Now that Tracey has tweeted about it, I can more “officially” announce that the first issue of Galaxy Man & Cosmic Girl will be making its debut at Dragon Con in two days! Here’s the cover:

I’m very excited to present this because this is my first real job in the comic industry doing interior colors for! Here’s an itty bitty idea of what it looks like, featuring the villain Dr. Ross Rex:

What a guy.
Anyhow– If you’re attending Dragon Con, please check out the Hero Cats and Galaxy Man table at BT12 in the back of the comic artists alley–and check out issue 1 of Galaxy Man & Cosmic Girl!

A painting I started and haven’t quite finished of Meaux’s darker side. (I can’t type “fursona” without feeling like 13 years old, so I won’t). Her color can bleed off her… here it’s forming plants and flowers, but it doesn’t have to be that specific. Since I can’t be bothered to keep my character designs 100% consistent painting-to-painting anyways. :B

Perhaps inside she’s a piñata. No idea. I’ll be streaming this (along with a bunch of the calendar doodles) tomorrow. :D

Green fur = positive side. White fur = negative side.