cat's splices

Reason for bunny splices: comfort for children/nanny for the parent Entitled who’s too busy with their career to take care of the child. Fuzziness/cuddliness is ideal for babies and small children who like fuzzy things (I am a child care professional). Might have to cross the bunny with something else for more stamina/less prey creature. But yeah, rabbit splices=Nanny (via @sevenimprobablethingsbeforetea)

Kitten love || @matthewdoesrp


In the middle of the woods sat an abandoned lab, one that was over run by plants, trees, and animals. There were broken and worn out equipment on all three floors, but on the second floor there was in singular green glowing tube one that stood about 6 feet or so high and was 4feet wide and in his tube there was a young handsome man floating in it untouched by time kept alive by he machine beside the tube and the liquid inside. He had been created by the scientist many years ago but this man wasn’t human since he had been spliced with cat DNA and now had a tail and ears. Even before the DNA splicing he wasn’t human, he didn’t have a mother or father and for some reason he was left behind.

(Plot idea: your muse is hikeing and comes across the lab decides to explore it and comes across Avery, he presses the release button (for whatever reason you want) and when Avery sees him he automatically imprints on your muse and becomes attached something along those likes)