okay but imagine the Lightwood kids getting another cat after Jem takes Chruch with him. Imagine Isabelle making Alec come with them because, “Jace wont come if you don’t come and it’ll just be sad if I go myself.” so Alec agrees, partly because of Isabelle and partly because he fking loves kitties. So once they get there the lady at the shelters like, “oh just head into the cat room and look around”. However, when they get inside the room all the cats start to swarm Alec, pawing and crying for attention, and Alec being Alec tries to pet every cat around him. So while Isabelle and Jace are standing awkwardly to the side, Alec somehow ends up on the floor smothered by purring cats as the shelter lady dances around trying to pull the cats off of him saying, “they’ve never acted like this before!”

I feel like Gotham’s paparazzi and gossip columnists just have a field day whenever the whole Wayne family attends an event because they will all be like color coordinated and spiffy and Bruce tries to herd his children towards where they’re supposed to go but one always gets out of line and he has to chase them down and be like ‘dammit why didn’t I bring the child leash’. Or even when they go out shopping or something and Damian gets tired and Bruce will like carry him or hold his hand to cross the street.

Moment of appreciation for David who has willingly listened to me work through bits of story and character for the last 13 years and does it with joy. Moment over. Thank you for your time.


so I was rewatching [s] Roxy: Sleepwalk. and I noticed that Frigglish/Jaspers is wide awake and watching Roxy on Derse. When in the next panel Roxy wakes up, he is right next to her on earth, probably having watched her. Roxy then thinks the following:

What the heck was that all about?

Oh, hey there Frigglish. He greets you with a sly, conspiratorial purr, almost as if he was privy to what you dreamt. Which is impossible of course.

So what I’m saying is that Frigglish might have connections to Derse on his own. It’s not the same thing as the furniture being copied on Derse/Prospit, because clearly Frigglish is an animal and not furniture. Not to mention Roxy implying he knows what she dreamed about.

Somehow to me it seems somewhat similar to Dirk being able to control both his Eath and his Derse body at the same time. Except Frigglish is a cat. But we can clearly see him awake on Derse, watching Roxy. This does imply Frigglish has connections to Derse, which might be somewhat relevant to the latest update, considering sprite^2′s outfit.

(another thing I noticed in [s] Roxy: Sleepwalk. is that we get closeups of both Equius and Nepeta watching Roxy from the bubbles, but nobody else. Probably not relevant though.)
(also what animal is John associated with? if he is, I mean? he is the only one of the beta kids left…) bunnies. john had bunnies….

“I told you that is not me.”

In reality it was him, but he refused to admit it to the human. One of his escapes when running from enemies, specifically vampire hunters in dire times. Looking to the side he crosses his arms. Hold on…did she refer to him, no the cat as ‘meowmeow’?

He can’t help but turn to look at her upon realizing this. “You named the cat ‘meowmeow’?” It feels odd verbalizing it, must sound strange leaving his lips. “You’re odd.”

i feel like when people follow me they follow me for literally 1 post… like son if you’re gonna follow me you should check out my blog first….. like don’t commit yourself and then uncommit yourself