Finds out about their feelings (in unsuspecting ways).

These faces!

Showing a more “loving” side with them.

Developing an even closer bond with them (Which I adore so very much)!

They love them, but just don’t know it yet.

Two of my favorite episodes in season 2 (So far).


miraculous: tales of ladybug and cat noir

— fancast 

adrien agreste ✰ max barczak | marinette dupain-cheng ✰ arden cho

nino lahiffe ✰ reece king | alya césaire ✰ lee armoogam

lê chién kim ✰ ross butler | max kanté ✰ rhenzy feliz

alix kubdel ✰ francis bean cobain | lila rossi ✰ paris berelc

Miraculous gang run! :)

You can click and drag em’ too