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The Hogwarts Houses as Cats

Ravenclaw: Curious little cats. Enjoy spending their time watching birds and figuring out where that damn red dot comes from.

Gryffindor: Extremely adventurous cats. Loves being outdoors and going on endless journeys around town, but also is know to run into walls whilst playing.

Slytherin: These cats sneak around the house and plan out every move while playing. If there is a mouse, this cat will catch it.

Hufflepuff: Love catnip, treats, and being with their human. These cats become extremely attached to their owner, but will warm up to others as well.

Each house as: Alice in Wonderland characters
  • Gryffindor: Alice – curiosity, bravery, thirst for adventures
  • Hufflpuff: White Knight – kindness, clumsiness, precious bean that should be acknowledged™
  • Ravenclaw: Caterpillar – out of this world, indescribable, O R U
  • Slytherin: Cheschire Cat – s a s s, aesthetic, snarky smirky grinny kitty
The Houses as Cats

Ravenclaw: Sits in the window and watches birds. Jumps on laps for head scratches. Meows at people to get attention. Recognizes their name and understands what the “shaking treat bag” noise means.

Slytherin: Constantly wants to go outside. Greets new people by twining between their legs. Incredible balance. Loses their collar every few days. Likes to steal socks and knock toys beneath furniture.

Hufflepuff: Sleeps all the time. Makes small mrrp noises whenever they’re surprised/woken up. Tucks their nose beneath their tail. Small purring ball of fluff. Likes to lay on laps and fuzzy blankets.

Gryffindor: Shoots through the room with no warning and for no reason. Very good at catching mice. Tails fluff up at loud noises. Will eat people food if it’s put it on the floor. Likes to hide in strange places.


The wolf was looking at her. Its jaws were red and wet and its eyes glowed golden in the dark room. It was Bran’s wolf, she realized. Of course it was. “Thank you,” Catelyn whispered, her voice faint and tiny. She lifted her hand, trembling. The wolf padded closer, sniffed at her fingers, then licked at the blood with a wet rough tongue. When it had cleaned all the blood off her hand, it turned away silently and jumped up on Bran’s bed and lay down beside him. Catelyn began to laugh hysterically. ― Catelyn III, A Game of Thrones.