me staring at Zayn’s IG of the inside of his house for 10 minutes:

ChaosLife: Confession: Murder

This is a thing that actually happens, and why we have to now keep our windows free of all objects that are light enough for Jiji to move. K brought home an interesting rock one day (as she tends to do… I bring home sticks, she brings home rocks) and set it down absentmindedly on the windowsill over the cat’s food dish. We heard a loud THUMP-KRISH a few moments later, and when we ran to inspect, Jiji was sitting in the window innocently, the brick-sized-rock had broken the food bowl, and Konstantin was already in place eating the now spilled food. ALMOST, JIJI, ALMOST.

Our murderous little mochi bun… <3

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carowren asked:

My five year old daughter's bedroom was first door to the left outside my master bedroom. One night our family retired for the night and soon after, our quiet was interrupted by a piercing scream and our daughter came barreling down the hall and flew into our bed. My spouse said her feet probably did not touch the floor but twice. It seems when she got into her bed, her feet touched something warm at the end of the bed. We went running into her bedroom, threw back the covers and (continued)

there lay a baby opossum, playing dead but hissing. My spouse got a bath towel, threw over it and gently took it outside. The baby evidently came through the laundry room door which probably was not closed properly and was attracted to the cat food in a dish. After eating, it made its way under the washing machine and stayed for a day or two. My spouse noticed the cat was very interested in that machine. It went sight unseen into the her bedroom and got under the covers until it was discovered.


I will always be grateful that the possum did not get in my bed! *screams* just thinking about it!


So this isn’t the exact possum that was in my house tonight but does look almost identical to the one I looked up and saw drinking out of my cats’ water dish in my DINNING ROOM!

$250 later he’s been relocated to a better home situation. Hope you all had evenings as eventful as mine!