Supercat taking care of each other headcanons
  • Kara slowly replacing all the alcohol in Cat’s office with candy so she’ll drink less. 
  • Cat insists on taking especially good care of Kara everytime she has a particularly rough day as Supergirl, constantly checking on her even if she knows it’s not like she will have any injuries. She makes her lay down and massages her shoulders (”You do realize I don’t get sore, right?” “Shut up or I stop.”) 
  • Cat’s mother comes to National City when she finds out about them dating. Halfway through her speech about how little shame Cat must have to be dating her assistant Kara stands up to her and by the time she’s done telling her off the woman is speechless and practically leaves running. Cat is completely shocked, she’s never seen Kara so angry before, and maybe she gets a little emotional (and a little turned on) but she’d rather die than admit to that.
  • Kara always makes sure Cat takes her meds, especially when she’s really stressed and she tends to forget about everything but work.
  • Cat looking after Kara when she loses her powers to make sure she doesn’t harm herself, because she’s used to doing stuff like grabbing things that are scolding hot and being completely reckless despite her clumsiness. 
  • Kara still gets nightmares sometimes, like she did almost every night when she’d just arrived to Earth. After the first time, Cat talks to Alex about it, even if they still haven’t quite warmed up to each other to know what to do when it happens. 

anonymous asked:

someone deadnamed me on anon when trying to tell me I'm faking autism. and it was so scary bc it was like my really real first name that I have never gone by online and I'm so paranoid now and I just. needed to complain abt that I'm sorry

I’m so so so sorry, anon. *hugs* That’s terrible. I can’t even begin to process how that would make me feel, since it would undoubtedly be an old bully or someone like that. Know that you’re safe here. Please take care. <3

babyshyanne asked:

Im not diagnosed, long story about health insurance here..but i find myself really relating to alot of these posts here but i cant tell if i actually am autistic or if its some kind of placebo effect? I honestly dont know but i do find myself doing alot of the things mentioned in here and other blogs.. :S i honestly am so confused about whats all wrong with me and im sick of self diagnosing..

I think a lot of autistics are scared about impostor syndrome in that way just because there’s so much social pressure to fit NT norms. Even I, who have had a paper diagnosis for seven years, feel a little off when I see other autistics whose experiences are the exact opposite of mine. So whatever you have, just know that you’ll find validation and sympathy here. :)

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Hyperlexia can also interfere with a person's ability to summarize and infer. Comprehension can be a big issue, and often doesn't become a problem until more complex themes and subtle concepts are thrown into reading. So, not just childhood.

Huh, I never thought of it that way. But sometimes, yeah, I have a hard time connecting with NT standards of language like that, even as someone who studies sociolinguistics for a living.

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Do people or things ever remind you of certain words? My siblings food reminds me of the Spanish word for shoes and every time I see her foot I just think of that word. I mean, in this example the words are correlated (although it's only her foot like I just feel like it looks like the word?) but in some cases they are quite different.

Yeah, I have lots of weird associations like that. I can’t think of any off the top of my head but I have random associations with food or music or elements of my special interests. Sometimes they can even be like a map or mnemonic that can facilitate functionality for me but if I tried to explain it to anyone else they’d be completely lost.