So basically I’m cleaning out my bookshelf because my mom wants to have a garage sale and I’m getting rid of the Warriors series since I haven’t read it since 6th grade and I decided to draw some human versions of the characters partially for the nostalgia and partially just for the hell of it. So, here’s some Thunderclan leaders. In order, Bluestar, Firestar, Bramblestar.

Based on the Clans’ spiritual beliefs, customs, etc., I wanted to give them a tribal look. I originally wanted to go with Native American tribes, and each would be based off of a different tribe depending on where each was located (plains-based tribes for Windclan, for example.)

The problem is that the region in which the series takes place is vague at best, and I’m fairly certain it was mentioned that it takes place in the UK. Also, my original plan to base the looks off of various tribes didn’t go very well since I have nobody to consult on the customs and traditions and I didn’t want to rely solely on the internet for that. Even if I had gone with using internet sources, there weren’t many good ones that I could find. So, rather than basing it off of any particular tribes, I decided to create new customs for each Clan.

This became a really long-winded explanation but basically that’s why they’re wearing the same outfit. It’s the Thunderclan leader outfit and I’m getting way too into this.

I might make this a series of drawings, who knows. I kinda wanna draw Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze next. And Brightheart.

“runs in flapping*

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You guys are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE the story that the guest writer (for TBF3) has in store for you. I’ve just read it and I’m freaking out. The writing is beautiful, the story is WONDERFUL, and it has all the feels you could possibly want. You are not going to be disappointed. 

(Now all I need to do is sort out the remaining cases and get it completed for the end of September.)

The bar has been raised, people. The bar has been raised.

Well, here is a attempt #1! Once I get my style and materials (read: glue and Erasers that don’t hate each other) down, I’ll be making a formal post and opening commissions for these!

Warrior Cat paper craft will be hand made, and mailed to you. The envelope will contain three things. A papercraft of the cat of your choosing, one silly comic (ft. chosen cat) and a tiny hand written positivity about that cat.

Hide Week day 3: Sun

bonus content for this day’s prompt because falsehero asked me to submit this for hideweek and I couldn’t say no to the admin can I

Inspired by these absurd battle cats