a collection of random Enstars headcanons no one asked for

because they might try hard to look cool but they’re actually all dorks

  • Hokuto won’t play Just Dance until everyone in the room goes through one very long warm up session with him because “the risk of injury is still here”
  • Leo believes in conspiracy theories and posts obscure videos on Youtube. Whenever Keito tries to prove him wrong, he starts shouting Keito’s “just a disgusting reptilian anyway”.
  • Hinata once german-supplexed Yuta in the middle of the crowded cafeteria for no valid reason. Yuta then tried to choke him.
  • Chiaki loves to hold tokusatsu viewing sessions (actually just sleepovers) at his house with the other Ryuseitai members, but anyone interested in tokusatsu is also invited !!
  • Shinobu introduced Souma to Naruto. Sometimes they can be seen watching it together on days when they don’t have practice.
  • Arguing with Wataru is extremely dangerous. He’s likely to just bombard you with doves and roses until you run away in fear, but Keito unfortunately never learns.
  • Sometimes the Ra*bits member can be seen crying together, and no one really knows why. Turns out Hajime started crying and everyone else followed suit because they can’t stand seeing each other cry. (Nazuna will deny this.)
  • Hinata once hid to scare Yuta in the school’s corridor, but he accidentally scared Shu (who happened to be passing by) instead. Shu fainted immediately.
  • Mika can’t make puns or jokes. He keeps forgetting half of them and Tsumugi doesn’t have the heart to tell him they just don’t work like that.
  • Natsume might have thrown Tsumugi out a window once. He just smiles smugly when he’s asked about this.
  • Leo sometimes screams wordlessly for a solid minute. The other Knights members aren’t even concerned about this anymore. Tsukasa theorized it might be Leo’s way to deal with his stress.
  • Mika always ends up saying “you too” when a waiter tells him to enjoy his meal. He then replays the scene in his head for days and can’t sleep at night anymore.
  • Wataru was forbidden from bringing his pet birds to class, so now he hides them in his pockets. They can be seen peering out sometimes, but whenever someone comments on that, he just blinds them with pepper spray.
  • Adonis needs ten minutes to send a single text. And it’s still full of typos.
  • When Knights go shopping together, Leo gets in the cart and Izumi pushes him around. He always says he won’t do it next time, but when Leo jumps in the cart he ends up pushing him anyway.
  • Keito gets angry at soybeans. They make him fly into rage mode. Wataru loves putting them everywhere in the student council office.
  • Rei can sleep with his eyes open and that’s exactly what he does whenever someone from the student council comes to address his unexplained school absences.
  • When Makoto trips and falls in a crowded place, Subaru immediately goes lying next to him so that he’ll feel less awkward.
  • Kanata once showed up in class wearing a wetsuit and using an oxygen tank and no one dared say anything about it.
  • Sagami-sensei joined Hinata and Subaru in trying to play pranks on Keito, but they never work. It’s like he has a sixth sense to detect them.
  • Tetora and Chiaki tried to bake a cake together once. Next thing they knew, the entire school was being evacuated because of the explosion they caused.
  • Leo won’t stop rambling about cryptids. He wants to go on a cryptid sighting tour with the rest of Knights and is currently looking into buying plane tickets for five. The other Knights guys don’t know how serious he is about this.
  • Adonis cries from watching animal videos on Youtube. He then sends them to everyone he knows because he recently discovered the “share” feature.
  • Koga’s that one person who spends an hour styling his hair to go out when it’s rainy and windy outside, so it’s ruined in five minutes and he’ll sulk all day.
  • Yuzuru : “could I please make an announcement ? I seem to have lost my young master” Store clerk : “sure” Yuzuru, in the mic : “goodbye you little shit”
  • Shu sometimes argues with people because he doesn’t like their clothes. The only other person to do this is Hiyori.
  • The oddballs like to play Mario Party together. They all agree that Kanata is the sorest loser.
  • Eichi loves to go grocery shopping. There’s so much stuff !! A lot of people !! Automated cash registers !! He’s so happy there !!
  • Mitsuru once ate a handful of dirt just because Tomoya said he shouldn’t.
  • Mao and Makoto’s greatest passion is reproducing poses from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure together.
  • Hokuto : “what is the light music club even doing ??” [koga barking, furious kazoo and off-key opera singing can be heard from their club room] Mao : “oh they’re always doing that on improv Thursday”
  • Leo won’t stop licking stuff he’s not supposed to lick, including but not limited to paper, cats and people’s hands. When Izumi asked him about this, he explained he needs it to “feel their energy”.
  • Whenever someone in the academy needs help, Madara, Chiaki and Kuro physically fight to determine who gets to save them.
  • Kanata once attempted to drown Souma in the school’s fountain. Kaoru laughed, so Kanata drowned Kaoru too.
  • When it gets snowy on the school grounds, huge snowball fights happen. Somehow, Eichi and Keito end up being most often targeted. They still claim they don’t understand why.
  • Koga’s twitter feed is 99% dogs and 1% Kaoru’s selfies. He keeps blocking him, but Kaoru steals his phone to unblock himself and like all his selfies.

he eat his hand

As you sit in a dark room filled with armed scarred men, and sit at a table with a shark tank in the middle, all while scratching your cat with your robotic hand, you begin to think you might have… accidentally… become a super villain.

Power Rangers Living Together Headcanon

Created with the help of the lovely @catyz101 and the wonderful @vintagecarter go ahead and give them a follow please.

- Two years after the attack, when the rangers graduate highschool, they decide to build a house together in the mountains near the ship.

-When goldar went down billy managed to save a lot of gold
“Like my dad said, you find it you keep it”
Needless to say they’re fucking loaded.

-Kim and Trini adopted a cat courtesy of her brothers. The twins found him and managed to keep him for a week before their mom found out and he was sent to live with Trini.
“Take care of gato for us”
“Wait you named i-”
“GATO, is in great hands”

-The cat loves everyone but Zack and Jason. Every time the cat cuddles up to Billy “traitor” can be heard faintly whispered through the house.

-Zack goes to the kitchen at 1 in the morning and finds the cat just sitting there staring at him, they have a staring contest for two mintues until he slowly backs away back into his room.

-They rotate dinner every night. They all make something thats authentic to them but the weekends are take out nights. It an unspoken rule of the house

-Zack almost breaking his neck doing a double take on Trini leaving from Kim’s room in the early morning

-“ITS NOT A WALK OF SHAME IF ITS YOUR OWN HOUSE” Kim passing by headed to the kitchen “you are definitely doing the walk of shame babe.”

-Billy quietly comments from the back “why are you so surprised, thats the 5th time this week.”
“Billy, its tuesday”

- “Hello, yes, i found your number in the yellow pages i was calling to tell you that MY BEST FRIEND JUST GOT LAID also a large pizza please”

-Trini watches a novella one day outta habit, and suddenly Jason and Zack are addicted. “No, trini you cant change the channel we are watching that!”

-Kim puts pink hair dye in her shampoo to figure out who keeps using it. The culprit was Jason…… and Trini

-“Who the fuck put jello in the toilet”
“You see its not actually jello its this silicone-”
“I’ll take it you’re upset with me….”

-Theyre the hardware stores best customer. The owner thinks they own a construction company. He is yet to be corrected

-One day the boys come back from the store early and hear a scream in the house. They all barge in too kims room and walk in on the girls.
“Oh my god GET OUT”
Billy closes his eyes and runs smack into the wall putting a hole in it while jason and Zack are running out dodging pillows.

-“Steve come here girl” “Zack we are not naming our dog Steve” “what about zordon?” “you wanna name my daughter after wall dad? How dare?” “you were about to name her Steve?!” “Personally i thik she looks like a Steve…” “Thank you billy”

-“Oh well if it isnt satan himself coming to visit my room when it does not belong here!” “Guys the cat isnt that bad”
“Billy do not speak on matters that do not concern you”

-“Who taught you savages to do the laundry?” “Trini relax.” “Relax? Jason, Isnt it bad enough my hair is pink but now my white tshirts are too because Zack put your shirts in with mine.”

-“Hey yellow, pink, your hell cat just attacked steve.”
“Do you dare slander my cats good name?! YOU CAN MEET ME IN THE PIT!!”

-They have color coded bath Towels. Zack likes to steal someone elses each week which isnt a problem until he struts out the bathroom in pink towels when Kim’s parents come to visit.

-“I know DAMN well i had last nights episode of Rupauls drag race recorded who DELETED IT?!?” “Sorry Zack that may have been me, but dont worry i have it recorded on my tv too” “Billy, you are my hero”

-Gato steals steves bed all the time and its the leading cause of argument in the house.

- “Satan’s spawn please, my daughters bed is too big for you and she cannot sleep in your small bed” hiss hiss “Okay that was rude” hiiiisss “TRINI! CONTROL YOUR SON AND GET HIM OUTTA MY DAUGHTERS BED RIGHT NOW”

-Fire alarm goes off at six in the morning. Multiple voices are heard screaming “KIM” from 4 seperate rooms

-She was just making toast.

How Supergirl 2x21 should go...
  • Cat: *Struts into the DEO*
  • Cat: *Holds hand out towards Alex*
  • Cat: Gun.
  • Alex: *Looks at her hesitantly for a moment*
  • Alex: *Looks to J'onn*
  • J'onn: *Nods*
  • Alex: *Hands Cat THE Gun*
  • Cat: *Shoots Mon-El in the face*
  • Cat: *Hands Alex her gun back*
  • Cat: Well, now that that's taken care of.
  • Cat: *Looks at Winn*
  • Cat: You, Computer Hobbit.
  • Cat: *Gestures to Mon-El's corpse*
  • Cat: Get rid of that.
  • Cat: *Looks at Vasquez*
  • Cat: You, Attractive Lesbian, fetch me a Latte.
  • Cat: *Looks at Kara*
  • Cat: Now, let's fix this mess.

I’ve gone back and forth so many times on whether or not to post about Snowflake here.  Snowflake is a year old persian mix with extreme socialization issues.  Basically, she’s terrified of humans. 

She’s an excellent study in cat body language, especially with a focus on self-soothing behaviors.  When I took this picture, she was purring, making eye contact, rubbing against things, and rolling around on her cat tree.  In most cats, these would be signs of contentment and happiness.

In her case, she was extremely anxious and trying to communicate that to me.   It’s basically the cat form of laughing anxiously to diffuse tense situations.  It’s really hard to distinguish these from actual happy behaviors.  The best way I can describe it is that the energy levels are different.  A happy cat usually has very even and smooth movements, even when trying to play.  Snowflake was dashing all over the place, her movements almost frantic and desperate.  I’d love to get a video of her to further explain, but I haven’t been given permission to film inside my workplace just yet. 

Whenever I work with her, I remember the various asks and messages I get from people saying “this cat was purring at me, but when I tried to pet her, she just scratched me and hissed!!  Why are cats so weird???”

All behavior is communication.  It’s important to recognize just WHAT is being communicated though.  You can prevent misunderstandings by letting the CAT decide if they want to approach you or not.  Extend your hand and just wait.  If the cat wanders off, don’t pursue.  You don’t have the right to pet every cat.

I’m very happy to say her socialization is coming along well.  In cases of poorly socialized kittens, it’s important to find a drive.  Most cats are pretty food-driven, but Snowflake is largely toy-driven.  She’s frightened of wand toys, but loves soft toys.  Right now, my socialization plan for her is centered around me tossing a toy towards her and her batting at it.  The goal is to make my presence (or the presence of any human being) a happy event, something she looks forward to.

It seems to be working.  She headbumped my hand yesterday.