Good things about ADHD:

-hyperfocusing lets you forget your anxiety and have fun with something you enjoy without getting distracted for literally hours

-you’re always making yourself laugh bc of some dumb meme you just remembered

-your brain is a constant source of entertainment bc it never shuts up

-you tend to be pretty creative

-it’s pure bliss when you’re super interested in something

-when you’re motivated you can get so much done in one day bc of an overflow of energy

-people think you’re funny

Bad things about ADHD:

-hyperfocusing means you completely lose track of time and suddenly you haven’t eaten for six hours so you feel terrible and also you’ve forgotten to feed the cat and do the dishes and study and

-you forget everything. EVERYTHING.

-your brain is a constant source of pain bc it never shuts up

-RSD is literally the worst thing that’s ever happened

-the lows are just as big as the highs so depression is very deep

-when you’re not interested in something it’s torture bc boredom is torture

-when you’re not motivated or interested it’s incredibly hard to get anything done

-when your family/friends/anyone doesn’t take ADHD seriously and doesn’t understand how much you actually suffer

( this is obviously just my own personal experiences )

Whenever I imagine Andreil’s apartment its kinda sophisticated, you know, like a couple house plants, soft white carpet, some simple wall hangings,
But like,,,,,, this is the home of the boy who literally never stops eating sugar and the boy who draws fox paws on his university homework???

- it’s a 2 bedroom apartment with one bedroom dedicated to just the cats, complete with toys, rhinestone dishes, a whole wall lined with those things that cats climb on, a queen size matress with a bunch of soft blankets, a fish tank for the cats to look at (not accessible to kitty paws, because neil only made that mistake 4 times thanks),
- listen,, summers are hot and if Neil bought them a princess themed kiddie pool that they keep on their balcony along with 2 orange camp chairs then that’s none of their neighbors’ business
- they have a tool kit for when stuff breaks but like. It’s composed of all those annoying awkward tools that come in the boxes when you buy furniture that you have to put together yourself
- their tv stand (that neil had to put together himself) is a little crooked and unstable and Andrew isn’t sure how Neil messed it up when there were instructions, but he “hates” it
- remember that mattress in the cats’ room? useless. The cats sleep with the boys, against Andrew’s protests. It gets more use from Neil and Andrew when they have really bad nights and need to sleep alone, or from nicky when he visits
- they have a snowcone maker where most people would have a coffee maker
- they also have a whiteboard on one wall that was supposed to be for grocery lists and reminders and whatnot but one day neil drew a cute stick figure blowing a kiss at another stick figure and the next day Andrew had changed it to one stick figure strangling another and now it’s just like a thing, like one of them draws something every day and then the other draws a response
- all of their dishes are from discount post-holiday sales. Halloween wine glasses, Christmas plates, st. Patrick’s day cups, thanksgiving mixing bowls and platters, Valentine’s day napkins,, what a mess
- they have like, 5 different rugs and like,,, they’re all horrible??? they aren’t even placed strategically?? One is kinda tossed haphazardly in the hall, one is in the kitchen in front of the sink, one is half hidden under a bookshelf, one is hung on the wall??? Pls,, who let these kids decorate???
- No couches. No chairs. Only beanbags.

exo as types of housemates


• he keeps the apartment clean and tidy

• does a full clean of the apartment once a week

• gets annoyed when his housemates leave dirty dishes in the sink too long

• bought a box to put the dirty dishes in. if they’re not washed and put away within his given time frame…he’ll throw them away

• writes a lot of passive aggressive notes and leaves them everywhere

• early bird. by the time everyone wakes up he would have finished his morning jog, showered, eaten breakfast, fed his cat, washed the dishes, made his bed and is ready to go to work

• always sleeps before 10 pm


• mum. nags a lot but also shows you lots of love 

• bought a whiteboard for the living room. wrote reminders, the weekly chores roster, encouragements, weekly menu and to do lists on it

• wine enthusiast. has an impressive wine collection. drinks a glass every night (borderline addict) 


• loves hosting dinner parties

• loves having wine and board game nights

• avid reader. has multiple full bookcases in the apartment


• kind and gentle

• enjoys growing cute little succulents and cacti on the windowsills and desks 

• has a love hate relationship with a pigeon who lives outside his bedroom window

• can be a bit absent minded sometimes. forgets to put the milk and butter back in the fridge occasionally (apologises profusely)

• decorates the apartment with cozy touches (eg. soft blankets on the couch, hanging fairy lights, buying candles and buying fresh flowers for the coffee/dining table)

• can be a phantom some days. his housemates know he’s still here by his plates and cup being washed and drying in the rack. he’s usually holed up in his room working

• doesn’t mind cleaning after everyone once in a while but he gently reminds them to do it themselves so the apartment isn’t infested with cockroaches and ants


• he always has music blasting from his room

• always starting DIY projects he saw on pinterest, facebook or tv shows. rarely finishes them. incomplete projects everywhere

• handy man. can do minor repairs

• a bit of a klutz. breaks dishes and cups sometimes. replaces them promptly

• has 5 bottles of bug spray distributed around the apartment (he hates bugs and spiders)

• cooks really well! his housemates rarely order in when he’s home (he loves cooking for people so it’s no biggie)

• enjoys creating daily vlogs to document his life


• you can hear youtube gameplay videos blasting from his room (esp. markiplier and jacksepticeye)

• leaves dirty dishes in the sink. when he runs out of dishes and utensils he has disposable plates and utensils in his room

• eats some of his housemate’s food without asking

• never throws out the trash when it’s full. proceeds to push his rubbish down further into the bin to make room

• “borrows” his housemate’s stuff and leaves a note saying he’ll give it back

• walks around naked sometimes

• night owl. watches movies late into the night or plays games until the early morning


• whines a lot over little things

• trolls his housemates a lot (sticky notes their room, wraps the toilet in glad wrap, puts cups of water on the floor of their bedroom etc…)

• always yelling from the toilet saying that he ran out of toilet paper

• bought a karaoke machine

• loves throwing parties for every occasion (birthdays, work promotions, halloween, new years etc…)

• always has a friend over visiting 

• in the end though, he really is a kind and reliable person who respects everyone’s wishes and feelings


• very sensible

• a little bit shy

• goes to culinary school so he is an amazing chef! everyone in the apartment looks forward to dinner when it’s his time to cook

• sings in the shower, when he’s tidying up, doing the dishes and laundry. his housemates always ask him to sing more but he’s shy

• has a big tea collection in the kitchen cupboard

• enjoys watching sitcoms with everyone (Friends, Seinfeld, Modern Family etc…)

• falls asleep on the couch a lot. His housemates tuck him in before they go to sleep


• sweet and fun

• animal lover. he already has 3 dogs but occasionally, random animals are in the apartment because he feels bad for the strays on the street

• tries to cook but his “recipes” are… odd 

• he’s a bit messy but if you ask him to do something he will have no problem in getting it done

• whenever he uses up the toilet paper he forgets to replace it with a new roll

• falls asleep in random areas around the house (against the wall, dinner table, couch, floor etc…)

• he sleeps in such a deep slumber and looks so comfy that his housemates feel bad for waking him up (they do just cover him in a blanket if he’s sleeping somewhere soft)


• pays his part of the bills late

• always leaves the toilet seat up

• he’s that guy who nearly finishes all the milk/juice except for a few mls. he then proceeds to put the carton back in the fridge (why can’t he just use it all and throw it out?!)

• doesn’t do any chores until someone actually asks him or scolds him

•needy. he’ll just enter one of his housemate’s room and lies on their bed while bothering them

• enjoys having movie marathons with his housemates

• interested in fashion. goes clothes shopping twice a week. leaves clothes everywhere. has a huge pile of laundry in his room

cat was treated rudely !

this morning i, cat, was storving to death after 3 hours of empty food bowl. human finally get out of bed and i think she going to feed me. she take cat food dish and wash in sink and then put on floor. i run to dish for eat at last but dish still EMPTY! human not put food in bowl for five MINUTES while she do nothing but drink disgust coffee!

almost died. was very disrespect to all feline kind

aeonthedimensionalgirl  asked:

Favorite AU trope in the Miraculous fandom??

-Tom and Sabine adopt Adrien

- Nino having a ‘I really hate you’ kind of friendship with Gabriel where they screw with each other 

- Adrien/ Cat Noir can dish it out but not take it in the slightest when it comes to flirting

- Too Bi for your Bullshit! Alya

I just realized this says AU but every fanfiction is AU so??? i’ma keep those haha

favorite AU’s are pretty much most universes with Jade Turtle, fantasy AU’s and crossovers with books (Give me beast tamer/hunter Nino or give me death)

five stages of grief

Title: Grief Has Many Names
Fandom: Servamp
Characters: Kuro and his siblings (including Tsubaki), Sakuya, Koyuki, and Mahiru.
Summary: Moving on takes time and patience, and some gentle nudging in the right direction.
Warnings: Major Character Death, suicide mention, alcohol mention.
Notes: I was going to have this up earlier, but something came up ;; My apologies for the delay and here’s the full-length story. Also, warning - it’s a long one. By the way, this was heavily inspired by P.S. I Love You, thanks to some devious minxes that put this idea in my head. (And kudos to anyone who recognizes the new contract item at the end.)

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My cat purposely spilled her water dish all over the carpet, looking me dead in the eyes as she did it, and so I set the refilled dish in the middle of the mess. Now she’s as mad at me as I am at her 8| You did it, you can sit in it and think about all the things that brought you to this point. Mom loves you but that was a lot of water.

Foldin’ Clothes

I’ve been listening to the J.Cole song of the same name non stop and well here’s a rando  Serpent Bughead drabble that resulted lol. I had to get it out of my system.  LOL

I wanna fold clothes for you
I wanna make you feel good
Baby I wanna do the right thing
Feels so much better than the wrong thing


 Jughead enters the trailer calling her name imploring-ly when he doesn’t see her right away. He smells something good on the stove and his stomach gurgles in appreciation. He throws his keys in the cute little cat shaped dish Betty found at the second hand store and shrugs off his leather jacket, placing it on the hook.

   A few more seconds exploration and he sees her there, curled up on the couch, sleeping soundly, a stack of their towels under her head serving as a makeshift pillow, her AP Physics book, fanned over her round belly.

His heart pulls at the sight of her there looking so peaceful in her slumber. Lord knows their lives the past few months had been anything but. He feels the strangle of guilt at his neck because he knows it’s all his fault; The war between the North and South sides of Riverdale, getting Betty pregnant, getting her cast out from her house, her family. It was all on him no matter how much she tried to share the weight of their circumstances with him.

 He knows he’s ruined her life even though she kisses his doubts away every night. I love you so much, she pants as her head falls back and her legs began to ache with the effort of riding him, You’re my home she cries out in her orgasm, There’s no me without you. Jughead wonders if there should be. 

  He wonders how the hell he’s gonna support this family without completely losing his morals.

    “Betts…” he runs his hand softly against her cheek and she stirs a little, slowly opening her eyes.

“Hey Juggie…” she groans, sitting up on her elbows, “Ugh…I fell asleep folding laundry…” she laughs and goes to grab a shirt out of the basket but Jughead stops her.

“I got it Betts,” He scoops her up in his arms and she giggles. He loves that despite it all he can still do that for her, “I want you and baby girl to go back to sleep.”

 He kisses her softly and she smiles against his lips as he kicks open the door. He places her on the bed, pulling the blanket over her body and she goes for her body pillow immediately, snuggling into it.

“Goodnight Betts.”

“Goodnight Juggie. I love you.”

“Goodnight little bean…” he kisses Betty’s stomach and is rewarded with a small kick to his hand where it rests on her stomach.

“She’s up.” He laughs. He never gets tired of feeling his daughter move.

“She’s a night owl just like you…” she yawns, her eyes closing.

“I love you Betts.”

“Love you too.”

Jughead is overcome with the urge to climb into bed with her and let sleep overtake him. But he doesn’t.

Instead he goes into the living room, sits on the couch and starts folding Betty’s underwear. It’s the least he can do.