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I’m in sucha good mood that I'mma show you all something I’ve been doing that I meant to keep under wraps for a bit until I established more content. But you’re all just so dang good to me!!

The Concept work for Rouge’s Wedding dress and the bridesmaids outfits for the Knouge Traditional Echidna Wedding. It’s been talked before on this blog and I intended to put it off for some time but I changed my mind. The knouge-ness is too good to pass up. X)

(Designs are still subject to change. This is 8 years from current game time)

“Be my Valentine!”

Miraculous Ladybug Lovesquare aesthetics

Ladynoir:  Rooftop views, bungee jumping, Parisian night skyline, dark chocolate, high heels, running in a crowded place, laughing until your stomach hurts, adrenaline coursing through your body, rooftop picnic dates, rose gardens, standing on high peaks and looking down, trust falls, running in the rain

Adrinette: Cafe shops, macaroons, learning to bake, spring flowers, carnival dates, hot chocolate by the fireplace, strolls in the park, running fingers through pet fur, movie nights, floral scents, wearing each other’s clothes, cuddling on stormy nights, forehead kisses

Martichat / Marinoir : Midnight rendezvous, black stuffed cats, rose bouquets, mood lighting, flirtatious bantering, swollen lips, broken glass, hickies, staying up til 3 am, over-sized sweaters, waking up late, aromatic candles, mint chocolate, comfortable silence, listening to heartbeats

Ladrien / Adribug: marshmallows, love letters, bubble baths, red velvet cake, blushing at the slightest contact, water lilies, kissing in the rain, being alone together, small spaces, getting lost in each other’s voices, quickly looking away quickly after eye contact, doodling married names in notebooks

{ml character aesthetics: x }

When You Wish Upon A Star

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: General Audiences
Marinette may know that Chat Noir isn’t really all as romantic and suave as he likes to think he is, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still believe that he’ll turn up on her balcony to meet her on Valentine’s day.
And, well, as for Chat? Of course he’s going to turn up - it’s not even about him trying to be her Prince Charming anymore. Marinette feels like home.

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Author’s Note:

this is like, really late, but here is some valentine’s day fluff i wrote for miraculous ladybug. and of course, since i’m complete trash, it had to be marichat. it’s essentially just fluff that i would really love to imagine happened. hope you enjoy!

Marinette is slumped at her desk, sleepily tapping a pencil on the table. She had been attempting to design some new clothing items for her to sew until a few moments ago, but she’d realised that none of the designs were quite good enough, because she hadn’t really been trying. And now she does what she really knew she had been doing all that time: she waits.

It’s hard to resist falling asleep when the night grows so late and dark, but she knows that it will be worth it in the end. If he comes, as she believes he will; it’s the sort of thing that the silly cat would do. He pretends to be all romantic and smooth but it’s obvious to her that in nature he really isn’t. Still, it’s something she loves about him… it always seems like he tries so hard to impress her. It can be annoying, but in an endearing sort of way.

The candle in front of her on the table flickers, and she looks up to the window to check if it means what she hopes it does, her heart rate increasing fast, but he isn’t there. Although the balcony door is slightly ajar, that’s the way she left it. For him. She stands up slowly, sick of waiting around, and moves over to the door, opening it wide and stepping out into the freezing February air. At least it isn’t raining. The briskness of the night is actually refreshing as she leans against the balcony railings and looks up into the sky. It’s an especially clear night, and stars scatter across the darkness, twinkling and blinking as if underwater. Her sigh is carried away on the breeze as she gazes at them, wishing that he would arrive soon.


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