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The perfect workout doesn’t exi…….

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Happy Monday!

Hey peeps! Ever have that feeling when you’re not drawing and you think, “Ugh- I should be drawing right now! I need to get better! I have no time for breaks!!”

Chances are you really are drawing enough. Remember that every single person goes at their own pace when reaching artistic goals. Don’t push too hard, and remember that sometimes a nice break helps bridge you to the next stage. ;)

Have a great day!

(p.s. don’t draw and drive)


Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

10,000-15,000 steps 👍🏻
Meal Plan 👍🏻
6-8 hours of sleep 👍🏻
Migraine Journal 👍🏻
Stretch 👍🏻
Sunscreen 👍🏻
128 + oz of water 👍🏻

Listening/Watching/Playing: Nightly news
Mood: 😆 (you guys, my cat likes me!)
Weather: ⛅️ 57°F

What a pleasant day, in all sincerity. It’s still a little early, but I’m comfy for the night with a bowl of the juiciest strawberries and some spearmint tea out of my Sharknado mug. The gym was nice, the walk was nice, and Simone and I played “kill the rope” for about 15 minutes. That counts too, yeah? Especially when I’m crawling around the floor and leaping out at her with the evil rope? I’m also finally getting back into a good workflow now that my computer is more than a door stop.

Right now I’m here writing up my new chest and shoulder plan for the morning and making my Youtube playlist for the night. I’m ready for everything! 

Apologies for not shutting up about this game, but I seriously need this on my workout playlist. Aside from the full soundtrack purchase on Amazon, I can only find it for sale on iTunes and I’m not signing a contract with the devil tonight. Ugh, c’mon!

XiuBaek in 2015 pt 1 - Checking out each other’s muscles

workout buddies always gotta keep up to date on each other’s progress

they’re complete dorks about it

baekhyun’s a little shy when it comes to his abs


bless xiubaek

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I totally forgot to record my workout on my Fitbit, so here–sweaty selfie with maybe a little too much filter turned on and squat fuel. I totally don’t need the drink because I have a half gallon of water with me, but damn that sounds tasty. It’s whey isolate in the Quest bars, so hopefully, it shouldn’t screw my stomach up too much. 

I did leg day-capiche? 

OH! Music! Flobots, Panacea for the Poison and Def Leppard, Photograph.

I’m sure you can all understand why I seem in a rush.
I’m about to go pick up my cat!

Day 7 ✓


I’m a week in! I can’t believe it. And today I worked out for half an hour. I’m tempted to do a little more tonight. We’ll see we’ll see.

I’ll be going for a walk now and enjoy the sun. 

My cat was very confused though. He came and sat on my mat and was like ‘what is she doing. why’ 

Anyways. Nothing beats the way you feel after a workout. 

First week DONE! !!