cat's outta the bag you guys

Allow Me to Elaborate

Since I know some Larries are headed to my blog to see who dis bitch, lemme simply explain what I mean by the hidden agenda in terms of “Zayn’s” comments on Black Lives Matter. 

For reference:

This guy was handed off to his new team by 1DHQ. He didn’t pick them. He didn’t quit 1D. This was all part of a larger plan over a year in the making. If you were as invested in Zayn’s narrative as people like me are, that would be readily apparent by preponderance of the evidence available to us as observers. The cat is pretty much outta the bag on that one. Even Simon Cowell himself has admitted things that back up this assertion. Basically this was a money making scam worthy of Donald Trump.

Zayn is detached from 1D for official narrative purposes only. That’s the snake oil you’ve willingly bought. Business-wise, he’s been very much entangled with 1DHQ, just as the rest of the guys have been. Theree was no clean break. There was no buy out of contracts. That’s information that you can also seek out yourself on the internet. It’s not fangirl bs. I won’t get into the personal because that isn’t what this particular post is about.

Since Zayn is still part of the 1DHQ machine, he’s still subject to their manipulative narratives and hidden agendas. That’s putting it charitably. 1DHQ are liars hell bent on damaging the 1D brand on the eve of losing them all. One of those hidden agendas would be the attempt to do long term damage to Zayn as a viable artist after their short term gain (the initial success of of MOM) was assured. 

Now that you have that background, back to Black Lives Matter. Consider that those very likely manufactured comments came with a two-fold hidden agenda:

  • Alienate Zayn from his true target audience which includes many brown and black people, therefore hurting his credibility with potential new fans.
  • Portray Zayn as a brown Muslim who isn’t like all the other brown Muslims (i.e. a “good” brown Muslim) by distancing him from the issues that affect brown and black people. And that’s in order to continue pimping him to what we know beyond any doubt is a fandom littered with basics who understand little to nothing about casual racism and microaggressions since they trade in it daily without a fucking clue. 

See how those dual agendas have repeatedly played out over the past months? No? Well good thing I was watching, am smart and is willing to explain it to you. Just as in the past, other member’s of 1D had their social media used in phenomenally offensive ways, I truly believe this was also the case here. In person, out of their own mouths, 1D has never given the impression that they’re dickish or stupid enough to use their social media in a reckless manner that courts controversy for no readily apparent reason. That goes for all of them, Zayn included. 

I’m open to questions since I know lots of fans have not explored this line of thinking at all. As long as you ask sincerely and respectfully, go for it. And before anybody tries to portray me as a pressed fangirl, I should point out I have a degree in this stuff. I studied Social Anthropology. I’ve literally studied human behavior, including racism. And I’m headed to law school with a specialization in civil and human rights, which I’m actively studying now. I don’t there’s many people in this particular fandom who understand the nature and function of oppression like I do. So don’t try me, k? 

I got shit to do, but I’ll try to check in later. It’s my b-day weekend so I just might be drunk when I do. But I’ll still be more coherent and logical than half this godforsaken fandom.  😉