Why is it that when I finally get to my days off work, when I have the time and energy to post, I don’t want to?

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My friend once ditched me in the middle of the night at a sleepover. When we asked her why she told us she just had a feeling her cat was lonely, and she wanted to sleep next to her. This is normal.

your friend is literally me oh god

sleepover friday

I want someone to engineer a material that feels like cat fur and i want bedsheets made out of said material

See you soon

I’m leaving for camping tomorrow with my girlfriend and I’ll be away for a week (I’ll be back next Saturday).

In the meantime, here’s a few info you should know:

  • I have left someone in charge of keeping an eye on my blog, meaning, if anyone attempts to hack me, I will know. I have also left another person in charge of monitoring my stats counter.
  • In the odd chance someone creates a blog impersonating me saying I have a sideblog or whatever, it’s a big fat lie. I am bnaz always, this URL is my home.
  • I will have wifi sometimes so I’ll be here from time to time, but if my blog gets hacked and I say I’m back earlier do not believe me unless I post a selfie of myself holding my cat and/or a drawing of a boobie, depending on how nice my cat is feeling that day.


  • Feel free to keep sending me messages! I will reply to them either whenever I get wifi, or when I get back.
  • Don’t let anything happen to Swen. Please. I need things to remain calm while I’m not here to help.
  • DON’T SEND ME ANY CARMILLA SPOILERS. I won’t be able to watch the episodes and I want to be hella surprised by them when I get back.
  • Please, find a way to inform me if you find out Swan Queen is gonna be canon. Through smoke signals, an owl, a fucking postcard, I don’t care, just. I need to know.
  • I will miss you all very much!!

Okay guys thank you for reading and I’ll be back soon!! MWAH <3

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Are you a cat person i feel like you're a cat person

i love cats with all my heart and when people say they hate cats just because all they do is sleep and theyre boring, im like?? do you want them to juggle