Can we just take a moment to really appreciate Chat Noir in this scene from Lady Wifi.

If you look closely in the background of this scene, you can see Chat Noir talking to a someone who is sitting in the back of a truck (possibly an ambulance truck) with a blanket wrapped tightly around them.

While for once we’re not actually told about what kind of villain Ladybug and Chat Noir just fought, it does seem very likely that the villain was indeed on the more powerful and dangerous side of things, and may have even caused actual or near bodily harm to other people (what with the possible ambulance truck being there).  Even if they weren’t, whatever happened obviously really frightened and/or hurt this person (likely a little kid, though is a bit hard to tell from this picture alone), and here we have Chat Noir scooting away from the cameras and reporters to comfort this person!!

And heck, maybe this person was in fact the one who was akumatized, and may not even remember doing the stuff that they did but they just know that something bad happened because of them.  And here we have Chat Noir giving them reassurance that everything is ok now, and that he and Ladybug have saved the day again!

(Seriously!  The headline at the bottom should say ‘Bravo Ladybug and Chat Noir!!!!  Especially since in this snapshot he’s still being a hero!!!  ^^)

Chat Noir…Just…My gosh, I love you!!  :’D

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An anon said they forgot all their symptoms when they talked to their therapist: I sat down and wrote down every memory and trait I had that led me to believe I was autistic. I wound up with 9 pages, and my psych took it seriously. 😊

I think that’s a great idea!

“Where is she?”

I have my Adrien mom feels right now. I tried drawing a younger version on Adriens mom (like how she might have looked young and in love with Gabriel) and then Adrien as the beloved black cat she left behind.

Sorry if Adrien looks weird. Can’t draw male bodies right without them looking too skinny or to tall or too fat. I can’t win haha.

“We are a team, aren’t we?”

After his self-deprecating in The Gamer, with Adrien saying Marinette is better off without him (which was probably how he felt when fighting with Ladybug, as well) you can’t tell me he didn’t feel tons better about himself after the events in Antibug. Poor sun child. You are important <3


character and relationship (and wardrobe?) growth

concept: anders alive and well, safe and warm with hawke by his side forever, in perfect harmony with justice, free of the taint and the calling by the power of said loving spirit friend, all three of them continuing to fight for the mages together, owning at least five cats, seriously just really super safe and happy with hawke and justice and all of their furbabies