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Hello! It's the purebred-anon (or should I say crossbreed? haha) again. Thank you for helping me with my previous question, I always appreciate good advice. However, I am a curious person and so have another genetics question. How does eye color work for cats? I kinda understand how it works with humans (and somewhat with dogs), but I was wondering if you knew how eye color genetics works with domesticated felines. ^-^

I’m glad I could help. And oh yes, now there’s a question.

The basics of cat eye colours are more or less the same as with humans; they have a lot of different colours, they take time to fully develop, and even if the parent cats have this and that colour eyes, doesn’t mean their kids will come out looking identical. 

The eye colour is decided by a range of genes that code for hue and intensity (and a lot of other, intricate-sounding things) all situated on two different layers of the eye, one on which the pigment is produced. There are no either/if when it comes to these genes, it’s simply that the melanocytes in the iris that produce colour pigment, don’t always do the same thing; some produce densely pigmented colour; others aren’t as active, and produce less. It all sums up into a single cat’s eye colour structure. 

Then the eye colours range from deep copper down to orange, amber, and then yellow, where the colours change into greener tones, from pale green to hazel and then deep green at the other end of the spectrum.

The only colour not included in the spectrum is blue, since that is actually a lack of colour pigment in the first place, so what we instead see is this blue colour existing on the stroma, the layer above the iris that produces a sort of bluish tint rather than proper colour. A cat’s eye becomes blue when the enzyme that helps code for colour is turned off, either by mutation/faulty genes, white fur aka colourless fur genes, or certain colourpoint/albino genes’ interference.

As for inheritance, it is really hard to say. Selective breeding and genetic testing are the only options that can really restrict the eye colours a cat can inherit, otherwise the best we can do is guess. I suppose two copper-eyed cats will be unlikely to produce a green-eyed kitten, while two cats, one with f.ex hazel and one with orange eyes, will have a much easier time doing so. (Remember though this is only a theory, I admit I have little to no clue how it actually works)

So… ahem, yes, some key words; spectrum based inheritance, two eye layers (iris and stroma, colour and blue tint) melanocyte production, enzyme activation failure. 

I hope that helped. :)


Xander is one today!

He grew from a very cute, naughty puppy to a very handsome, naughty dog. He no longer really has a dickhead but is still a dickhead. His favorite pasttimes are watching you eat food, begging for food, stealing food, chewing on the cats, and sleeping in odd positions.


★★☆☆☆ “He’s an asshole.” - my mom

★☆☆☆☆ “……” - the cats

★★★★★ “Wow he has two different colored eyes” - every stranger we meet

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Do The MBTI Types Want To Build A Snowman?

INFJ: Hmm…yes, what’s his name? Can he wear a blue scarf?
ENFP: *sings* Come on let’s go and plaaayyyy I never see you anymoreeee come out the door, it’s like you’ve gone awayyyyyy
INFP: Can’t we just stay inside and read and drink hot chocolate?
ENTJ: No, I’m busy!
INTJ: Do I have to? *pets cat* Actually, maybe the snowman would be better than people are.
ENTP: Yaaaas
INTP: Yes! Actually, I thought of a better way to build a snowman than ever before! Ever!
ESFJ: Yes, but don’t forget your scarf!
ISFJ: Yes! I always built snowmen growing up!
ESFP: No, snow angels instead!
ISFP: Only if it can have button eyes that are two different colors.
ESTJ: Sure. You, go get the sticks! I’ll make the base
ISTJ: If someone knows how to and can tell me how…
ESTP: No, It’s time for snow tag!
ISTP: No, don’t want to.

Little tiny details that I like in Shadowhunters:
•Alec keeps looking around, like he’s always on alert during a mission. Even while waiting in line at the party before the group meets Magnus
•Izzy looking out for her brothers feelings. Even the final moments of Major Arcana while Clace was kissing she kept looking at Alec because she knew he wouldn’t be happy.
•Max’s line “I always miss the good stuff” when Maryse asks him to leave so she can talk to Izzy. Even though Max is young he always feels left out when he can’t be around to hear or see anything like in the book.
•Jace’s (or should I say Dom’s eyes). Since Dom has two different eye colors I feel like this would play into the whole thing about what’s fully in Jace’s blood.
•Magnus’s Magic actually being blue and also finger snapping and sometimes sparks when you really look for it. I’m kinda confused on how his cat eyes come out though? I was expecting them when he was always doing magic but making a portal, summoning a demon and healing Luke didn’t show them. Just during the times with The Circle in the club and in his lair.
•Java Jones (just because lol)
•Simon’s van being yellow and having the band names sprayed on it since they are in the book.

Please, if you have anything you like that I haven’t mentioned share with us. I love everyone’s input.


i drew some bad guys ((i gave up on redwillow’s design honestly))

i was wondering if u could say a thing or two about their designs or my art in general i wanna know what u guys think haha

—- There isn’t really much to say it’s really well done, your eyes are a little big but thats not a big deal. You have cat face anatomy really well down, really all I can say is maybe try different facial structures(like the very long faced cats or the nub faced ones). Other than that very well done.- Mod Glitterspirit

un-shit-yourself answered your questionAre dwarves colorblind?

That’s interesting. I didn’t think of it in a literal sense for colorblindness, more the metaphorical sort of thing regarding emotions or romance, but it would make sense. Maybe they can see vibrant bright colors and everything else is sort of dull?

Perhaps they see colors like this:

“Cats’ color vision is less vibrant than humans’, a result of different densities of photoreceptors in their retinas.  … Scientists used to think cats were dichromats — able to only see two colors — but they’re not, exactly. While feline photoreceptors are most sensitive to wavelengths in the blue-violet and greenish-yellow ranges, it appears they might be able to see a little bit of green as well. In other words, cats are mostly red-green color blind, as are many of us, with a little bit of green creeping in. That might not sound so great, but there’s a trade-off: Because of the various photoreceptors parked in cats’ retinas, they kick our asses at seeing in dim light. ”

Or maybe not. Since they mostly live underground, perhaps their vision is more attuned to the infrared side of the spectrum – so they can see red and yellow fine, but can’t see green and blue. Have we ever seen any dwarf decoration in green, violet or blue? It seems pretty heavy on the red and yellow colors.


Hawkmoth and Gabriel Agreste share the same eye color.

The chin, like someone mentioned, is a difference between the two though.

Because I’m going at this full throttle I feel like knowing my luck this is going to be one of my theories that get shot down in show XD

Oh, well, I’m trying.