I just want to get an apartment with someone cute, and have a little balcony garden , and bookshelves everywhere. Also cat’s . tea. lots of tea too- 

    OK but, what about also going to haunted houses, wondering around abandoned houses while we recite urban legends and hang spiderwebs around the house while drinking cocoa 


A nice video of Sweet Sissy, a three legged lovely lady. 

She’s soft and loving and as far as I know has no problems! She loves to hug onto your arm and snuggle. 
As far as I could tell, she was still in our care entirely because people didn’t want a three legged animal– even though the only thing I can think of it impacting would be the amount of exercise someone would have to give her. 
Cats already need play and exercise from their caretakers, and cats with fewer limbs temd to need more because they put on weight from napping, so really it just means anyone taking this lovely lady home would get even more playtime!

And she’d love it.