Meet My Cats: Pad Thai

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  • Screams loudest
  • Probably screaming right now
  • Wants to sit on you first thing in the morning
  • Will eat hair
  • Suspiciously smart though
  • Uncooked spaghetti is his favorite toy
  • Has the ability to look 100% unimpressed and then absolutely adorable in the span of good lighting
  • Tiny tiny toes
  • Short and stumpy tail
  • Spots on his tummy you CAN’T PET and it’s suffering
  • So silky
  • The good one
  • Looks at me like I’m the camera on the Office
  • Oldest child syndrome


  • Very soft
  • So soft
  • Big puffer paws
  • Not very bright
  • Will smash his head under your hand for pets
  • Sounds like a bird and chatters all day
  • Peep peep squeak
  • Has a flat head and a huge mouth like a muppet
  • Tail as big around as a coke can
  • Has no idea where tail is, smacks anyone and everything with it
  • Pees on things
  • Probably peeing on something right now
  • Gets punished by Noodle for peeing on things
  • Startles at everything
Cat Locks in Star Trek ‘Tribble’ Costume for Halloween

It’s not quite October yet, but Stanley, a local cat, has already decided on his costume.

“He’s a huge Star Trek fan, especially the original series from the ‘60s,” says Carol Salinger, a source familiar with the situation. “So he’s going trick-or-treating this year as a Tribble.”

The famous fictional aliens from the Shatner-led show made their first appearance in an episode titled “The Trouble With Tribbles” in 1967.

“They’re basically little balls of fluff,” explains Salinger. “The best part is, Stanley doesn’t even need to buy a costume. He’s just going to scrunch himself up into a little ball.”

via Noerdy


Magic is in your heart, not on things you buy or other superficial stuff.🎃 Something to celebrate fall! (best season ever ❤ )
The comic in the upcomig artbook will be colored like this, so yeah… 

Laura Rothstein and Ywain.


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