheat on me”