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Who Is That On Your Instagram?

Jace looked at the photo one more time, a huge smile making his jaw almost ache. He’d been smiling so much more than usual lately and he knew the reason why. Making sure he copied it before he cropped it carefully, he made a small adjustment to the brightness and posted it to his Instagram with the caption ‘there is no stopping this smile’ adding the wink emoji as a secret message.

He hoped it was vague enough to not rile suspicion, Jace wasn’t ashamed, not in the least, he just wanted to keep this bit of happiness to himself for a little longer. Two minutes later his phone was ringing.

“Iz?”, he answered, “Everything alright?”

“Who is that?, she blurted, her voice full of accusation

“Who is who?”

Jace had no idea what his sister was on about now, but she’d always been the nosy one. His mind hadn’t found the connection to what he’d done to warrant her question, that was until she connected the dots for him.

“Who is that on your Instagram?”.

Oh boy, he thought, so much for keeping it to himself. But how did she notice, he was sure he was being so slick. It must have been that caption, he was so stupid and mentally kicked himself. 

“What are you talking about, Iz? I posted a selfie”, he tried to redirect her playing innocent.

“And the arm around you?”, the accusatory and curious tone back. 

Okay so it wasn’t the caption.

“It’s a friend”.

“And you cropped them out why?”

“To be polite and not post their photo in case they don’t want to be on social media”.

“So considerate”, she patronized, and he knew she had to be rolling her eyes. “Do I know this friend?”

“NO”, Jace spoke a bit loud but it was too late now. 

“Oh really, that’s funny because Clary could have sworn that watch your friend is wearing is the one she bought for Simon last Hanukkah. And I’m pretty sure I got him a checked blue button down for his birthday, I think your friend is wearing a similar shirt. How funny is that?”

“Hilarious”, Jace deadpanned although his stomach felt nervous like it was flipping around in his gut.

“Even funnier is that Simon told Clary he was going on a date last night. When she asked if it was a first date he said no, and told her he really likes the guy a lot. Also pretty hilarious is that you’ve been kinda busy lately, and - um - smiling more”, she sounded so very smug in her assessment. 

Check and mate, Izzy knew it, her tone of voice said as much, he knew it too. Busted, no way out now, perhaps it was time for him to let everyone in on why he was so happy lately. It wasn’t a bad thing, he really cared a lot about Simon, he even let himself think the word ‘love’ once or twice. 

“Okay”, he huffed in resignation. “It’s Simon”

The squeal on the other end of the phone had Jace pulling it far from his ear. 

“I knew you were seeing someone, but Simon? Oh my god this is too cute”.

“Can you calm down please, Iz”, Jace sighed. 

“So it is Simon?”, a third voice came muffled over the phone from Isabelle’s end.

“Let me guess, Clary is with you?”. 

“Of course”, Isabelle answered like he was ridiculous.

“Okay so I’m glad you two figured it out, but can you keep it to yourselves for now. I really like him too, and I just want to enjoy this before everyone starts freaking out over it”.

“Too late”, Clary giggled in the background.

“Too late, what? Iz what did you do?”.

“Your notifications are about to blow up. Alright bye love you see you later”

“Iz? Izzy? Isabelle what do you mean?”.

It was too late she’d ended the call, and then Jace’s phone started buzzing and chiming incessantly. He had a bunch of missed texts from Alec, Magnus and Raphael, but his Instagram was going off. 

Opening the app he checked his last post and saw Izzy’s comment. 

Oh fuck she didn’t.

‘Hi Simon, you two are so cute. Congrats big brother you landed a good one’ To add extra emphasis she plastered two lines of different color hearts and the heart eyes emoji .

The resulting comments were his friends and family in varying states of shock or delight, a bunch were congratulatory, some hilariously rude, and then there was Simon’s comment. It was life buoy in a sea of insanity, and Jace couldn’t help but let the smile take over yet again. 

‘Cats out of the bag, huh Jace? Congrats to me, I landed a gorgeous one’ with the kiss emoji following. 

Jace ignored every other comment and only answered one, the only one that mattered.

‘There is no stopping that smile because you’re so damn cute ’

The annoying ‘awwwwwwwwww’ Clary commented with right after made Jace roll his eyes but he didn’t care because he’d be meeting his boyfriend, Simon for a lunch date in thirty minutes. But before he could leave, Jace decided to make another post, this time he shared the full photo. Simon was looking at him with the sweetest look on his face, and that is what made Jace smile.

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Are there breeds that are more susceptible to albinism and/or melanism? Or is it just a random mutation?

nope. there are certain breeds that are part-albino (cough any cat with a colorpoint gene) but it doesn’t mean they’re more susceptible to being full albino ( i may be wrong about this, but i haven’t found anything that says siamese/ragdolls/burmese are more likely to carry it). Albinism and Melanism is actually pretty rare in domestic cats, and since cats also come in solid white and regular solid black, can be pretty hard to identify.

Albino Cat vs White Cat

The main difference is eye color. Albino cats will always have purple / pale blue eyes and red irises due to a lack of overall pigment, which shows the blood vessels underneath. A regular white cat can display various eye colors (blue, green, yellow, amber etc) and will have black pupils. 

Melanistic Cat vs Black Cat

Melanistic cats will usually display some sort of striping/spots (well after well grown so not ghost stripes) while a regular black cat is solid black. Melanistic cats can be harder to identify (unless in a breed that does not display solid black, for example if two pure siamese produced a -pure- black kit, it’s probably melanistic) 

Changeling Study (Eyes)

So besides being able to turn into s human what makes a Changeling so different from a troll? Well a big difference I think is their eyes. Changelings have yellow or green eyes (the sclera) and thin cat like pupils instead of round.

Both Strickler and NotEnrique have yellow eyes. Strickler is shown with mostly yellow eyes, but turn green in the dark. However, Nomura is only shown with green eyes, even in the light.

Except Gladysgro did have the correct color, but had rounded pupils/irises, however she was a minor character and it seems they reused a background troll model for her.

The same goes for two other background trolls. They have thin pupils, but they just seem to be a slightly modified version of Numora’s model.

So aside from Gladysgro and two background trolls, changelings having slit pupils is constant. They have yellow and green Sclera with either red or black irises or pupils. With the exception of Nomura we can assume Chnagelings mostly have yellow Sclera that glow green in the dark. And the only reason we see regular trolls with slit pupils and Gladysgro with rounded pupils is because they are resided character models.

049: Next in Line…

We have a Amy Rose X Blaze the Cat fan child design this time, Gender Fluid. They go by the pronouns of They and Them. Sometimes they like to pull up their hair/spines into a bun or ponytail depending their mood. Much like any other fan child I have made with Blaze being one of the parents, I head-cannon that the red stone on Blaze is a birthstone (ha) and can be passed down her line to her children but it’s size, color, location, and number differs. They have two on their forehead just above their eyes.

049 of 365 2017 Art Challenge


Pairing: Kim Yugyeom/Bambam

Words: 2,642

Originally posted by chocoshakeyugyeom

A/N: This is late, I know. It’s late, because I suck, but I would also like to alert everyone that this will be my first extended story for this blog. I haven’t gotten all the details figured out, but I did want to put this out there so everyone will have a taste for the story. Also the title might eventually change, but I’ll notify everyone if it does. It’s mentioned in the shot, but I’ll let you know here that Yugyeom is a nephilim (half angel, half human hybrid) and Bambam is a demon.

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Burning it Down Smaug x Reader: All parts thus far

The moment that you felt the mountain tremble beneath your feet you knew for certain that Bilbo had awoken the beast. Running purely on adrenaline and concern, you rushed through the narrow passageways until you reached a great hall. The sight that met your eyes took your breath away. The hall itself was much larger than you had ever imagined. It was constructed of beautifully carved stone columns and was filled with enough gold to surely buy the entire world. You would have loved nothing more than to admire and explore this architectural work of art for hours on end, but you had to find Bilbo. You hadn’t even begun to formulate any sort of rescue plan, you just knew that you couldnt leave him to face Smaug’s wrath alone.

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have you seen a rather…grumpy looking black cat roaming around? he has two different colored eyes, if that helps? he must have slipped from my common room this morning..

Taehyung held onto Jungkook’s hand firmly as they hid behind a big metal machine, out of sight of a fluffy green monster that was running frantically, much like the rest. They exchanged small grins and quickly ran through one of the many automatic doors.

Jungkook was smaller, by two years, but he had a lot of energy, so the two of them ran simultaneously, hand in hand, peeking around corners and jumping behind doors. They were playing with the Jimi Monster that visited Kookie and Hobi Hobi that came over to Tae every few nights. They had both managed to get through the doors the monsters came through and then met at the bathroom where they both happened to run and hide into the same cubicle. After laughing and holding each other’s mouth to keep quiet when one monster came in, they immediately decided to play together.

Unfortunately, they didn’t speak the same language, Jungkook being from Korea and Taehyung from America, but they threw in a few hand gestures and a drawing on a foggy mirror and quickly decided to be friends.

As they passes through another corridor, their attention was caught by a big black and nicely decorated door, which just so happened to be slightly ajar. So, naturally, they sneaked inside, closing the door behind them.

It was a huge office room, covered in red tapestry with swirls and drawings, a huge window on the back wall, a pretty big desk and a few black couches and a table. It looked simple, but it gave up a rather uncomfortable feeling for both kids.

Jungkook wanted to pull along and move to another hiding place, but Tae seemed more than a bit fascinated about the interesting room, but most notably the window. He pulled the younger along, and they both peeked outside. It was amazing. They could see an entire town beneath them. Monsters walking around the pave-walk, cars and busses driving about, funny looking birds and dogs and cats, buildings of different colors and-

They both felt like their hearts would pop out as the door began opening and two voices filled the room. Thinking fast, Jungkook pulled the elder and they both ducked under the desk, looking at the door through the small crack the table offered.

As the two pair of feet got closer, they suddenly stopped, along with the talking. One of them whispered something and started moving around the desk. Both kids huddled together, Taehyung bringing Jungkook protectively in his arms, closing their eyes in pure fright. They didn’t know if other monsters were as friendly as Jimi and Hobi Hobi. They were terrified.

Taehyung felt a pair of hands move around his waist and he clenched his eyes even more as he was pulled out, Kookie still safely tucked in his hold.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the two little trouble makers I heard about!”

Both kids were still too scared to look up, but their stiffness started slowly melting away when they felt a warm hand gently caressing their heads, moving in a comforting manner, as a different voice whispered “There, there…Poor children, they look terrified!”

Kookie gulped and slowly opened one eye, peeking over Taehyung’s shoulder to meet three gentle eyes looking straight at him with a soft smile.

“Hello little one~” He cooed, revealing two sharp fangs, however, for some reason, Jungkook didn’t feel uneasy anymore. On the contrary, it was as if the pink monster in front of him was his own mother, what with the gentle and caring look in his eyes.

“Troublesome pair aren’t you…” Jungkook snapped his eyes up to the one that, he now realized, was holding him and his new friend. The monster looked strangely similar to humans. He had the same skin color, the same eyes, and the same ears. The only visible difference he could make out were the pair of huge black, horns. They looked awesome.

“Whoa!” Taehyung exclaimed a huge grin on his face as he pointed excitedly at the pair of arms holding them up. Only then did Jungkook realize the monster had, in fact, four hands.

The pink one laughed, lifting Jungkook so that the horn guy could better hold onto Taehyung. “He’s cool, isn’t he?” Kookie nodded, eyes still glued onto the four limbs now firmly holding Taehyung, who was trying to reach the black horns. “What’s your name then?”

“I am Kookie! I am… five!” The boy happily replied, after counting on his fingers.

“And you are…?” He asked, looking at the other child, now firmly gripping onto one of the horns, much to the monster’s displeasure.

“My name is TaeTae! And I’m seven and three days old!”

“How cute~ I’m Jin, and this is Namjoon” The pink monster said, gesturing the other one as he named him. “Are you the two little kids who have been running around?” Both kids nodded, Kookie yawning and rubbing at his eyes at the same time “Oh my, looks like we have sleepy one over here! Maybe we should take you home, right?”

Namjoon took the child in his hands, pulling Tae down as well and they started walking towards the door.

“No!” Kookie whimpered, hiding his head into Namjoon’s neck. Tae looked on confused, not understanding what he was saying, but obviously understanding there was something wrong.

“What’s wrong?”


Namjoon just blinked once, twice, until he understood, chuckling. “Oh… don’t worry then, I’ll protect you, alright?” Kookie looked up, eyes glossy, and gently nodded.

True to his words, Namjoon offered the nasty eye and one time even a deep growl to anyone who dared look at the two kids or, God forbid, try to touch the. By the time they reached the Doors Room, both kids were looking at Namjoon as if he was their favorite superhero.

Namjoon asked a different, really cool looking monster named Yoonhi? Yoonmi? Yoongi? Yoongi! To open their respective doors. As they waited for a huge row of different colored and looking doors to pass by, Yoongi ruffled their hears, whispering “Had fun kids? Come again, yeah?”

Namjoon offered him a disapproving glance as he passed to one room, placing an already half-asleep Kookie in his bed and tucking him in.

“Wait! Wait!” Tae whispered, gently jumping off his arms and moving to the bed to place a soft peck on his new friend’s cheek.

Namjoon smiled as the two of them made their way outside, locking the door behind and moved onto another one, opening to Tae’s own bedroom. The kid jumped onto the bed, grinning and rubbing his eyes as Namjoon tucked him in as well. “Sleep well alright?” He said gently, in a deep and raspy voice, placing a kiss on his forehead.

As soon as the pair of lips touched his skin, sleep crawled all over him and Tae went to dreamland in less than five seconds, the closet door closing with a click in the darkness.

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So, I had an idea for some fluff and I'm not sure if you've done something like this before but how about the RFA adopting a pet from the animal shelter with MC?


- at first, he wants to go to a breeder

- you explain that if you adopt from a shelter, you’re saving the animal’s life, which gets him to agree

-he’s torn between another cat because on one hand, he’s definitely not getting any other kind of animal, but on the other hand he doesn’t want Elizabeth 3rd feeling jealous

- “Jumin, we can get a cat, she’ll have a friend.”

- once there, he ignores all the other animals and goes straight to the cats

- you two spend a long time looking at all the cats, holding most of them and trying to decide

- in the end, you can’t choose just one

- so, you get a brown tabby kitten that’s the runt of the litter

- and an older, all black tom cat

- Jumin makes certain that the black cat is neutered

- Elizabeth is slightly upset about having two new cats around, but they eventually all get along


- he’s allergic to cats so obviously not a cat

- you suggest a dog and he really likes that idea

- off you two go to the local pound

- there are so many dogs, he has no idea which one is the best

- you are all a good boy

- there’s an Australian Sheppard that is very friendly though

- her tail hasn’t been docked and she’s super fluffy

- Zen likes that her eyes different colors

- “Why don’t we get her?”

- “But look at all the other dogs…”

- “You’ve been playing with her for the past ten minutes.”

- you two decide on the Australian Sheppard

- Zen walks her to his work and goes on runs with her so she gets enough exercise

- you like inviting her onto the couch so she can lay in your lap

- Zen totally isn’t jealous


- you guys were planning on another cat so Lisa would have a friend

- but when you see a Flemish Giant that was left in a box on the highway you can’t say no

- Yoosung is slightly nervous that Lisa will try to eat the rabbit

- but he’s almost as big as her so you doubt it’ll be a problem

- the two actually get along very well

- lots of cuddling and grooming each other

- Yoosung likes to bring them both to his work


- absolutely no cats

- or any other animal that sheds a lot

- she also doesn’t want an animal that people are commonly allergic to

- “Why not a parrot?”

- they’re pretty and the kids who come to the store would enjoy trying to talk to it

- she thinks it’s a good idea so you two check the local shelter to see if they have one

- you’re surprised to find that they do

- the previous owner had died but none of the other family members wanted the bird

- he’s about 50 and the employees say the only things he seems to know how to say is “hello,” and “go for a walk.”

- you get the parrot and set him up next to a window in the cafe

- he usually says hello whenever someone comes in and learns how to say the names of different drinks along with the names of your regular customers


- cats

- that’s all he wants

- you’re slightly skeptical about how safe the cat will be

- but okay, cats are cute

- at the shelter, Seven keeps trying to play with all the animals

- it takes a while before you two can decide

- you end up adopting a calico cat with dark grey spots

- “We’re not naming her Elizabeth 1st.”

- “You’re right, Jumin would get jealous.”

- she likes to sit in Seven’s lap while he works

- though any other time she avoids him or hides by you

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What's up with cats who have eyes of different colors?

It’s a genetic defect called the white spotting gene that prevents one eye from developing the pigment of the other eye.  It happens mostly in white cats but sometimes in others.  Even humans sometimes develop two color eyes (heterochromia).    

Future Shock: The Cat with Blue Eyes

A Miraculous Ladybug Story~ (Adrienette/LadyNoir)

Rated T … for now ;)

Prequel: Two Chat Noirs?

Summary: Ladybug and Chat Noir couldn’t believe their eyes. It happened within a split second. After finishing a battle with their latest akuma, all of a sudden out of a flash of light dropped a familiar cat on the ground. Literally. How was it possible to have not one…but two Chat Noirs? Why does he seem so familiar to them? The boy awkwardly shifted on his feet,“My name is Louis. Louis Agreste.”

Continue reading down below and you can also check it out on to leave a review :) This is a story I’ve been wanting to write for a while now, ever since I saw “Stormy Weather” and this scene *points downwards to gif*

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i absolutely love this pics

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938), who founded the modern Republic of Turkey in 1923, declared that his successor would be bitten on the ankle by an odd-eyed white cat. And secondly, legend has it that Mohammed (570 – 632), founder of the Islamic faith, possessed a Traditional Turkish Angora he regarded so highly that rather than disturb it as it slept on his robe, he cut off the sleeve. Mohammed’s Traditional Turkish Angora was reputed to have been odd-eyed (one blue eye and one gold eye).

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True story: When I was a kid, I thought boys had blue eyes and girls had brown eyes (because that's how it fell out in my family and that made as much sense as anything). One birthday my godparents gave me a blue-eyed stuffed cat in a dress, so obviously I named him John-cat after my godfather. My family was puzzled, but supportive, and it was only decades later that my mom was telling the story and I was like "oh he was a boy cat because he had blue eyes."

My boyfriend has two different colored eyes.

I wish you could have met him when you were a child.

Posting this because of my recent reblog talking about the importance of realizing what getting a new puppy/pet means.

Many of you know I have a Husky named Malcolm. And you know he’s a handsome little bastard, with two different colored eyes, and well behaved with our little munchkin cat Zoe. What I feel many don’t know is that Malcolm being the amazing dog he is today was a lot of work.

Loads of people ask Renee and I if they should get a Husky or a dog. What I want them and you all to know is that getting a pet is a life-changing big responsibility. They’re cute, cuddly, and adorable….but more than anything….they need you to be there for them, and not when it’s just convenient. Their whole world is you, and yours should be theirs especially in the puppy years (though I still maintain all dogs are puppies). Their going to shit and pee everywhere on things you love. They’ll chew things up and not realize the significance of what they’ve destroyed. They will test you and your dominance (especially true with huskies). It takes strong will, lots of love, and a whole lot of patience to raise a puppy into a wonderful dog.

It breaks my heart to think of beautiful dogs getting adopted or bought, all with the potential to be amazing companions, and then they’re discarded to uncertain futures because they were too much for their owners and weren’t what was expected. Malcolm is absolutely everything I ever could ask for in a dog. He’s my furry little buddy, and I knew that he’d be a whole lot of work and responsibility from previous experiences with raising my families current dog (Bullsye). I suppose what I want anyone to take away from reading this, especially those looking to get a pet, is to know what you’re planning to undertake. Having dogs/pets in general is an incredibly amazing and fulfilling experience…but it’s also a large commitment on your part. If you think you may not be ready for it, perhaps give it some time before going out and getting one. And if you feel you are, know most puppies/cats are little punks while their young and they might test you to the breaking point, but with hard work, patience, and lots of love they get better. Any dog/pet can be shaped and molded into a great friend and companion.