cat's eye liner

silly ladynoir things
  • chat starts Shit Talking Sundays bc there are some days when chat just needs to talk about how dumb his dad is being and ladybug needs to scream about this bratty bully in her history class
  • on days when they’re bored, they’ll board the metro in costume and ride it for a few stops purely for the shock value
  • chat finds out ladybug can’t whistle and spends every available opportunity trying to teach her
    • cn: *squishes her cheeks between his hands* you’re not pursing your lips enough and your tongue isn’t positioned correctly, try again
    • lb: my tongue is sitting in my mouth what do you mean it’s not positioned correctly i don’t ???????
  • joint naps during patrols are very much a thing bc these kids never sleep between school and akuma attacks. sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find ladybug snoring on a rooftop with chat noir laid on top of her, drooling on her shoulder
  • when patrols get boring, ladybug will hop on chat noir’s back, make him shut his eyes, and act as his eyes while they try to patrol the city before switching places. they don’t talk about that time chat was laughing too hard to warn ladybug about the ledge and they almost fell off a roof. 
  • hide and seek games that last literally hours
    • they both cheat and bring their phones to stalk social media tags and see if anyone’s posted tips and/or sightings of them so that they can find the other
  • chat’s really good at massages so sometimes he’ll work out the kinks in ladybug’s shoulders when they have downtime bc “wow you carry so much tension in your neck please tell me you’re not hunched over your desk all day”
  • the eiffel tower is their honorary “it’s 3am and we can’t sleep” meeting place. 
  • they’ll often drop into parks and playgrounds and join with some of the neighborhood kids on games of tag, frisbee, and football
  • they have a going scoreboard for their impromptu arm wrestling competitions. last they checked the score was 32-35 with ladybug in the lead. 
  • they each have their own personal lists of dumb/funny things that the other has said
    • chat’s list of things ladybug has said: “sleep isn’t a thing you know. they lied to you. it’s not real,” “you ever wonder if i can spin a web with my yoyo?” “can lucky charm conjure me an A for this physics test tomorrow?” “i almost had my cat-eye eye liner perfect today before that akuma appeared and messed me up like that proximity to perfection might never happen again.”
    • ladybug’s list of things chat has said: “is there a place where we can borrow a microwave? i wanna see what happens if i use cataclysm on it,” “memes are like the dysfunctional family you didn’t ask for but didn’t know you needed,” “im like terrified an akuma attack is gonna happen when i’m in the shower while im naked and vulnerable,” “if i extend my staff long enough, do you think it’ll reach space?”
aesthetics for the signs

aries: a striking rose sunset during the summer, wearing glow necklaces in the dark, a full white moon with its visible craters.

taurus: golden sand dunes in the desert, an oasis in the middle of nowhere, a bouquet of wildflowers, a lullaby played on a piano.

gemini: a strawberry field on bright sunny days, a pair of cherries, crinkled eyes and a plethora of freckles, rabbit holes and cool headbands.

cancer: the air outside moments before a storm, the scent of the ocean, warm tea and biscuits, sitting on swings with a good friend.

leo: little pearl earrings, the cat eye-liner, love confessions in the form of graffiti, white crumpled sheets in the morning, swans forming a heart.

virgo: The sight of the ocean in the morning, an underground tunnel road at night, an old marble chessboard, a globe of the world.

scorpio: blue lightning strikes, a row of crows on a wire, glowing jellyfishes in an aquarium, drawing on fogged glass, flower scented candles.

libra: a garden of only roses, visiting an art gallery with people you adore, leaning out the window during a road trip, a smile with dimples.

sagittarius: classy dark red lipstick and lipstick stains from kisses, a heart shaped lollipop, a rainbow reflection in your hands.

capricorn: a heavy misty morning in the city, collecting dried flowers in books, the calm noise of a cafe, writing a heartfelt love letter.

aquarius: paint smudges on clothes, a bath with flowers, matching tattoos with your best friend, an old notebook where you spill your heart in.

pisces: a river full of cherry blossom petals, holding hands with the person you love, abandoned mansions claimed back by nature.