cat x gabe

Very disappointed with the episode “Held Hostage”. This episode is far from being the best so far. I do not understand how they can see something “finally working” between V. and Cat. All I saw was a more unresolved Catherine in her feelings for Vincent than ever. For God’s sake! Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) of Teen Wolf and Scott McCall (Ty Posey)and are WAY better resolved and mature than those two and they are teenagers. All I saw was a lot of pressure to maybe a possible twirl between Cat and V when she and my beautiful Gabe are just beginning. Meanwhile Vincent, the Macho-beast, goes around with Tori. And why w e can’t see any interaction between The Beauty and and the GABE, which is sexier and beautiful than ever….without the NEED of the USE OF WORKOUT SCENES? Once Vincent is with Tori…..let Cat be with Gabe, for the love of God. Let her spent a long time with him. Probably she’ll find where true love is. What is not fair is for us is to keep seeing V. and Tori moving foward while Cat is figuring out if she keeps stuck in the past, or move foward with or without a man. Obviously she took this decision over the brief conversation with V, and clearly she is not over him. And Tess…..WTH was the HUG?????“My hero”???? Oh, please! Best chapter so far????LMFAO….No way.