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maimakan  asked:

♧ 'ello

:DD I generally hv to answer for @horusporus too since it was the first blog of yours that i followed, and I was ??? until I realised @maimakan is your main blog

You’re my: to be perfectly honest and not going to sound fanboyish and whatnot - you’re one of idol or adults that I really look up to (and there’s really a few of you on tumblr!) and I just like you as a person

How I met you: mass-following Malaysian blog. possibly from @tariqk

Why I follow you: uhh. I really have no idea. wait I remember. your malay tag often very funny, and it actually the one that made me unashamed to use them in tags and in post openly. and there was this one time you said to like pause tinder so i just joked in reply or something and you replied so it was just amazing.

Your blog is: maimakan is the foodie blog, horusporus is supposed to be fandom blog but you terbabas into making it your main (aka - feels, personal stories not often but it’s a rare treasure, Zayn Malik 👀👀👀, politics, and it seems so organised i just ugh) , and your main blog is explained under here

Your URL is: hungry on main, main on side

Your icon is: well, the awk time when you didn’t change the icon for horusporus for quite some time and now it is a PPG-like icon! and maimakan icon is a *squint* roti bakar?

A random fact I know about you: have cats! have a hobby that includes yarn, weaving and also knitting! I can guess your age by the Rooster year but frankly I never know who you exactly was on @tariqk FB friend (it’s creepy i know and i am sorry), you travel and work travel a lot! a foodie! *guards came up the stage* Kelantanese in some ways? study language? *guards start to drag me off the stage* WEARS GLASSES *they grab my mic* *muffled and soft sound: knows French and Japanese!* actually i do a lot now that i have to write it down but i have to stop

General opinion: you’re one of the No BS person that I know of and you’re very nice person to talk to. Intimidating, but nevertheless very interesting. You have a strong sense of personal boundary, and I respect that. in my best impression of you and your advices I have gotten from you - it turned like a mantra: ‘who cares? I don’t’ but u dooo sometimes and it often helps a lot. I think there’s a lot of time you might refrain from getting too personal and i hope i had not overstepped my boundaries at times. you’re cool and chill. also often tired but never really said it out loud

A random thought I have: really look up at you bc i want to be organised better - especially in thought and writing (i know i know I’m trying to digest how can that happen too), and just seem effortlessly awesome.

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