(( So this is how I spent my night….. This is my first animatic ever– I hope you all like it! ))

@ask-showstopper-bendy @bendythe-demon

@kayvsworld answered your question “I’m feeling extra lazy about my next drawing ideas for some reason. So…”

tony and a really fluffy kitten? or the tony flower piece holy moly….

Silver fox Tony and a face full of fur!

I’ll note your interest in the Tony flower art I have planned! It should have a nice melancholy feel to it, though it’ll probably be done quite a ways from now at the rate I’m going haha

Also, happy birthday, Kay!!


lmao leo scott: the scott boy that never was………..

  • perfectionist
  • snobtastic
  • art lover trash
  • wants 2 be the next gr8 novelist but probably just wants 2 get invited to cool parties…..
  • has a twin sister oops
  • only EVER wears black hes a basic biTCH
  • a mix of scott disick pre- and post-kourtney