cat with tiara


My grouchy old man Slugger. He’s 15 in the top one, about 7 in the middle and 2 or 3 in the bottom pic. He’ll be 16 on 04/01/17. I hope I get to celebrate with him.

More to follow next week @teamvoorhees


camilla redesign!! she’s my fave character thats been released so far idk i really liked her appearance from the start LOL (she reminded me of nailah)

thats not to say im happy with all aspects of her design tho like im mostly ok with her cleavage (bc she’s a wyvern rider right? only her back is exposed so the front doesnt matter nearly as much) but that weird strap at the front was kinda bothering me bc it wasn’t attached to anything?? anyway i clipped it onto a pauldron and fixed her chest armour a little and gave her sexy leather PANTS bc like wtf who would ride a wyvern in a thong. also adapted her ugly squigly tiara/cat-ear thing into a kind of helm bc she has the sickest horned beast motif on her elbow armour that i had to include it somewhere else

i really dig some parts of her design tho i love the short cape and the flared torso armour and that sheer fabric design in front of her legs argh love it