Cats Love Rhett: A Holiday Giving Idea

Hey all -

So I know we have been chatting about doing a holiday fundraiser and here’s my idea.

We all know how Rhett feels about cats. So wouldn’t it be hilarious if we did a donation for cats (and of course dogs) all in Rhett’s name?

- Cats Love Rhett will involve:

  • Donating to a local shelter, snap a pic, and we will tag it Cats Love Rhett
  • Donate money to a national organization like Alley Cat Allies

Please leave your feedback on this idea! Also, I can always use help (especially from Twitter, Instagram, and people connected to the Kommunity).

Book Themed M!As

  • Dracula: The muse has some of Dracula’s powers(super strength, can turn into a bat or a wolf, weather control, darkvision, immortality and they can slip through very thin places) but they also have a blood thirst that makes them want to kill someone and drink their blood. Sunlight makes their power disappear but not the blood thirst
  • Black cat: The muse feels an uncontrollable urge to torture and/or kill the people they like and care about
  • The Odyssey: The muse is lost and is going to face several challenges until they get back home and/or the M!A is over
  • Romeo and Juliet: The muse believes that their loved one killed themselves and nothing will make they believe otherwise until the M!A is over
  • Frankenstein: The muse now has super strength and learn things faster, but they believe that the entire world mistreated and abandoned them. Plus they have really scary eyes that can scare everyone around them
  • Othello: The muse thinks that their partner cheated on them and now, because of that, they want to kill them
  • The Cask of Amontillado: The muse suddenly thinks that everything that the other muse(Anon chooses and the mun of the other muse decides if they want to participate) do or say is annoying and they just want to wall them
  • Paradise Lost: Daddy issues. That’s it. That’s the whole M!A, just daddy issues

that feel when taylor swift is living her happiest unapologetic life with an album that has blown everyone else’s out of the water, an unproblematic relationship with a man who loves her, and she’s getting 8-10 hours of sleep, petting her cats, drinking wine, burning chairs… so she’s doing better than she ever was and 18 year old tswizzle just wanted to win a damn grammy and maybe have a boy not break up with her over the phone but now she has all this


Hi guys! 

So I wasn’t a huge fan of the collars in Cats & Dogs I like just plain stuff without too much action so I decided to make something simple. I present to you a simple gift. Simple Dog Collars. They are just plain collars with nothing on them. Both Large & Small collars are available in 12 swatches. I tried to pick a variety of colors nothing fancy just basic really. Hope you enjoy them! (Requires Cats & Dogs of course) 

**** Feel free to do recolors on my mesh, but please give credit, do not include the mesh & do not claim as your own! Tag me IG: nativemoonlight ****

Download Small Dog Collars ——> HERE

Download Large Dog Collars ——> HERE

my personal fave warrior cat scenes

- when silverstream met graystripe AKA “what are you doing on riverclan territory?” “drowning?” “cant you go drown on your own territory?” “ah but who would save me there?” 

- when cloudtail was teaching daisy fighting moves and cloudtails like “ok pretend im a badger coming to hurt your kits” “but my kits really like you???”

- when fireheart came to the medicine cat den in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to talk to cinderpelt about sandstorm and cinderpelt was so tired that she finally was like “fireheart….literally everyone in the clan can see sandstorm has a crush on you” and he was like “i….wait….WHAT”

- when ravenpaw caught the adder and graypaw and firepaw were so proud of him that graypaw tried putting the dead adder around the apprentices den so he could show off the fact that ravenpaw did something so cool to dustpaw and sandpaw

- when the clans were coming to the lake and brambleclaw noticed his mama goldenflower having a hard time moving down the hill and he went over to help her walk down

- also the scene where brambleclaw was worried about something and goldenflower just cuddled w/ him until he fell asleep

- when jaypaw, hollypaw, and lionpaw were playing outside of thunderclan camp and were trying to organize a mock battle and they tackled brambleclaw when he padded over to them

- that one scene in one of the field guides where squirrelflight is showing the reader around thunderclan camp and she jumps onto the highledge and says “okay and this is how firestar starts a clan meeting” and then she’s like “SHIT ok we have to get out of here there’s actually cats coming out of their dens run run run”

- when squirrelpaw was going on the journey and leafpaw was listing off herbs to her and squirrelpaw was like “i’ll be fine dw” 

- when the fire happened in rising storm and thunderclan took refuge in riverclan camp and graystripe shows fireheart to his kittens, and IMMEDIATELY they know who he is bc graystripe talks to them about fireheart constantly

- that scene where fireheart was attempting to apologize to sandstorm and runningwind was just sitting there all quiet w/ this smirk on his face bc it was sorta awkward but he was getting info on drama

- when mousefur called a clan meeting. brambleclaw: can she do that | brackenfur: she just did it

- when firepaw got in trouble for feeding yellowfang and he couldnt have fresh kill that night, so graypaw tried to sneak him an extra mouse and tigerclaw caught him and graypaw, being the good friend he is ate another whole mouse so firepaw wouldnt get in trouble and got a bellyache afterwords

- that time when firepaw got so annoyed w/ yellowfang that he snapped at her and let his temper go and he thought yellowfang was crying and he was about to apologize when he realized she was laughing at him

- “lionblaze fought a fox” jayfeather: yeah i know he’s an idiot

- “thanks, jay”

- when lionblaze is thinking of cats who could be training in the dark forest and he takes one look at whitewing and just goes “no way. never.”

Cats Help With Anxiety (And Bonus Points of Composure)

Bit of Backstory:
A friend that is a new DM was running a potential plotline for a story past me and we were audio chatting the exchange with each other via Discord. The DM had me be a human who basically was lost in a city of monsters and was hiding that they were human. Now initially I rolled pretty good on composure “waking up” but after that my rolls got worse till I rolled a nat1 and had to reroll so we could progress.

A bit later, my cat IRL Pepper comes up to me and chirps for attention so I start petting her.

DM: Was that…? Do you have a cat with you?
Me (OOC): Yes! Her name is Pepper!
DM: You know just for that, Seamus (my ginger Irish human character) sees a stray cat coming out of an alleyway and it walks over to you. You pet it and it decides to stay with you.
Me (OOC): Okay, but I say that having this cat with me should give me a bonus in composure.
DM: Huh? Why?
Me (OOC): Because it has been scientifically proven that petting cats reduces stress levels. SO having a cat would make Seamus feel better.
DM: Huh. Just for that you get a bonus to your composure rolls from now on.

And that is how my character ended up with a pet cat named Peepo that gave him a +4 to his composure rolls!