cat with toast on head

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where do you find all of your adorable animals plushies? the pink lion, the bear and the pillows you use for nurseries are so adorable <3 i'm envious of your design skills.

 thank you so much!! some of the plushie’s i get come from other nursery sets i just mix and match everything but there’s no secret really cause i find them like everyone else who cc hunts. from different simblrs, cc finds, mysims4 blog, tsr etc. im also choking omg…. the “pink lion” thats a pink cat with a toast head.

which you can get here!

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Nico finally caught his breath enough to take a few sips of water. He felt better now that Will was smiling so brightly. Toast dashes around the room a few more times before passing out in front of the fire. Will shakes his head, laughing. "I forgot cats were like this." He strokes Toast's head. "Tired himself out." Nico smiles. Toast mewls softly when Will rubs his ears, but he's tired now. "So. Cute," Nico mumbles.

Nico didn’t miss the way Will’s smile grew wider when he heard Nico talk. He still didn’t think he was ready for full sentences, but it was at least a start to be speaking some words again. “He is adorable. He’s probably going to sleep for an hour before he gets up to eat and then goes back to sleep again.” Will commented. Nico smiled and reached forward, gently tracing the line of Toast’s spine with his finger. The kitten meowed again but didn’t lift his head up this time. Ham nudged himself under Nico’s arm, almost as if he was jealous that Nico was giving his attention elsewhere. Nico knew Ham was trained though, and he wouldn’t try to get Nico’s attention unless it was necessary. He frowned down at Ham. Was there something wrong? Was something bad about to happen?