Career Confession #21:

After earning my MBA, I thought I was the cat’s pyjamas. I thought anyone who hired me should be grateful to have such a genius on their payroll. I thought I was doing them a favour by gracing them with my brilliance.

Again, how have I not been shot in the face yet?

Now I know my job is to remain humble and teachable while serving others – not to stroke my ego.

I just thought I’d mention that I think @tinkdw and @margarittet are the cat’s pyjamas, the bee’s knees, the cherry on top of the whipped cream on top of the pie that is the good in life and trust me when I tell you this pie is generously shared with everyone. I love these brilliant formidable fucking awesome women so much!! Thanks for a fantastic weekend, my darling friends! This gif pretty much sums it up –>

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(I think you’ve prolonged my life by at least five years or so) 



#66 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “Waking up in bed with Van on a cold wintery, rainy day back home, with half full cups of tea on the night stand. fluffy fic with cuddling.”

The room was still dark despite the blinds not being all the way closed. You could hear the rain bucketing down on the roof, and you tried to remember if you had taken your pyjama pants off in the lounge room when Van started to kiss your neck, or in the bedroom later on. If it was the bedroom, you might have been able to reach out of bed and grab them without getting any colder than you already were. You looked around without moving your body. You could only make out shapes in the stormy light. The bedside table housed three mugs of half-finished tea. Your phone was there, and Van’s was on top. They were both flat and since you were back in each other’s arms you didn’t bother putting them on charge. Van’s suitcase and bag were against the wall, clothes spilling out everywhere. The bedroom door was closed. You couldn’t see anything more than that.

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RFA Wedding HCs: Zen

• Dis Boi
• he was so hyped for the wedding no joke
• he was so invested in the planning of the thing
• one minute he was choosing flower arrangements the next he was looking at swatches
• asks for MC’s opinion of course
• MC was like lmao knock yourself out sweetie
• instead of staying late at work he’s at the wedding planner having tea and finger sandwiches
• now Visuals
• the colour scheme was cool tones so blue, teal, turquoise, grey, silver, white and shit
• Zen in a tux tho
• He chose a silver tux with a turquoise tie. MC thought it was tacky at first but seeing it on him they were like DAMN
• like you know there are those people who are attractive normally but when they get in a tux it’s like

• well that’s basically Zen
• the wedding was one of those winter wonderland ones cause who doesn’t love snowflakes and shit
• Anyhow onto the actual wedding
• Zen is an actor so he can’t be having giant extravaganzas and was actually thinking of having a small wedding few friends and family
• turns out MC has like a huge extended family who all wanted to come so the guest list just kept on getting bigger
• but luckily Jumin bae had security all over the place
• Zen said it was a better gift then the matching cat pyjamas he had originally thought of
• Zen was weirdly chill in the time leading up to the ceremony
• When he sees MC tho
• time legit stops for him
• how could such a beautiful being be his
• SHOOK pt.2
• The wedding looks fabulous tho like it’s all over Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat you name it.
• Zen took so many wedding selfies
• All his fans have so much wedding spam no joke
• Zen’s fam are there after patching thing up as if they’d miss his wedding
• The RFA are there of course
• Jaehee is crying as The Mom Friend™  she gets some serious feels after seeing MC and Zen get married
• Seven is live tweeting the whole thing and adding memes to every fucking tweet
• Saeran is discretely roasting him in the comments
• Yoosung is complaining about how Zen got hitched before him
• Jumin is experiencing withdrawals from being away from Elizabeth III for two long
• V is blind taking photos( the boy makes everything look like an aesthetic no filters needed)
• Anyway
• By the end of the reception Zen and MC have already driven off into the sunset on his motorcycle to go on the honeymoon to end all honeymoons

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sambalism  asked:

So uhh.. I heard you like Charasriel and SansxChara.... May I join in?? ,':^)

Yes!! you are more than welcome here!

I love Charasriel the most. 

However I also like many pairings and almost all characters in Undertale. (there are very few pairings that I don’t like)

and I quite of love seeing love triangle relations XDDDD (or 4 or 5 or more angles? XDDD)

If you don’t mind me going around with many pair. I think you could get along with me well.

Asriel: Don’t come too close!! Chara is my brother/sister!

Sans: gzz don’t be jealous. We are just trying have a good time here.

Chara: *irritated*

*its nonsense af but I don’t hate it XD*