JUMPING ON MOBS CAT MILK AU BANDWAGON BY  @ghoststrawberries​  and @starsfadingbutilingeron

you know what they say that when cats stare off into nothing, theyre actually seeing spirits?

milk protects mob from evil fart clouds 


So been trying to work on making 🎄Christmas cards for some of my co works and for those I know who get Epping club bus (I have to train and bus it after work to get home) I get the bus home 👻

So figured I’d design Christmas critters/monsters as well as ✏️🖊draw Miss Kitty the magical flying cat (and maybe her family/friends) in Christmas style/stuff when

Bam a not happy Christmas voltron Lance happen wonder who I’ll end up sending this 🎄Christmas card too?

Who would like this not happy Christmas 🎄 voltron Lance?

Tonight’s Haikyuu was too much for my soft weeaboo heart so I’m going to sleep, goodnight from me and the beginnings of a shrine that will hopefully someday rival my Eleventh Doctor one