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Name: Starts with a “J” :D
Nickname: J
Gender: cisfemale
Star Sign: Aries
Height: 5'8"
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, although starting to wonder if I’m more demisexual and bi-romantic. 
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor, much to my disgust. It’s so cliche.
Favorite Color: All shades of turquoise.  
Favorite Animal: Cats, horses, wolves, sharks (because all of them are cool). I find most animals fascinating. 
Current Time: 7.21PM
Cats or Dogs: Cats, mostly because my overprotective father made me terrified of dogs at a very young age, despite the fact that he grew up with and loved both. Dads, sheesh.
Favorite Fictional Character: argh, that’s hard, I have too many! Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr from Tanya Huff’s Confederation of Valor series and Paksenarrion from Elizabeth Moon’s The Deed of Paskenarrion. Both of them are badass.  
Number of Blankets you Sleep with: Well, it’s winter here in Canada, so I have my down duvet on the bed right now. In the spring and autumn, I usually have at least 2 of varying degrees of warmth so I can throw them on or off as necessary. 
Favorite Singer/Band: Hard question. I listen to a lot of classical and folk music, so favourites include: Chopin, Rachmaninov, Yo Yo Ma, Cecilia Bartolli, Ben Heppner, Schooner Fare, and Stan Rogers.
Dream Trip: Almost anywhere really. I’d like to get to Scotland at some point and I’d love to go back to Wales and to Italy.
Dream Job: A writer, actually. I’m quite good at it but I’m just not good at writing fiction. I can’t keep a plot line going but writing for work? No problem.
When this blog was created: Autumn of 2016, I think.
When this blog hits its peak: It would be pretty sad if that had happened already!
Why did you make this blog: To keep up with some of my favourite people/authors. Although now I’m following so many people that I feel like I’m achieving the opposite really.
Why Did you Choose your URL: Well, my nickname is “J” and for some reason I was thinking of Judy Dench, who happens to be a Dame, so I linked the two together! :D

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  • Todd: [opens fridge]
  • Todd: Why is Shark Kitten in the fridge?
  • Dirk: Last night you were giggling and said 'This is really gonna confuse me tomorrow'. Apparently, drunk you plays pranks on hungover you.
  • Todd: This explains so much.
Amnesia Pt. 2

Part one (here)

Pairing: Jumin x Female MC

Synopsis: We start to see what happened to MC to make her lose her memories in the first place

For the -.04 of you that wanted the second part to Amnesia, here it is! I made some major changes to what I had originally written but anyway—Still don’t know why you’d want it though—

Tomorrow. Tomorrow you would finally be able to fall asleep in Jumin’s arms again, to kiss him, to just hear his voice that wasn’t recorded five months ago. Thirteen days ago Jumin had left on a business trip, the first night Jumin had called you as he always had telling you hat for whatever reason the service had been poor since he’d gotten there. Before the two of you could finish your call though the call dropped and you hadn’t been able to get a hold of him since.

You still called him every night though, just in case he managed to get at least one bar. You also always left voicemails, so if he couldn’t get you on the phone it could seem like he was talking to you. Today was no different, at around five you called and per usual you were sent to voicemail.

“Hey, Jumin. I miss you~, it can get really lonely in a home as big as this when it’s just you and a cat, I don’t know how you did it. I hope the deals all succeed and you get home safely, I love you! Bye.” At first you’d left him fairly large messages but then you’d run out of things to say. As long as he knew you loved him it was enough.

You finished your day as you normally would as well, showering, brushing your teeth and laying in bed with Elizabeth next to you to keep you company. When the door clicked open you hadn’t even bothered with it, if the security guards had let them through it was most likely one of them, or least likely Jumin. If it was the latter you needn’t rush to meet him as he’d plop down next to you in a moment and pull you close to him before you could react anyway.

The way your bedroom was laid out made it so the door was visible from the bed but the bed wasn’t quite visible from the door, the bathroom being around five steps away from the foot of your bed. When the bedroom door opened you opened your eyes to get a glimpse of your husband but instead you were met with a lanky man who didn’t seem to have an inch of muscle on his body. You did take note of the gun in his hand though.

The room was dark and he hadn’t dared turn on the light in fear of rousing you, so you decided your best bet was to sneak to the bathroom and pray for the best. Not taking your eyes off the man you grabbed your phone and Elizabeth hoping that he didn’t hear the click as you locked the bathroom door. You were shaking so bad it took you three tries to dial the police.

“Hello this is 9-1-1 what’s your emergency?”

“There’s some man in my house, um, he’s got a gun and he’s in my bedroom. I’ve only just managed to hide in the bathroom. Please help me.” You were as far away from the door as possible, hidden behind a protruding wall, Elizabeth clutched to you as you sat trying to calm yourself. But you couldn’t calm when the knocks started, four knocks and then you’d hear the man call for you and then another four knocks. “Please help me.” You whispered back to the police, you hadn’t realized the man had continued to talk to you over the phone, and against your better judgement you hung up on him and dialed Jumin.

Voicemail. “I already called the police but I’m so scared I just wanted to hear your voice. Why do you have to be gone? Jumin I love you.” The knocks had gotten more forceful and so had his words, now instead of soft calling he was demanding you come out and promising you awful, awful things if you didn’t follow every word he said. You hung up and called Jumin another four times, just to hear the small bit of his voice when sent to the voicemail box.

“Please, Jumin. I don’t want to die, please. I love you so much, I love you so, so much.” Your ramblings were cut short when the door was kicked in, your startled scream definitely made it through to the message. He would hear it. He would hear you being killed. The man who walked through the door and stood in front of you was not the same one as before, this man was much more built and in the close proximity of your faces you could see a cut on his cheek and the insane look in his eye as he let his eyes drag up and down your body.

“I won’t kill you princess, not yet.” He clasped your face in one of his callous hands, he smelled of gasoline, cigarettes, and vodka. The scent burning your nostrils as you inhaled it. Your eyes were wide and tears only continued to fall as he ripped you up off the ground using only his grip on your head, Elizabeth flung into the tub where she mewled and curled up in a ball. “Oh, don’t give me that look, it’ll wrinkle your pretty little face and we don’t want that do we?” He made you shake your head before he grabbed your phone, which showed that you were still recording the voicemail that would be sent to Jumin. The man pressed the end call button and slid the phone into his pocket. “For safe keeping.” He whispered, so close to your ear that you could feel the heat radiating off of his body.

You wanted to struggle, to fight him, but when you’d finally regained control of your body you felt a sudden jab in your neck before your entire body went limp, falling into the man’s open arms. You’d wished that whatever he’d done to you would’ve knocked you out but instead you stayed conscious as he lifted you bridal style and he took you out into the main room where four other people were standing. Including a woman who’s gaze rested on you with a very well hidden guilt etched across her face.

When you were carried out of the penthouse you saw the security guards knocked out on the ground, one of them seemed to be conscious, but only just, and when his eyes met yours you did your best to give a pleading look but he just looked away. The man carrying you readjusted your body making it so your arms fell on either side of his neck and your head rested on his shoulder, legs wrapped around his hips.

“Let’s go home princess.”

Your eyes felt heavy and even though you fought to keep them open they closed. They seemed to open again immediately, except instead of in the arms of the man you were in a bed. The bed that you remembered being Jumin’s from when he’d tucked you in after you’d gotten back from the hospital. The clock read 2:08 AM, and in the corner of the room if you squinted you could see Jumin slouched over in a chair.

Lifting your hands to you face to feel where the man had touched you, you noticed you were shaking and crying. It took you ten minutes before you found the strength to look at the door, you couldn’t manage to picture the lanky man who’d stood there in your dream. When you’d slowly made your way into the bathroom you couldn’t remember the feel of his hands on your chin, nor the smell that trailed his every move, you couldn’t recall what his face looked like either. The longer you were awake the less you remembered but you didn’t want to forget.

Not again.

You could faintly remember how it felt to be on the phone for those precious moments with Jumin, how his voice made your heart flutter. How when you were hiding in the bathroom your heart ached worse than anything you could imagine. How you might never see him again, but the longer you thought on it the feelings seemed to become more and more distant until you once again felt nothing when you thought of Jumin’s voice. Until you couldn’t remember why the touch of a callous hand made you jump and shake. By three in the morning you couldn’t even remember what the dream had been about.

~Love, Peony

I don’t know if anyone’s pointed this out before, or if I’ve pointed this out before, but I’ve been thinking about this since the last episode of Dirk Gently and I can’t get it out of my head:

Somewhere in the world, there is a cat inside of a shark that is probably very satisfied with the way things have turned out. Finally, the world recognizes that cat as the “large and in charge” creature it was born to be.